Everything you need to know about JFK’s assassination

USAdulles1There’s nothing quite like being born into an Old Money family, like Allen Dulles was. His grandfather was Secretary of State under President Harrison, while his uncle served that post for President Wilson. Dulles was cousin (by marriage) to David Rockefeller, educated at Princeton and always a bit sensitive about his club foot.

Methinks Dulles became a spook right out of college, as he went directly into the Diplomatic Corps., a huge haven for spooks since its inception. He became sheep-dipped as a Knight in Shining Armor by returning from Europe to help write an expose on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the New York Times. Since their appearance, the Protocols have been used as a counterintelligence tool to soften up populations by scapegoating Jews prior to instigating a violent pogrom. But Dulles didn’t reveal that truth, just that whoever wrote the Protocols cribbed material from a variety of sources which meant they weren’t really the notes from some satanic world council of Jewish leaders. The Protocols claimed a global conspiracy was underfoot to secretly manifest a new world war designed to milk profits while killing millions of innocents in the process.

When Old Money has big plans for one of their Knights, they run an op to have that person sheep-dipped into an icon quick as possible, sort of like the way John Kerry was run around the jungle in Vietnam to look like he was a heroic, dashing soldier in combat mode, when really he was just faking it for the cameras the whole time and never in any sort of danger.

When Dulles returned to New York, he went to work for the British and his job was to foment World War II and get America into the war as quickly as possible. It seems Dulles had friends on Wall Street who were funding the rise of Hitler and Communism in the hope of producing an epic clash of cultures that could be milked for profit for decades. The military-industrial complex was but a glean in their eye and speck in their heart, but within a few years they would become the dominant force in America.

In hindsight it seems like the plan could have been allow Germany and Japan to conquer much of the world while stealing everything possible and wreaking as much terror and havoc on civilians as possible (survivors are shell-shocked and easily manipulated by propaganda and intel ops). After Germany and Japan were vanquished, conquered profit streams and cartels could be divided amongst the victors on Wall Street and inside the Bank of England, although the Old Money families of Germany and Japan would be left with their corporations and family fortunes mostly intact, and Europe’s dominant cartel, I.G. Farben, was merely split into a few pieces. Meanwhile, the stolen loot was secretly transferred around the Bank of International Settlements in a shell game designed to conceal who got when where why. It was a win-win all around for the Old Money families.

Just so you know the history, the Nazis invented the Bank of International Settlements and put it in place right before the war started, and located it in Switzerland. And like the Fed, it contained a provision in its charter protecting its accounts from being audited by anyone.

When the war broke out, Dulles was moved to Switzerland to conduct operations against Germany. The reason the German resistance failed internally was not because many Germans did not want to get rid of the maniac Hitler, a demagogue Old Money had put into power, but because Dulles and SIS refused to take the German resistance to Hitler seriously and let vital intelligence assets like Count Von Stauffenberg and Wilhelm Canaris dangle around helpless until the SS could round them up and assassinate them. Every single attempt to warn British and American intelligence about Hitler’s plans was ignored as being disinfo. The fact Stauffenberg and Canaris were both assassinated leaves no doubt they were high ranking Old Money aristocrats working hard to neutralize Hitler, but died without even receiving a shred of support from his supposed enemies? Support that could have brought an early end to the war?

When the war was over, Dulles imported the cream of Nazi scientists, spooks and assassins and employed them to help build the Central Intelligence Agency, which was constructed with the assistance of his old boss from British intelligence and modeled after MI5-6, with the key component of a counterintelligence unit for dirty tricks. Dulles put his close friend James Angleton in this crucial post because Angleton had been posted in Italy while Dulles was in Switzerland and had been trained by British intelligence and maintained close relations with the Vatican, which was providing crucial support to help shelter Nazis until they could be moved to new positions in North and South America. Before getting this job, Angleton promised never to put Dulles or any of his cronies on Wall Street on a lie detector and ask questions about their relations with German corporations during the war.

Just to give you an idea of what was really going on, the Luftwaffe depended on Standard Oil for the war’s entire duration and could not have flown without it. Since Standard was owned by Dulles’ cousin by marriage, one can see how easily these two people could have conspired to manifest and conceal illegal profits by playing both sides against the middle, which is standard black ops for British intelligence.

