Snowden is an intelligence dangle, not a real whistleblower

LizHurleyAustinPowersNotice how Edward Snowden released some juicy information on British intelligence right before the Olympics kicked off? The Olympics are a magical ceremony and manipulated for propaganda purposes. And what did Snowden tell us? That MI6 is ahead of the CIA and NSA in both technology (hacking) and in-the-field spy-craft.

And in a nutshell, here’s how the field system operates: A honey trap is set online via social networks and lures a target to a wired hotel. Snowden gives few details, but I would imagine these encounters take a wide variety of forms, and may involve documenting use of illicit substances for the purpose of getting a manipulation handle on the target.

164130__hurley_lMy guess is honey traps are male for gays and female for hetros as both bases always need be covered. My question is: are these just working escorts rented for an hour, or real spooks? Although I imagine there must be a nexus where those two converge. And if so, why hasn’t the British honey-trap sex-kitten super-spook been more celebrated? Apparently, the world’s ultimate black widows work for MI6. Don’t these spooks deserve their own icons to accompany James Bond, the female version and the gay version? These spooks are not assassins, but high-priced escorts schooled in sexual services. This my friends is the real world of spooks and how they operate.

Amazingly, the heads of all British intelligence services held an unprecedented joint national press conference in which they solemnly declared many field operations were now compromised, and al Qaeda was certainly running amok with the aid of Snowden’s information.

The wag the dog movie continues.

Meanwhile, as investigators piece together Snowden’s history for a better understanding of his actions, it turns out he was using a common software to automatically download massive files to his own hard drives for a long time, something that could not possibly go unnoticed. And, in fact, Snowden was visited by an NSA team to investigate these massive downloads, and simply told them it was: “Part of routine maintenance.” And that transparent bullshit was accepted and the team returned to Washington with zero to report. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Unless you understand that Snowden is an intelligence operation and not a real whistle blower.


To topple the central banking monopoly, just Occupy Bitcoin

logoI made a foray down to Zuccotti Park and enjoyed the Rainbow Family vibes of the encampment, but I always suspected the movement was penetrated by spooks early on since the ad campaign that launched the movement was initially funded by a Wall Street insider.

You probably haven’t heard much about the Occupy Movement lately, and winter often has a way of damping down outdoor demonstrations, but I can fill you in on the latest big developments: There’s an active branch of the movement called Occupy the SEC, who are attempting to influence the Securities and Exchange Commission, the agency created after the Stock Market Crash of 1929 to regulate the stock market. Since Occupy the SEC is well covered in the CIA-run Washington Post, one wonders if it might be a case of a controlled opposition leading the charge against the establishment? Certainly their professional website shows zero evidence of counterculture leanings. I really shouldn’t mouth off about the group, however, since I’ve done zero research and it could be a group of well-intentioned lawyers, but just the fact they can afford to mount serious litigation and have it covered glowingly in the Post leaves me wondering.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.38.16 PMHere’s the other big news: for $42 you can order a giant poster of the Zuccotti Park encampment in its prime from Walmart. Here’s how Walmart describes it on their website: “Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park, Lower Manhattan, Manhattan, New York City, New York State, USA is a licensed reproduction that was printed on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The image size is 27 x 9 inches. This print is ready for hanging or framing and would make a great addition to your home or office.”

I’ve joined a different movement, one I actually think has a good chance of success. Strange how few activists are promoting bitcoin, although I’m seriously investing in this new frontier as a way to stick it to the man. I wanted to get in much earlier, but didn’t have the loose cash available, or I’d already likely be a bitcoin millionaire by now.

bitcoin1But what really sealed the deal is the way the media kept attacking this new money system. All the high-powered economists and major newspapers were predicting a quick demise after it shot from $200 to $1,200 in one month, and then fell back down to $500 when China’s banks stopped trades until further notice. One website posted diagrams of the Dutch tulip bubble next to the bitcoin bubble and claimed they were tracking identical paths.

