A Perfect Nordic Beauty

imagesAfter JFK became President, the mantel of power had a transforming effect, and some spiritual changes took place in him, probably aided by LSD, which was momentarily popular as a sex-enhancing sacrament among JFK’s peers in seduction, the Rat Pack. Before the Merry Pranksters handed it out to the masses for free, you see, LSD was a jet-set, Hollywood and Beltway fad among the elite, passed around by Tim Leary’s friend Mary Meyer for one. For sure, it was more challenging than cannabis or opium, both of which JFK probably experimented with. He had back issues and frequently took shots to relieve the pain.

But when James J. Angleton discovered JFK and Mary Meyer were having sex on acid, he may have freaked out, for his wife’s good friend was soon dead. My pet theory has long been Angleton assembled a file painting JFK as a secret Soviet agent. JFK already had an enormous FBI file, due to his affair with Inga Arvad (above), Hitler’s “perfect Nordic beauty.”

Inga was a Danish beauty queen who got a journalism degree from Columbia University followed by a job at the Washington Times-Herald. In 1941, she thought Hitler was the kindest, gentlest soul and said so in her puff pieces that promoted him as a person while avoiding any controversial political ideas. In fact, Inga sat next to Der Fuhrer during the Olympics, so that should give you an idea of how highly he prized her. The FBI launched an investigation. She was a Danish alien and they suspected she was moonlighting as a modern day Mati Hari. Soon, they discovered this married Dane was having a torrid extra-marital affair with a young ensign in Naval Intelligence, whose father was the current ambassador to England, facts that just thickened the paranoia.

Inga and JFK were followed for weeks and knew their every conversation was being recorded and even made jokes about it. Keep in mind, during this time, Naval intelligence has just contacted Meyer Lansky to seek a meeting with Lucky Luciano. Lucky is in prison but Naval intelligence wants to offer a deal. If the Sicilian Men of Honor society will become spooks for Naval intelligence and help root out German spooks seeking to infiltrate the docks of New York, then Lucky might be released from his 50-year sentence for prostitution.

Lucky was soon moved to a nicer prison and started getting treated a lot better. Oh, and all those strikes on the docks that had been taking place? Those mysteriously disappeared until after the war was over. One wonders what other potential deals were being tossed around in these secret meetings. One thing for sure, after the war, Lucky got his “get-out-of-jail” card, was swiftly deported back to Italy, where he rapidly built the world’s biggest heroin syndicate. Meyer Lansky was his financial adviser and Meyer’s role included concealing American-based profits through a CIA-connected bank in the Bahamas.

When JFK’s superior at Naval Intelligence found out about the romance, JFK was transferred to South Carolina due to his knowledge “that could be more than a bit embarrassing.” Did that knowledge include the working relationship between Naval intelligence and the Sicilian men of honor? Or something to do with his father’s support for Hitler? JFK always believed J. Edgar Hoover was the real person behind the surveillance and that sudden transfer, but he’d get his revenge by putting his little brother in charge of Hoover later in his life, which could be why Hoover willingly entered that conspiracy to eliminate JFK in this matter of national security. Between the two of them, Angleton and Hoover held enough power to control the Warren Commission investigation, as well as the post-assassination propaganda in the national media, but they could not have acted without the consent of the Eastern Establishment that controls our banking and oil cartels, the real force behind our security services.

It cracks me up when people say they don’t believe in secret societies, when, in fact, nobody discounts the Sicilian brotherhood running much of the organized labor movement. One wonders how long it will take before similar brotherhoods emerge from the Pentagon. Secret societies are everywhere and always have been. Most are just clubs and fraternities where ritual and ceremonial magic is celebrated in secret because keeping your ceremonies private is one way to invest additional powers in them, just ask the Freemasons or the Mormons. And, of course, if your ceremonies involve death and destruction, you’ll want to keep them secret.

If the Pentagon-CIA hadn’t hired the Chicago outfit to assassinate JFK, where would our economy be today? Instead of wars in Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on, JFK might have declared war on bigotry, poverty and disease. Instead of drifting into this dark space ruled by the sorcerers of death whose drones encircle the earth, we might have had real freedom and compassion for all.

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Who’s Who in House of Cards?


There’s a revolution going on as streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime have already proven the insanity of paying money to anyone to program what films you can watch on any given day (instead of just watching whatever you want to watch whenever you want to watch it).

Streaming on demand has already re-written the rules on the music industry and very soon the same will be said for film. The latest development is Netflix investing over $110 million to produce an HBO-quality series about life inside the Beltway, a project based off a successful British production with the same title, House of Cards. Maybe you’ve already watched all 13 episodes of the first season since they were all released on the same day earlier this month.

First, the good news: this show blows away Showtimes’ Homeland, but doesn’t quite make Sopranos status. Kevin Spacey plays a Machiavellian-type politician weaving ambitious schemes to engineer himself into the Presidency. If you had to pick one person Spacey’s character seems designed around, it would have to be Dick Cheney because Cheney was put in charge of selecting G.W.’s running mate and ended up selecting himself, very similar to the op Spacey’s character unleashes in the first season. Peter Russo is a virtual dead ringer for Elliot Spitzer as far as looks go, although Spitzer is a very rich Jew and Russo is portrayed as a very poor Catholic, so the resemblance pretty much ends with their mutual fondness for hookers. The billionaire Ramon Tusk seems loosely based on Warren Buffet, although Buffet made his fortune in insurance and Coca-Cola, while Tusk is portrayed as a world-wide investor in atomic power who speaks fluent Chinese and is an avid bird watcher.

I particularly like the way the show reveals a massively-funded charity as being in bed with the very corporate interests the charity pretends to be working against. Nothing is as it appears to be in politics and wolves usually appear dressed as sheep.

Unfortunately, the muckraking press described in this show no longer exists. Yes, the part about politicians using and manipulating journalists by planting trial balloons goes on all the time. But there really aren’t any journalists working for any major media outlets doing real gumshoe investigative work on government corruption anymore. Those jobs no longer exist. Gary Webb was probably the last, and you saw what happened to him.

You might think Doug Stamper is Scooter Libby, but Richard Armitage would be a much closer guess, although Mike Kelly doesn’t have the physical presence of Armitage, a star linebacker for the Naval Academy. Naval intelligence has had a strong presence in global affairs since the Kennedy assassination and their alumni keep turning up as members of the Octopus squad, a club Armitage and Cheney may both belong to. Scooter had to fall on his sword and lost his law practice to protect Armitage, who was the real source of the Valerie Plame leak.

I was interviewed in High Times this month, by the way, and Paul Krassner asked me what really caused the recent crackdown on dispensaries. I began by saying “They” (meaning the Octopus), but this got edited somehow to say “The Feds.” Actually, there’s a huge gulf between the thousands of honest public servants who perform their jobs within the government with dignity and the Octopus players at the very top of the power pyramid who engage in enormous profit-making in guns and drugs while hiding behind a cloak of National Security. House of Cards would be far better if they tracked into this complex world. The first time I heard the words “Dick Armitage” was 1989, and Bo Grits had just returned from the Golden Triangle where he interviewed opium warlord Kuhn Sa, who told Gritz that Armitage was his biggest customer. They had to hide Armitage away for a few years, but he came back with a vengeance to take over the strongman role at the State Department.

The show did jump the shark, however, by having the Cheney character murder the Spitzer character. That clearly was a job better left to Armitage.