Another revealing detail is the fact I.G. Farben was the dominant industrial, chemical and fuel corporation in the world, and held a virtual monopoly in Europe on all things petrochemical and yet its immense facilities were never touched during the war? Now also consider immediately after the war, the US Army Command moved into the executive offices of I.G. Farben. Hitler had tried to blow up German’s infrastruction in a fit of depression. But Hitler couldn’t blow up I.G. Farben. That was run by Old Money and some of IG’s biggest investors were back in New York City.

dulles2Maybe you haven’t figured this out, but WWII was largely a war against civilian populations. To give an idea 20 million Russians, 20 million Chinese, 9 million Germans, 6 million Jews, 3 million Japanese. American and British losses, meanwhile, were less than one million combined. So you can see which countries took the brunt impact of that manufactured event.

Later in life, Dulles would admit Japan tried to surrender before the A-bombs were dropped, a largely symbolic event that unfortunately added immensely to the suffering and loss of completely innocent civilians.

If they needed a show of force, why the hell couldn’t it have at least been a military target? Was it because shock and awe of such terrible human suffering was part of the strategy? I am reminded of a line in one of my favorite movies, The Man Who Would Be King, which tells the story of two Freemasons, veterans of the British Army, who find themselves stranded in India and after building a volunteer army they are marching into the first battle and Sean Connery says something like: “Make sure it is bloody. The bloodier the better.” Well, that’s the same attitude Old Money had regarding WWII, especially since most of that blood was spilled somewhere else.

Here’s another key: Spooks cannot be fired or retired. That’s because when they start operations, they might be employed by an agency or corporation or anything, but once they become successful, they’re running a secret network of operatives, all of whom carry out secret missions on a need-to-know basis. So as long as these agents get some operating costs and some mission bonuses, they’ll keep functioning forever, even if their spook handler changes sides, because it’s really all about the money and not the dogmas or even the patriotic causes.

And that’s what happened in Germany because as soon as Hitler fell, his biggest spook went to straight to Dulles and changed sides and that Nazi spy network fell under operational control of Dulles.

Now JFK fired Dulles from heading the CIA and really humiliated him in the process. And I am sure Dulles plotted revenge, and obviously, he got it. Keep in mind that fired or not, Dulles retained operational control of the Nazi spook system and he had access to endless resources. But Dulles could not have acted unless he put together a core group of conspirators to assist in this mission. This group likely would have been kept to an absolute minimum, but had to include certain key individuals or success would not be guaranteed.

The key people who had to be on board with the assassination were three:  J. Edgar Hoover, James Angleton, and at least one highly placed person at the Pentagon, because normal military support for protecting the president had to disappear, while the autopsy had to be performed at a military hospital to control the findings.

But I believe the conspiracy could have gone further, into Sullivan & Cromwell, the most powerful law firm on Wall Street, the company that built IG Farben, and perhaps into the board room of the Federal Reserve, and perhaps even across the pond, where those masters of the black arts reside, and the price of gold and diamonds are fixed every day.

A few years after the assassination, when Garrison’s investigation rattled the windows at Langley, some major disinfo ops were undertaken and these likely would have been Angleton projects. The film experts in LA had worked on the Zapruder film and come up with a bootleg where it looked like the driver turned around to look at Kennedy (in response to the throat shot), and then shot Kennedy himself before speeding off. Actually, the glare off an agent’s bald head was magnified to look like a revolver in the driver’s hand.

This rabbit hole is so Angleton to me because there already was tremendous confusion on whether the Secret Service was involved and whether the driver stopped in the kill zone to allow the three shooters to triangulate and fire together. The team was all on radio and the kill order may not have even gone down until Roselli and the other two shooters called in they had a bead. The most likely person giving the “go” would have been Ted Shackley, although Dealey Plaza was flooded with at least two dozen spooks that day, most of them from JM/Wave in Miami.

When Jackie Kennedy requested the driver also drive the hearse through the streets of Washington for the funeral, that led to speculation whether her mission was intended to remind one of the conspirators how beloved the man he’d just helped kill was. This suspicion may have been magnified after the driver became one of the few people allowed to attend the autopsy, the notes of which were immediately burned.

The Lincoln did slow almost to a stop, but that also happened just as Roselli’s opening salvo went through the windshield inches from the driver’s face, striking JFK in the throat. He turned around to look to see if the President was hit, while taking his foot off the gas, perhaps because he was reluctant to keep moving into incoming fire, or maybe he was told to stop when the shooting began. I’m sure we’ll never know. There were shots from the sniper’s nest, and maybe also from the Dal-Tex building. We know one shot missed completely and hit the curb. Two rounds from the rear hit Kennedy, one of which became the magic bullet when its trajectory was re-routed considerably to make its exit look like Roselli’s throat wound. Notice the doctor at Parkland pronounced the throat wound as an entrance wound, something that got reversed after the body was seized and taken to a military hospital, where the autopsy was overseen by unnamed Admirals and Generals.

