20 conspiracy theories that turned out true

debateBOSHPresident Abraham Lincoln was killed as a result of a conspiracy inside his own administration.

Alfred Dreyfus was railroaded in France in 1894.

Sicilians invented a secret society in America in the 1840s that eventually took great power.

The Chicago White Sox were paid to throw the 1919 World Series.

Major General Smedley Butler was approached by leading figures on Wall Street to overthrow FDR with a mercenary army of WWI vets.

Scientists knew asbestos was toxic in the 1930s, but all evidence was buried. The same could be said for tobacco cigarettes.

General Motors conspired to rip up electric trolley tracks starting in 1938.

Hundreds of Nazi spies and scientists were secretly located to the New World under new identities after WWII. Operation Paperclip, as it was known, was greatly assisted by the Vatican and involved collusion by the Knights of Malta.

Billions in gold and other assets stolen by the Nazis and Japanese were put into funds controlled by the CIA (Black Eagle Trust) so as to avoid restoring it to the rightful owners. It appears the operation was aided by Opus Dei, a society that has assumed great power inside the Vatican.

The government began a mind control program in the 1950s (MKULTRA) that secretly fed LSD to unsuspecting citizens for years.

The FBI began an illegal dirty tricks program known as Cointelpro in 1956 and continued through to 1971 when it was uncovered.

Many prominent figures in the national media became CIA assets through Project Mockingbird in the 1950s, a propaganda operation that continues today in some form.

JFK turned down a plan by the Pentagon (Operation Northwoods) to blow up an American ship and blame it on Cuba to justify an invasion.

The CIA’s JM/Wave station assassinated JFK with the help of the Chicago outfit and Texas oil barons.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was staged to justify a war in Vietnam.

Karen Silkwood was murdered after she blew the whistle on her own company.

The CIA-backed Contra army was involved in cocaine distribution to raise funds.

Barry Seal flew cocaine for the CIA into Mena, Arkansas, while Bill Clinton was governor.

A right-wing masonic lodge in Italy (Propaganda Due) plotted terrorist acts to be blamed on leftists.


Thoughts on World War I

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-9-58-05-amEngland had the world’s greatest empire thanks largely to immense coal supplies powering their navy, and coal mines were the biggest bone of contention between France and Germany. But around 1900, a shift in the winds began blowing, as titans of industry realized oil was a more efficient source of energy that allowed battleships to travel farther and faster.

Suddenly, control over oil fields ascended the throne as most valuable resource and there was a world-wide rush to locate new ones. Rockefeller monopolized North American oil, while the Nobels and Rothschilds made deals with the Czar to build refineries in the Caucasus.

Most nations of the Middle East are recent creations, along with those comprising the strategically critical Balkan states. At one time, these countries were united into the Ottoman Empire, and prior to WWI, Germany was their ally, and they were building a crucial Berlin-to-Baghdad railroad through the Balkans.  The Balkans are historically the smuggling route through which east and west connect, the drug pipeline into Europe.

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-11-06-55-amThe heir to a British goldmine fortune created APOC by investing $500,000 to look for oil in Persia outside the Ottoman Empire. In 1908, he struck pay-dirt in what is now called Iran. Today that company is called British Petroleum.

The discovery of vast new oil fields in the Middle East rearranged the geopolitical agendas of the major powers and ushered in the wars that followed.

War is not some accident or miscommunication, but an extension of economic interests by any means necessary. Vast profits are produced, and winners architect exploitation of crucial resources for decades to come.

This is why a well-funded and highly-organized Balkan independence movement emerged, and two brief wars broke out in the Balkans prior to the start of WWI. These mini conflicts primed the pumps for the invasions and realignments that followed.

British intelligence grew concerned about the rise of a great German empire. And WWI certainly destroyed that possibility for many years.

In 1915, the dominant economic power of North America ( J.P. Morgan), began secretly buying the most important newspapers in preparation to launching a propaganda campaign designed to bring America into WWI on the side of the British.

By the end of the war, the Kaiser had abdicated and Germany accepted responsibility and given harsh fines. The terms were designed to create deep resentments instead of a lasting peace.


smedleyMajor General Smedley Butler, the most decorated soldier in our history, revealed a plot by the most powerful men on Wall Street to manifest a coup against FDR and install a military dictatorship. Butler had been enlisted to lead a 500,000 man army that would be raised with $3 million in their coffers. Butler played along for a time in order to collect as much evidence as possible, and then took the evidence to Congress.

