Meet the Real James Bond

220px-Sir_William_Stephenson_from_1942_passportSir William Samuel Stephenson (code name: “Intrepid”) was the most important British spy in North America during the 1940s and 50s, although you may have never heard his name.

He was an adopted kid who worked his way up through the Canadian military, eventually becoming a top aerial ace with 12 shoot-downs to his credit. After WWI he moved to England and suddenly became very wealthy, eventually even marrying a tobacco heiress from the States. He became a player in the emerging British film industry and one wonders if Stephenson wasn’t already a operating as a spook long before this happened and what role spook activities may have played in his sudden rise to wealth.

He was spying on Germany before WWII broke out, but as soon as it did, Winston Churchill sent him back to the States to run the British Security Coordination (BSC), which was located in room 3603 in Rockefeller center. The BSC was England’s eyes and ears in North America and Stephenson’s primary secret agent, located a few doors down the hall, was a cousin of the Rockefellers by marriage named Allen Dulles.

Dulles had already launched a diplomatic career right out of college and was the first person to claim the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a forgery. The document was being used to scapegoat the entire Jewish culture for the worldwide depression of the 1930s. Dulles’ attack on the document may have been designed to paint him as a Knight in Shining Armor for future propaganda ops. Many decades later, disinfo artist William Cooper would claim the document was not about the Jews, but about Freemasons, once one of the world’s most powerful secret societies, and one long used as a safe haven for British intelligence.

After the war, Stephenson served a key role in helping set up the CIA, which was modeled off MI5-6. Many ex-Nazi’s were recruited for key covert roles inside the new agency. When Allen Dulles was put in charge of the newly formed CIA, that was Stephenson’s handiwork. And for the key position of head of counterintelligence, Dulles selected James Angleton, another spook with a close relationship with MI5-6.

Thus the tentacles of British intelligence were embedded at the highest levels of the US security state, insuring the two countries’ covert action teams would be closely aligned for many years to come.

flyingobjects71_08Maybe you know Angleton ran the Executive Action Team that assassinated JFK? And even though Kennedy had fired Dulles from running the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Dulles was inexplicably brought back to public service as the head of the Warren Commission to run the investigation of that murder, insuring Angleton’s team would be shielded from discovery, a team that included Johnny Roselli.

Many years later, after losing his CIA position and being forced into retirement, Angleton confessed he got his plum position running CIA counterintelligence after promising not to put Allen Dulles and his Wall Street cronies on lie detectors regarding their relationship with the Nazis before and during the war. Apparently, Dulles was close with Prescott Bush and others who were running the Union Bank in New York, which had helped set-up Hitler in power, and continued doing business with Germany throughout the war, which technically made them war criminals and traitors.

How does that work when an American citizen like Dulles becomes a British spy and then quickly rises to the top of American intelligence, and when exactly did that relationship with MI6 end, if ever? There was another dude who worked for BSC, by the way, and his name was Ian Fleming. He and Stephenson hung out in the Bahamas a lot and it was Fleming who really immortalized the super spook by fashioning Stephenson into James Bond.

Stephenson died in 1989, but he did live long enough to watch himself in the BBC miniseries A Man Called Intrepid, starring David Niven.