So I started buying when they were selling for $540. It’s been on a rocky road ever since, and thanks to the hacks of a number of exchanges, price now hovers between $300 and $400.

But in five years, I expect that to be much higher.

Only 21 million bitcoins can be produced and around half have already been mined and the codes grow increasingly complex and the coins are harder to mine as we go on. After all 21 million coins are in circulation, their value mint skyrocket to some ridiculous figure, but you won’t live to see that day.

In 2014, I wrote this book to promote Bitcoin, and although the figures are out-of-date, the philosophy behind why we should support it is not.

Meet the Real James Bond

220px-Sir_William_Stephenson_from_1942_passportSir William Samuel Stephenson (code name: “Intrepid”) was the most important British spy in North America during the 1940s and 50s, although you may have never heard his name.

He was an adopted kid who worked his way up through the Canadian military, eventually becoming a top aerial ace with 12 shoot-downs to his credit. After WWI he moved to England and suddenly became very wealthy, eventually even marrying a tobacco heiress from the States. He became a player in the emerging British film industry and one wonders if Stephenson wasn’t already a operating as a spook long before this happened and what role spook activities may have played in his sudden rise to wealth.

He was spying on Germany before WWII broke out, but as soon as it did, Winston Churchill sent him back to the States to run the British Security Coordination (BSC), which was located in room 3603 in Rockefeller center. The BSC was England’s eyes and ears in North America and Stephenson’s primary secret agent, located a few doors down the hall, was a cousin of the Rockefellers by marriage named Allen Dulles.

Dulles had already launched a diplomatic career right out of college and was the first person to claim the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a forgery. The document was being used to scapegoat the entire Jewish culture for the worldwide depression of the 1930s. Dulles’ attack on the document may have been designed to paint him as a Knight in Shining Armor for future propaganda ops. Many decades later, disinfo artist William Cooper would claim the document was not about the Jews, but about Freemasons, once one of the world’s most powerful secret societies, and one long used as a safe haven for British intelligence.

After the war, Stephenson served a key role in helping set up the CIA, which was modeled off MI5-6. Many ex-Nazi’s were recruited for key covert roles inside the new agency. When Allen Dulles was put in charge of the newly formed CIA, that was Stephenson’s handiwork. And for the key position of head of counterintelligence, Dulles selected James Angleton, another spook with a close relationship with MI5-6.

Thus the tentacles of British intelligence were embedded at the highest levels of the US security state, insuring the two countries’ covert action teams would be closely aligned for many years to come.

flyingobjects71_08Maybe you know Angleton ran the Executive Action Team that assassinated JFK? And even though Kennedy had fired Dulles from running the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Dulles was inexplicably brought back to public service as the head of the Warren Commission to run the investigation of that murder, insuring Angleton’s team would be shielded from discovery, a team that included Johnny Roselli.

Many years later, after losing his CIA position and being forced into retirement, Angleton confessed he got his plum position running CIA counterintelligence after promising not to put Allen Dulles and his Wall Street cronies on lie detectors regarding their relationship with the Nazis before and during the war. Apparently, Dulles was close with Prescott Bush and others who were running the Union Bank in New York, which had helped set-up Hitler in power, and continued doing business with Germany throughout the war, which technically made them war criminals and traitors.

How does that work when an American citizen like Dulles becomes a British spy and then quickly rises to the top of American intelligence, and when exactly did that relationship with MI6 end, if ever? There was another dude who worked for BSC, by the way, and his name was Ian Fleming. He and Stephenson hung out in the Bahamas a lot and it was Fleming who really immortalized the super spook by fashioning Stephenson into James Bond.

Stephenson died in 1989, but he did live long enough to watch himself in the BBC miniseries A Man Called Intrepid, starring David Niven.