Congress did their best to cover it up and the men involved famously laughed it off claiming it had been a joke. And to this day we don’t know if it was a real coup they were planning, or a set-up-to-fail coup that would have allowed FDR to declare marital law.

Meanwhile, thanks partly to the birth of their military industrial complex, the USA was surpassing England as the world’s economic powerhouse, and Wall Street was challenging London as the primary financial center.

Wall Street banks immediately began investing millions into building armament factories in Germany, preparing for the next epic battle, which would be constructed around the elimination of the Czar and capture of the Russian oil fields, a feat that would be achieved by funding the Communist revolution.

Killing General George Patton

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-4-05-16-pmIt’s inexplicable Wikipedia fails to mention George Patton’s suspicious death. Few realize Patton had been arm-chaired out of any command upon the close of combat in Europe, and put into a minor desk job tasked with historical research when he began investigating the disappearance of a trainload of Reichsbank gold and possibly also the collusion between the Soviet and Allied commands to prolong WWII so that profits could be fully milked and the black gold carefully distributed into secret coffers.

Patton might have been planning a career in politics because he was about to fly home and retire from the military. He knew a lot more than he could talk about, and as soon as he retired, he probably planned to become the biggest insider military whistle-blower since Major General Smedley Butler of the Marines, who dropped a dime on the plot to drive FDR out of power. It’s funny because Patton was the officer charged with dispersing the Bonus Army in Washington, while Butler was the Bonus Army’s hero.

Someone must have fed the inside story about what really happened to Patton to Frederick Nolan, a British historian with a specialty in the American west. I guess it’s only fitting since Hitler referred to Patton as “that crazy cowboy.” Nolan wrote a book that was made into the film Brass Target and it got remarkably close to the real story. This vastly underrated film stars John Cassavetes and Sophia Loren and makes the rounds on TCM.

Patton came from Southern royalty, but wasn’t part of the secret establishment running the world, aka the Illuminati. Eisenhower had languished as a major for a while before making a sudden ascension thanks to that cabal, and after becoming President he gave Rockefeller a permanent seat on the cabinet, no title necessary. There’s no question Patton’s assassination was an inside job, and may have been an Illuminati operation and wouldn’t you know it, O’Reilly’s book tried to make it look like a Soviet plot, which is just the counterintelligence backstop that was floated to divert attention away from the OSS and Dulles and Donovan?

Really Bill? Could the Soviets have moved the driver of Patton’s car to England to keep him in seclusion until the story disappeared? It’s pretty much of a disgrace to Patton that none of this is on the Wikipedia page. He was certainly a remarkable man and deserved a better death than killed by his own command, especially after winning the Battle of the Bulge.

And then they made that great movie about him starring George Scott, and ignored the stolen gold and the suspicious death, just like Wikipedia is doing.

Proofs of a Conspiracy

currentThe campaign to demonize all deep political research continues in this month’s Scientific American, which offers “insights” into the minds of the “conspiracy community.” Of course, the article attacks straw men running obviously fake disinfo sites, people like David Icke and Alex Jones, who’s job it is to create paranoia and to make it difficult to navigate the secret trails favored by the hidden power structure. But anyway here are the major points in a nutshell:

  • People who believe in one conspiracy theory are likely to espouse others.
  • Conspiracy ideation is linked with mistrust of science.
  • Mere exposure to information can erode engagement in societal discourse.
  • Conspiracy theorists tend to share a core set of traits including low self-esteem.

Let me explain something about propaganda: it works. The longstanding campaign to brand any investigative researchers who don’t accept the government’s version of world events as “crackpots” has been very successful. Two years after 9/11, only around 8% of Americans distrusted the government’s account of the tragedy. Today well over half don’t swallow the official story simply because that version is so full of holes. Most skeptics don’t offer an explanation for what happened, we just don’t buy into the version constructed by the 9/11 Commission Report, a belief shared by some who sat on that Commission.

Marijuana prohibition was spearheaded by that master of propaganda, William Randolph Hearst, someone I’ve blogged about often because his life gives a glimpse behind the curtains of power. There was a ton of propaganda produced against marijuana before the Tax Act was voted on. For me, the existence of that propaganda campaign is proof enough of a conspiracy to outlaw marijuana. But marijuana wasn’t the only elaborate propaganda campaign undertaken by Hearst. He manipulated the war with Spain, for example, and also made a fascinating propaganda film that was released just two weeks after FDR took office, in a time of great crisis in America.