The point of this is the man who introduced that doctored film was a former Naval intelligence officer who traveled around the country showing that fake Zapruder clip and he would later write the Bible for a new generation of disinfo artists, and that book would soon transform into the modern version of the Protocols and become the most read book in the American prison system. Like most disinfo, it was a confusing data dump jumble of documents and wild assertions, although Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper would bring back the Protocols to modern fame and mind ops, only this time, the world wide council was revealed not as council of high-ranking Jews, but one of 33rd Degree Freemasons.

Is it worth noting both J. Edgar Hoover and Chief Justice Earl Warren (who headed the official investigation) were both Freemasons of the 33rd Degree? And that incoming President Johnson was also a member of this brotherhood?

Now do you understand how complex these ops really are and how Dulles played such a scripted role? Yes, you can easily imagine this web extending straight to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, which is possible, even likely when it comes to the Rockefellers, but in reality, links across the pond have never been uncovered, leading to my suspicion the Rothschild meme may be a rabbit hole. Cooper and all the rest of the disinfo artists, including the John Birch Society, keep pushing this meme so my instincts are screaming: don’t look there for the head of the Octopus, because that’s obviously a mirror he is hiding behind, while he sips his cognac, puffs his cigar and pisses on all us slobs down here in the lower classes.


Secret Ceremonies of the Illuminati Elite

alex-grey-baltimore_13049571087695.pngI love this Alex Grey representation of the telepathic energies at work (left). Telepathy is something I believe in and our mental states can be shared like a contact high, especially the negative ones.

On the other hand, there’s a nasty piece of disinfo going around the internet about how Native American psychic warriors recruited for the Vietnam War lost their power after receiving military-style crew-cuts. Naturally, this story has zero sources, so you know it’s total nonsense, but even so, many are hoodwinked.

Many cultures put magical emphasis on long hair and if you cut their hair, you do them psychic harm. But that’s how all magic works: first, you must believe.

On the other hand, many warriors will cut all their hair going into battle because they believe it will make them stronger, or just makes it harder for their enemies to grab them. That magic works just as well, provided the inner resolve is just as strong. So you see, this hair thing can go either way. I do not believe hair acts as a “vibration antennae” because I believe that role may be mostly played by the pineal gland.

So many people are obsessed with unveiling the secret ceremonies of the Illuminati that control the central banks while manufacture war by manipulating religions. Most of these games involve painting the Illuminati as a form of satanism. Or by painting Freemasonry and the Order of Skull & Bones as a form of satanism. All magic runs on the same rules and no one has a monopoly. And it doesn’t matter what icons are on the altar when a culture gathers for a ceremony. One’s Pan is another’s Satan, and any attempts to demonize spiritual cultures will only be deployed to persecute the innocent. Any time someone tries to scare you with magic or religion, it’s always a hoodwink. Meanwhile, the mechanisms for mainstream spiritual cultures have been controlled for millennium, so there’s no need to embed secret satanic cults inside them. The current paradigms work fine for manipulating wars.

In fact, temples for all cultures should be allowed to flourish everywhere. In ancient Rome the temple of Isis became the most spiritually-charged spot in the city. Isis was the Egyptian goddess of magic and I believe had a strong association with cannabis, which may have been the primary ingredient in her favorite incense, as well as the main ingredient in the magic potion she conferred for prolonging life and bringing back the dead. Another inspirational figure during the time was Mani, and he was the first famous disciple of Jesus Christ, and was also considered a living Buddha and grew up in Persia where he amazed the Zoroastrian priests. Mani was spreading peace culture and using Jesus as his avatar, although he prayed to the light of the moon as Jesus and to the light of the sun as Jehovah. Mani believed light and spirituality were the same.

Mani was crucified, which only served to make him a global messiah. And when the Roman legions began joining his faith in massive numbers, Constantine invented a different form of Christianity that jumped into the past before Mani was alive, thus leapfrogging his existence, which was soon wiped off the face of the earth, even though he was widely considered the greatest painter, poet, and magician of his time. But they also built the Vatican on top of the Temple of Isis, and many magic icons of Isis were not destroyed, but incorporated into their new temple with a new name. And isn’t it weird that Isis is now its the name of a terrorist group created out of the munitions left behind in Iraq?