More LSD than anyone even thought existed

ronald-stark-thomas-abbottIf you ever want to explore the role of intel in spreading LSD around the globe, Ronald Hadley Stark might be a good place to start since he was one of those super spooks who could dance through raindrops and not catch a drop. And he’s also got an interesting British component for those fascinated by possible MI6 ops. Stark seems to have picked up his style while visiting Tavistock. At one point he tried to recruit fellow Tavistock associate R.D. Laing into playing the role of psychedelic messiah leading world revolution. Laing wisely rejected that part, so Stark went off to America to seek out Timothy Leary, who was a spook at heart himself, always playing all sides against the middle and attempting to navigate the ladders of intrigue and power.

Leary had been thrown out of his cushy retreat at the old Mellon mansion in upstate New York horse country, and had landed penniless in Laguana Beach, seeking refuge in the heart of hippie culture. Hippies, you see, were birthed on the West Coast beaches, offspring of surfing, marijuana, rock’n’roll and Jack Kerouac.

hippie-mafiaThe real hippie messiah was Johnny Griggs (on the right with flower in ear), who created a wild west scene free from police intervention in a canyon near Laguna Beach, a community where every third house was used to stash kilos when necessary. Griggs had been a typical juvenile delinquent into cars, motorcycles and guns, but transformed after one acid trip, throwing away his revolver and preaching universal love from that point on. He had a heart chakra that could bowl you over and he created the Brotherhood of Eternal Love based on Leary’s advice. The Brotherhood was very spiritual and very successful financially, although many members took a dislike to Leary when he began hitting on their wives behind their backs. Leary was a martini drinking meat eater, while the Brothers were non-drinking vegetarians, and deep into the worship of Mother Earth. Leary copped their style, not the other way around. Suddenly, Leary was wearing silk robes with a flower behind his ear. Yeah, he even copped the flower from Griggs’ ear.

Suddenly Griggs dies mysteriously of a build-up of fluid in his lungs after injesting a synthetic drug provided by a underground chemist. Leary, meanwhile, is jailed on trumped-up charges and given a lengthy sentence. That’s when Stark shows up at the Brotherhood hideout with more LSD than anyone even thought existed on the planet, way more than any underground chemist would make at one time because sentences are based on doses and we are talking millions of doses of Orange Sunshine. This happened in 1969, just around the time street acid became cheap and plentiful, although many would soon long for that old Owsley acid, finding the new versions too speedy and mentally unsettling. Stark wanted to use profits from Orange Sunshine to bust Leary out of jail, a mission he paid the Weather Underground to carry out, leading to speculation that revolutionary group may have been fomented by intel to incite violence and demonize the peaceful hippie counterculture.

Stark schooled the Brotherhood on how to make big money and operations expanded considerably. He had a manual he always carried, a novel by Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Stark identified with the revolutionary leader Professor Bernardo de la Paz, someone modeled on autarchist Robert LeFevre, although I see shades of Adam Weishaupt. Knowing how easy it is to penetrate and subvert revolution from within, the Professor employs the familiar cell system: “Organization must be no larger than necessary — never recruit anyone merely because he wants to join. As to basic structure, a revolution starts as a conspiracy; therefore structure is small, secret and organized as to minimize damage by betrayal—since there are always betrayals.” Of course this has always been standard operating procedure for all intelligence organizations. The Professor was also a whiz in code-making, something Stark also apparently excelled in.

We’ll never know all the various drug operations, revolutions and terror events Stark may have been involved with, but he was a global character and connected with remarkable people wherever he went. He ended up in jail in Italy for a few months, although he may have been placed there to provide surveillance on a terror-drug group inside, or just to better school that group on operations procedures when they were released, or maybe he was busted for real by an anonymous phone call while holding several hundred kilos of cannabis in his hotel room. If so, that was the only betrayal Stark ever suffered from, the only time he felt a raindrop. In any event, Stark was eventually able to talk himself out of that prison by convincing a judge he worked for the CIA. Or maybe it was the sudden death of the previous judge who’d denied that plea that was so convincing?