WRHandMarionDaviesHearst was a Democrat who longed to be President but was never able to buy enough votes to make that dream come true. He positioned himself as the alternative to the Republican power structure ruled by J.P. Morgan and other post-Civil War Robber Barons, all of whom were closely allied with certain European banks. Hearst railed against British banking’s influence, but consistently entered into profitable (albeit secret) business deals with those very banks he denounced in public, leading to the suspicion he was playing a carefully constructed dialectal game. (After Hearst lost his fortune and split with FDR, that role was undertaken by W. A. Harriman, while George Soros seems to hold that position today).

Hearst ran the largest newspaper chain in the world, not for profit, but for propaganda, something he was a master at. Marijuana prohibition was largely his operation as he cleared the way to disappear the world’s greatest source of medicine. But Hearst had other elaborate propaganda campaigns, one of the most telling of which is the film Gabriel Over the White House.

You need to watch this film because it was based on events then unfolding. Walter W. Waters had led 17,000 unemployed WWI vets in a march on Washington DC to demand payment of a bonus they’d been promised but never been paid. The Great Depression had wiped out millions of jobs and these vets wanted work. Behind the scenes, Marine Major General Smedley Butler (the most decorated and most popular WWI Vet) was approached and asked to become the new leader of the “Bonus Army” encampment (whose ranks had swelled to over 40,000 once the women and children arrived)… to replace Waters, who could have easily been assassinated to make room for Smedley as the new leader. (False flag assassination is a great way to take over a movement, providing you have the Knight in Shining Army ready to ride to the rescue.) But something unexpected happened: Smedley was an honest, patriotic American, and after being approached with a plot to establish a military dictatorship to “save the country,” Smedley began collecting evidence against the conspirators, a list that may have included the Goodyear, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and DuPont families, as well as other established old money families located on the Eastern seaboard.

Smedley came to Congress to denounce the conspiracy as soon as he had sufficient evidence to prove his case, a development that prompted Congress to go into secret session so they could sweep the whole thing under the rug as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, a film obviously designed to aid this operation was released on schedule. The entire scenario described by Smedley is laid out in this amazing film, which I just saw today on TCM for the first time. In the film, the President is a loyal and corrupt member of his party who rubber stamps whatever the party bigwigs put before him. But after an auto accident and brief coma, he decides to throw the puppet masters out of his cabinet and chart his own course. He quickly repeals alcohol prohibition and turns the military on the bootleg gangsters. He gives jobs to WWI vets and dismantles the military industrial complexes around the world. Just before dying of a heart attack, he is able to manifest world peace. Of course, to achieve this noble goal, he had to become a benevolent dictator and suspend all Constitutional rights. This film was made at a time when Hearst was printing unedited opinion pieces by Herr Goebbels and Herr Hitler and helping fund the rise of Mussolini in Italy.

Was Gabriel Over the White House planned to help sweep Smedley Butler into power and establish a fascist dictatorship? It sure seems possible and some of the speeches in this film are quite eerie. It seems all incredibly contemporary. At one point the President warns that unless his plans for world peace are universally accepted soon, another major war will be fought with much more catastrophic weapons and women and children will be among those massacred. It only took a decade to manifest those predictions.

In the film, the President is asked to order the Army to scatter the WWI vets approaching the city, but the President refuses by saying he will “never turn the military against its own people.” Instead he goes to meet with the vets and broker a peaceful deal. In real life, however, President Hoover sent General MacArthur to destroy the Bonus Army encampment in Washington, DC, which included 26,000 women and children. Four were killed and over a thousand injured. Two years later, when FDR took office (and this film was released), another Bonus Army began appearing in Washington and, in a scene stolen right out of this film, FDR offered them New Deal jobs working for the Civilian Conservation Corps., thereby defusing the situation without resorting to violence.

Oliver Stone’s “Untold History” Leaves Stones Unturned


I have to admit I was expecting something a bit deeper from Oliver Stone’s new mini-series on HBO. So far Untold History of the United States is really the untold story of how Henry Wallace was derailed as President and war-hawk and big money tool Harry Truman was engineered into the Presidency. Truman immediately unleashed a war of terror on German and Japanese civilians, although he’s gone down in history as one of our greatest presidents, when, in fact, he was probably a war criminal with blood on his hands.