Constantine’s form of Christianity removed the goddess from the godhead, relegating Mary to secondary status, while demonizing women through the story of the snake, a phallic symbol, so (whether people realize it or not), the message created was women are contaminated. It was a psy-op. That’s how cultures get spirituality out-of-balance and not much more is needed to explain everything that followed. You don’t need to speculate about a cult of Egyptian or Jewish sorcerers secretly running the Vatican because I’m pretty sure those ghosts don’t exist and if they did it wouldn’t really matter because the crime is not in culture but in the evil deeds. Everything can be explained by studying the history of the Catholic church: First, they murdered millions of midwives, then they sexually abused millions of children. The legacy of an enlightened culture, or one with systemic issues of corruption?

The Truth about the Tree of Life

Vatican_obeliskOne of the most powerful icons at the Vatican is the Egyptian obelisk brought to Rome by Emperor Galus, known today by his hated childhood nickname, Caligula, which means “little boot” in Latin. History is written by the winners and just as the Spanish Borgias were savaged by the Italian rivals replacing them, so has Caligula been tarnished by the assassins who took his place.

Did anyone tell you Caligula ended persecution of religion in Rome and allowed the Eastern traditions back into the city to rebuild their temples? He also founded a parade to Isis that quickly became Rome’s favorite annual ceremony, held every March 5th. Isis was adored by the common people because she represented eternal life, having brought the dead Osiris back to life through her mastery of essential plant oils. Many Jewish and Christian myths were built on top of previous ones, either from the south (Egypt) or the north (Scythia), a trail of ceremonial tradition and myth that stretches back deep into the darkness of pre-history.

These myths first emerge in written form in Sumer, present-day Iraq, which is where the Garden of Eden first manifests in history, although the myth likely existed for centuries as a verbal tradition along the so-called Silk Road. And the symbol representing the Garden of Eden was the Tree of Knowledge, which also became known as the Tree of Life.

I don’t know why, but there’s been a tremendous effort to establish this as a reference to a mushroom? Tree…Mushroom…? Sorry, I can’t swallow that disinfo and I firmly believe the Tree of Life is cannabis. This was the central debate Jack Herer and I had for decades, almost from the moment we met as I’d already become convinced Soma from the Rig Veda was cannabis before I met Jack, while he always believed the lie spread by J. P. Morgan’s Vice President Gordon Wasson that Soma was Amanita Muscaria.

tree+of+life+EgyptHere’s an early Egyptian depiction of the Tree of Life. Notice it creates either a seed oil or some sort of resin pouring into a bowl? Cannabis would have been known not just as a great source of food and seed oil, (and the best source of rope), but also a source of medicine and incense. Cannabis was probably the main ingredient in kyphi.

According to Plutarch, the Temple of Isis burned frankincense at dawn, myrrh at noon, at kyphi at sunset. And what plant do you think would have produced the most powerful incense after frankincense and myrrh? Why do those two resins come down through history without any confusion, while cannabis seems to have disappeared (or been purposely misidentified)? Many shamanic secrets were likely not depicted too close to reality in order to maintain a priesthood monopoly on ceremonial wisdom. So while I believe the Tree of Life is cannabis, I also believe depictions of the plant have been purposely coded and mystified simply because cannabis is the Queen of the Healing Plants and holds more power than any other plant. And to make matters even more difficult, there seem to have been serious attempts over the centuries to muddy these waters even further.

Tree-rescan-100dpiHere’s an earlier, Sumerian depiction of the Tree of Knowledge. You’ll notice the fruit of the tree contains seven segments or divisions and although this highly-stylized drawing looks nothing like a cannabis plant, the seven segments of the fruit may be a crucial clue to the plant’s real identity, as cannabis is famous for having seven fronds.

So seven may sometimes be a reference to cannabis, which would have been known to ancient healers as the number-one wonder medicine available. Seven can also be a reference to the seven chakras, the energy centers of the body. And wouldn’t you know, there’s an elemental power of cannabis that effects every chakra? So ask yourself: if knowledge of cannabis as an essential medicine for healing was known 3,000 years ago, why has it taken so long for this wisdom to re-emerge? Could it be there’s a force that doesn’t want people to have contact with this friendly, non-toxic medicine that can also open third eyes and raise telepathic energies while harmonizing cultures? Why has so much energy been raised to divert people away from user-friendly cannabis to more tricky and mind-bending mushrooms?