At one time, Stark had access to a brownstone near Washington Square Park, in a hidden and very exclusive alley, completely private and heavily secure. David Rockefeller lived across the street. Inside, the walls were covered with the paintings of old masters. I suspect this belonged to Richard Mellon Scaife or his younger cousin Billy Mellon Hitchcock, Leary’s benefactor for a time. I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of who Stark was. But he did have some connection to The Process Church of Final Judgment, that British splinter group from Scientology that became the spookiest of all the weird cults in the late sixties, heavily involved with Hitler worship. And the Process influenced the recently released Charlie Manson upon his arrival in the Haight, straight out of prison, and Manson soon began spouting apocalyptic dogma. That was Process Church speak Charlie was spouting, mixed in with bits of Scientology and satanism.

There seems to be another world out there, completely hidden and comprised of spooks and their mind control robots, and they conduct operations through cut-outs like the Process Church. But people like Stark will always be just burn layers no matter how high they climb the ladder. They’ll never be accepted inside the oligarchy. I find it strange Heinlein wrote a book supposedly referencing Robert LeFerve, a right-wing, pacifist revolutionary, someone who created a small private school that graduated both Kerry Thornley and Charles Koch.

Was Stark a Tavistock robot and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress a key to his programming? We’ll likely never know for certain.

How to Solve the Crisis in Banking

The hidden cabal that controls the Federal Reserve hasn’t been this nervous since JFK began printing money not tied to their perpetual debt system. Seems we are reaching a tipping point on the reality this oligarchy doesn’t really deserve a monopoly over our money system. There have been numerous attempts to reform the Fed over the decades and today most of the billions it makes in profit is funneled directly into the Treasury (instead of being divided up amongst the stockholders, like the good old days). Now most of the stockholders are stuck with a measly 10% profit or so. We’re talking millions, not billions.

You can certainly find a lot of garbage about the Fed online, much of it will try to convince you the Rothschilds secretly own the system. I’ve always felt that unproven theory was a limited hangout. The Rothschilds are certainly a big dog in the world banking elite, maybe even the biggest on an individual basis, but do you really believe they have eclipsed the combined fortunes of the old money families of Europe and their relatives in the US? If that were so, the House of Lords would be quickly converting to the Jewish faith instead of Rothschilds in England rapidly becoming Christians to aid their entry into the House of Lords. No, contrary to popular crackpot conspiracy theory, I don’t believe the Rothschilds have taken over the world, although there certainly is a MI6-Mossad-CIA component to our current situation, most of which seem to revolve around oil and opium. The entire hoodwink for the next 50 years has been arranged around a holy war between Arabs and Jews, with the Christians siding with the Jews. They had to invent something to replace the Communist-Capitalist dialectic after that hoodwink collapsed, and jihad versus crusade was the best option available. Right now, the plan is to bilk as much money out of the oil industry as possible before that monopoly on energy runs out. Not because we’re going to run out of oil (Peak Oil is a scam) but because oil will one day finally be replaced by better, cleaner technologies that have been kept in the shadows in order to keep oil on top of the world.

Considering the rapid growth of technology, seems like the entire banking system, so rife with corruption, could be easily reformed if we just made a few changes. First, do we really need cash? In today’s world of smart phones, debit cards and online banking in a cloud, many people are finding cash unnecessary, unless, of course, you’re involved in illegal activity. The elimination of cash would pretty much end money laundering as we know it today.

Another tweak I’d suggest, is the end of bank secrecy for accounts over a certain amount. Let’s see who the big dogs are and what size bones they have. The majority shareholders of all banks, especially the Federal Reserve Banks, should be posted online. And all bank depositors with assets over one million dollars should not be able to cloak their accounts at all. I’d open up all records on the top 1%, including tax returns, banking statements, and anything else that would allow citizen researchers like me to look for fraud. The presumption would be: behind every great fortune is a great crime. So let’s see where those fortunes are so we can investigate the crimes behind them. And if any citizen whistle-blowers actually come up with some real crime, they should be rewarded for their efforts. In this way, many unemployed people could go back to work, catching swindlers and tax cheats and saving the government billions in the process. You wouldn’t have to win the lottery to get rich, you could do it by exposing white collar crime at the highest levels.