Stone does a great job of illustrating how the actions of the allies insured millions of Russian, German and Japanese people would be senselessly murdered. The biggest toll during WWII was paid by the Russians, who lost over 20 million. The six million Germans who died leave no monuments. I like Stone’s work, but I wish he’d hired me as a researcher for this series. First of all, I would not have started with WWII, I would have started at Plymouth Rock. To understand America, you must understand the founding families of the Eastern seaboard, who still hold immense power. Some of these families supported England during the Revolutionary War, but emerged unharmed. A similar situation existed in New York City. British influence is largely hidden through secret societies, of which Freemasonry remains their most important, although its influence has been in steep decline for years. To understand how a man like Harry Truman made it to the Presidency with a high school education, you have to understand Truman was a Freemason. He was also the 33rd President, and 33 is the most important number in Masonic numerology, so you know the Masons wanted that Presidency above all others, although all the early Presidents were Freemasons.
If I had been Stone, I would have paid great attention to the creation of the anti-Masonic party, the first third party in American history, and surely as important as Henry Wallace’s Progressive Party, which never gained anything close to the traction of the anti-Masons. My initial hero would have been Smedley Butler, the most decorated war hero of WWI, and a man who tried unsuccessfully to blow the whistle on the elites who were orchestrating war for profit at the expense of American lives.

But the worst error of omission so far with this series is how it ignores all the gold and booty that was stolen by the Nazis and the Japanese Imperial Forces, most of which ended up in the Black Eagle Funds, which were used to foment Wall Street agendas around the world for the last 50 years. Until Stone looks into the secret societies and black gold his untold story can never be complete. Henry Stimson, Secretary of War, who engineered the Black Eagle Fund, was, after all, a member of Skull & Bones, which has always been dominated by the aristocratic families of Boston and New York.

Is Conspiracy Theory the True Road to Enlightenment?

“Enlightenment’s not like ringing a bell. Some days you can stone people with your presence, some days not.” Stephen Gaskin

I used to wonder if all this deep political research I was doing was really worth it. Sometimes, when I’d try to clue my elders into the secret society network that controls real global power, they’d get depressed having to confront all that corruption for the first time.

Then I realized the case on the JFK assassination was closed. All you had to do was read the testimony of mafia figures and Cuban exiles who worked on that CIA project, presumably initiated at the request of the oligarchy, and not by some rouge agents either. A peaceful calm came over me when I realized I no longer had to stay abreast of all the latest twists and turns. Conspiracy theory is 99% noise/disinfo and 1% honest investigations. More than anything, it involves avoiding the obvious rabbit holes, like chemtrails and “we never landed on the moon.” These rabbit holes are the chaff and flares ejected from a jet to fool any heat-seeking missiles on its tail.  Real researchers are the missiles and the jet, well, the jet’s are the real story researchers are seeking to uncover. An if there weren’t real conspiracies, there wouldn’t be a need for creating all these false trails to nowhere you see on TV.

The latest rabbit hole is 9/11 was a fusion of OTO/Freemasonic black magic rituals designed to penetrate the psyche of the nation and embed new sigils. I find this stuff laughable. I’d much prefer an analysis of 9/11 based on the Harry Potter franchise, the most valuable media asset in the United Kingdom right now because I think Harry Potter contains more powerful black magic than Aleister Crowley. Every generation shapes its own rituals and I don’t subscribe to the theory that a black magic cult has been running the world continuously for over 2,000 years. Black magic cults are everywhere, usually hidden as white magic cults. LaRouche, Hubbard and Rev. Moon created three of the biggest black magic cults of our time, but they still don’t approach whatever black magic cult is embedded into our deeply corrupted Pentagon.

This secret society network runs the same almost everywhere you find it:

Rule number one: Never talk about the order.

Rule number two: Obey the order.

These societies are designed to hand down power from one generation of the oligarchy to the next and most of the people certainly don’t feel they’re committing any crimes or doing anything other than protecting their own family’s interests. I don’t imagine many masters of the universe want blood all over the hands of their children, although some have a history of joining the military, where blood is a guarantee.