Tree+of+life+India+(wood+spirit)Here is the Tree of Life in the Indian tradition. Notice they collect some sort of harvest into a bowl.

So Caligula brought back the worship of Isis to Rome and the two major icons from her temple (the obselisk and the pine cone fountain) ended up being co-opted by the Vatican and are still in ceremonial use today.

And somewhere deep inside the Vatican perhaps some ancient documents exist explaining how to use cannabis for healing and illumination, documents that will likely never see the light of day.

(Excerpted from my book, Magic, Religion & Cannabis, click link below the video to order.)

Child Abuse Cases against Catholic Church inspired by Pot Session?


Mea Maxima Culpa made its debut on HBO last week. It’s a devastating documentary on sex abuse inside the Catholic Church and includes an amazing detail. Did you have any idea how this scandal involving the Church actually started?

It started with a group of deaf men (who’d been sexually abused by the same priest as kids), hanging out later in life, smoking pot, and while smoking, they decide to take on the mission of seeing that priest defrocked in order to protect any more children from what they’d suffered. But after the Church did nothing to respond to their allegations, and after the courts said the statute of limitations had expired on the crime, the men put “wanted” leaflets with the priest’s picture on cars in front of the Milwaukee Cathedral. This act is what eventually blows open the doors of silence on the rampant sex child abuse going on virtually untouched and unabated, probably for centuries, within the Catholic Church, even though the Church knew the extent of the problem to the point of estimating the financial cost of settling the global cases as over $1 billion. Those deaf guys from Milwaukee eventually won the first of those settlements and created a landslide that has already paid out more than double the original Vatican estimate.

Don’t you find it strange that the original reefer madness was actually launched by the Vatican in the Middle Ages, when they made possession of cannabis proof of witchcraft and punishable by burning at the stake? And now cannabis has struck a nearly mortal blow to the Vatican as these child abuse cases have devastated the credibility of an institution already struggling to hold onto its flocks in the industrialized world.

And now today we hear the first Pope in 600 years is going to resign immediately after surviving a huge scandal involving his butler leaking secret documents to the press, a disclosure supposedly intended to purge deep corruption inside the Vatican? Or did I miss something?

During my freelance career, I did one story for the New York Times, by the way. It was on the National Theater for the Deaf. I think even then they clued me in on the fact that pot was popular in the deaf community.

Knights of Malta shift focus back to Europe?


The Knights of Malta turn 900 today and remain one of the most powerful societies on earth, composed of some of the world’s richest Catholics. In Europe, you must prove eight generations of royal blood to be a full-fledged member. A lot of news reports are coming out about the society’s anniversary today, but nary a one mentions their intelligence connections, much less their assistance in the transfer of Nazi war criminals into safe havens and jobs in the newly-minted CIA. A lot of the top dogs at the CIA were, in fact, Malta Knights, including the most suspicious one of all, William Casey.

When the Protestant Revolution came to Europe, the Knights kept their membership in the club even when changing their religion, so in the hundreds of years of wars that followed, their secret meetings would certainly have been a most excellent venue for potential spy-craft. This was certainly true during WWII, when the German Knights obviously collaborated with their counterparts in North America. These Knights are undoubtedly sworn to assist each other in times of crisis and I’m sure that’s what they do.

On the surface this is a completely noble, charitable order with a $800 million annual budget used mostly to run hospitals and health clinics in the third world. This week however, they announced the intention of re-focusing their attention back to Europe to aid the 30 million chronically unemployed in their own lands. Soup kitchens and shelters will be set-up in the most devastated regions, which seem to include Greece and Great Britain. Globalization is creating third-world-like poverty conditions inside the industrialized nations, a trend spreading across North America. Much of this chronic poverty represents seniors who have no nest egg and little hope of finding employment.


Here is what the Knight’s eight-pointed Malta Cross looks like. It was exaggerated a bit and beloved by the Nazis. This has to be one of the most powerful sigils in world when you think about it because the Malta Knights are one of the most copied secret societies in history. Dozens of fake orders of so-called Malta Knights exist today. Adding to this confusion, the Vatican has decided to recognize two splinter societies over the centuries, one of which is located in England and known as the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

maltakIn European high society today, the Knights are renown for their flashy red uniforms. Make no mistake about it, these Knights are the Pope’s Temple Dragons and always have been. Who knows? They may have even played some small role in the elimination of their historic competitors, The Templars, who had grown far wealthier before their sudden demise.