We get a picture of the dark side of these societies by looking at the Sicilian men of honor society, whose initial induction ceremony involved black robes with hoods and a human skull with a stiletto driving through it. There were no complex OTO or masonic-style rituals, though. Just a pinprick on the finger, a few drops of blood, and the sacred oath to obey and conceal. Oh, and if you ever broke this vow, you gave the society permission to kill you as your just punishment. Although we’ve never been inside the Bonesmen’s tomb during their initiation ceremonies, we’ve heard audio tapes from activities in the courtyard, which sound pretty hilarious. Ritual death seems to be involved there as well, just as it is with the masonic societies. I’m not familiar with the Mormon’s version, but given that cult’s rapid penetration of the FBI, I suspect ritual death may be a part of their initiation rites as well.

So why all this continuous reference to Crowley and Pike as if their ideas are actually driving the show? A huge part of disinfo is creating the false enemy. For much of the last 2,000 years, this false enemy has been the Jews, which is why they’ve suffered so much oppression in the Christian world. Many secret societies have plotted world domination, and these societies are probably in conflict over who’s going to collect the biggest skim. The Rothschild family became heavily involved in Freemasonry, which helped them penetrate the royal houses of Europe, after they converted to Christianity. Despite having so many conversions, one suspects they play a huge role in the affairs of Israel, and probably own most of it, just as the Rockefellers own a significant portion of Manhattan. Our current world situation seems to be dominated by these two families. Both family fortunes are controlled by a Trust, a board of directors and their consiglere. Both may be involved in crime beyond our comprehension. If you want to penetrate behind the curtains of real world power, it wouldn’t hurt to be a fly on the wall in those two boardrooms. But those trusts are dealing with other powerful societies, like ones inside the Vatican and the House of Lords. And let’s not forget, Skull & Bones is a German-based society, just as the Men of Honor is a Sicilian-based society. This does not mean, however, that the members in the US are taking orders from overseas anymore than the New York mob takes orders from Sicily or the Vatican. Only that the separate divisions cooperate with each other when necessary, and that the ceremonies were actually created overseas before they came to America.

What good does it do to know all this? Someday the corruption inside this network is going to be exposed because someone on the inside is going to make a serious run at the oligarchy, like the one Major General Smedley Butler attempted when he was asked to become dictator and storm the White House during FDR’s new deal. Back then, Butler’s evidence of the oligarchy and their crimes was kept hidden by Congress instead of being handed over to the American people. Next time a Smedley Butler emerges, we must be ready to protect and preserve them. We need to create an environment that welcomes them in, and not paint the entire oligarchy as some monstrous incarnation of ultimate evil, dehumanizing them in the process. I have no doubt there are more than a few psychopaths inside the top ranks of the oligarchy, but most members are just human beings who think they deserve different standards than the rest of us because of their intense power and wealth.


Dirty Money: A brief history of banking

BestDirtydirtyJust how big is the underground drug market? Some believe the biggest profit streams on earth are war, oil, and drugs (in that order). Illegal drugs are the world’s largest cash economy, bigger than Walmart. The little-known secret of banking is that some banks depend on this money to survive, and, in fact, the system can dry up and blow away if major sources of liquidity are suddenly removed. But it wasn’t always this way. To understand the depth of corruption in today’s banking industry and the systemic use of black market funds, it’s useful to have some background in banking history, something few Americans seem to possess.

“It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”   —Henry Ford

Around 300 BC, the Roman Republic establishes the first global currency in the form of metal coins stamped with the image of notable Roman faces. Gold and silver are minted in Rome, while bronze and copper are minted around the empire. The system works remarkably well for nearly eight centuries. But after Rome gradually drains all silver out of its “silver” coin, inflation sets in and its western empire collapses, opening the door for a new global banking authority.

Founded in 1119, The Knights Templar is a religious order granted a Papal exemption from usury. This highly secretive order begins operations by generating “letters of credit” for pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. The letters evolve into a check-writing system and the Templars grow into a force of 20,000. They maintain their own army, navy, forts, merchant marine, and intelligence network, and build Europe’s greatest cathedrals (many of which contain magic mushroom iconography). For two centuries the Templars effectively become the world’s central bank as they hold large repositories of gold and are the bank of choice for European royalty looking to initiate wars of conquest. After falling deeply in debt to the Templars, the King of France outlaws the order and attempts to seize its assets on Friday, October 13th, 1307. The French grandmasters are tortured and executed, but much of the gold simply vanishes and no one knows why so many ships later embarking for the New World a century later bear giant Templar crosses on their sails.

(Excerpted from Dirty Money, Secret Societies and Killing JFK, see link below.