Five new paperbacks

4booksholidaysI’d been hoping my fans would switch to reading books on tablets so we could save some trees, which is why I’ve been releasing nothing but ebooks for the past two years, and sales have been slow but steady, although some fans keep clamoring for print books, so I unleashed five today.


OM science 101

Shiva "all gods are one"Thousands of years ago, great fire temples dotted the hillsides from India to Iraq, all serving a sacred plant mixed with milk and spices as a sacrament and healing medicine. Isn’t it wonderful they handed down a ritual to us used to aid in the healing process?

Someday modern medicine will wise up to the spiritual aspects of healing, and, in fact, that day seems closer all the time. The reason I know our medical establishment needs a huge overhaul is because of the tremendous resistance to using natural cannabis as medicine, while putting the entire country on synthetic drugs, mostly so corporations could make more profits.

Many years ago, a learned scholar from the East informed me there were actually three sounds in an OM. When he told me that, some of my training in theater popped in my head. I’d taken a course to enhance my speaking abilities, and learned something about the mechanics of speech. The OM may be the only healing ritual that works every time, while carrying zero dogma. It’s only role is telepathic harmonization on a vibration of peace. Allen Ginsberg once used it to protect himself and others during a police riot, and Wavy Gravy used it to drive Charlie Manson from his realm.

The OM starts deep in the belly, in your center of energy, and travels through your chest until it resonates your skull structures. The “mmmm” is held out because it’s ringing your bell. You mostly feel this Y-buzz around your nose. If you’re not vibrating your face at the end, the OM doesn’t work properly, so find that frequency, and once you do, you will feel it instantly.

The beauty of the OM is no one is ever off-tune. There are no bad notes. You may understand the connection between music, math and spirituality, but have you ever known a hymn with no bad notes? Before cannabis spirituality fell under intense persecution, there were probably hundreds of thousands of people in and around those giant fire temples doing OM circles and sharing healing energy. And isn’t it amazing they found a way to pass this ceremony down to us 10,000 years later, even if all the books and texts were tampered with to eradicate the identity of the healing plants they once used to cure almost everything.

My review of Prohibition

prohibitionThe highly-rated Ken Burns series on alcohol prohibition has arrived on Amazon Prime and Netflix and comes complete with all the signature Burns moves: Peter Coyote narration, tinkling piano solos, and long, slow pull-outs from historic photos.

Especially fascinating are the roots of this social movement to ban alcohol, which seems to have emanated from some of the same propaganda forces that involved an earlier wedge issue: anti-slavery.

One of the earliest boosters of prohibition, in fact, was the once-powerful Ku Klux Klan, an Illuminati cut-out, no doubt, just like many other radical right and left wing social movements that reach great heights. (If they don’t start as cut-outs, it only stands to reason they will be penetrated by Illuminati operatives and soon taken over from within).

alnucky_frame1There’s a tremendous amount of detail on Al Capone, but nary a word on Nucky Johnson?! Since Johnson was the Republican Party kingmaker and also host of that infamous council that created the truce in the bootlegging business (see photo left, with Scar Face in black arm-in-arm with the appropriately white-suited Nucky, who’s absence from this documentary is particularly strange). However, one of the weirdest details of this meeting comes from Pete Hamill, who points out someone pulled out a map of the Federal Reserve Banking system to draw up the territory lines!

I’m thinking, “why would they want to use a map of the Federal Reserve districts, unless, maybe, some Illuminati agent from the Fed is also attending this meeting and the banking rights for each operation is going to be handled accordingly? Actually, I don’t believe anyone uses the name “Illuminati,” (the Bonesmen refer to their organization as “the Order”), but I do think there’s an intense concentration of power sucking up a greater share of resources every year, leaving the rest of us with less and less.

The concept of prohibition seemed unthinkable after the Civil War because the government was running almost entirely on beer taxes. It was only after income tax was introduced that alcohol could be banned, and the income tax was pushed as the solution to the saloon problem. Don’t you wish you could forgo income taxes and instead pay tax on additive drugs, all of which would have to be made legal for adults in order to raise the trillions needed? What a boost that would make for sobriety.

Right after alcohol prohibition fell apart (it was never really seriously enforced anyway, but milked for bribes that reached the highest levels of politics), marijuana prohibition was rolled out and put into motion. This one was really enforced, however, starting with locking up the jazz musicians and continuing with the harshest set of laws ever enacted. Strange that this op went down so easy because most of the arguments against alcohol prohibition could have easily been re-applied to cannabis, a reality some people only seem to be reaching today.

Which is why I find it so strange that Nucky Johnson, William Randolph Hearst, and marijuana receive zero coverage in this documentary, but then Burns did a history of jazz that barely mentioned cannabis and he seems to work as a propagandist for the Rockefeller Trust sometimes, and what more can you expect from PBS anyway? History will always be written by the winners, and if you want to ignore the probability some wars and wedge issues are being managed and milked for profit, then you probably will sleep better at night anyway, and who cares if it’s all a carefully constructed fantasy to hide the corrupt truth about our system when we can just sit back and watch the reviews on the MTV Awards and discuss how Miley upstaged Gaga by flashing her booty?

Gunshots at Marijuana Rally


How sad the Denver rally was marred by violence and instead of a message of peace, the global news is now reporting: “gunshots at marijuana rally.” For me, this is a great tragedy.

Abby from Daily Beast called me on 4/19 and interviewed me for over an hour. She seemed fascinated by my history of spiritual use of cannabis, although I cautioned her there was a pretty intense filter in the national media on any of this info, and if she planned to write about it, be prepared for censorship from on high. She laughed off that idea, but strangely, her story has yet to appear.

The Denver rally began ten years ago, one of the first large mass April 20th events. Now we have so many. In 1990 I discovered an annual ritual was taking place near the top of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. At the time, I was reading about Soma and had decided the story invented by Gordon Wasson that Soma was a mushroom was false, and Soma was actually cannabis, just like it was obvious to me cannabis was manifesting real ceremony and ritual in Marin, headquarters of the hippie counterculture after the Haight was over-run with undercovers, violence, hard drugs and nasty ops. From 1995 until 2003, the center of energy on spreading 420 ceremonies was the Cannabis Cup, especially the Temple Dragon Crew, who were so fanatical about honoring 420 they did it twice every day, at 4:20 PM and 4:20 AM. Having a picture taken at the Quentin hotel lobby under the clock at 4:20 AM was one of the biggest 420 ceremonies around for years before the rest of the world picked up on it.

That’s why I could never understand why Steve Bloom, who actually appears in some of those early 420 photos at the Quentin lobby, tells people High Times, the Cannabis Cup, and me in particular, “had nothing to do with spreading 420?” After having spent 30 years trying to get the spiritual rights issues around cannabis recognized, and then have that entire life’s campaign dismissed by someone who actually saw the thing assembled is saddening. But then Bloom voluntarily quit High Times when I was brought back the third time, just because he couldn’t work under me again. So I understand where the vibes are coming from.

I guess Bloom posted that quote from Mike Edison on the wikipedia page for 420 saying I pushed the Waldo’s story and then took it to “cult-like extremes.” That is really hilarious. Yes, I organized events around 420, and at 4:20 PM, I would sometimes ask the assembled multitudes to form a circle, hold hands, and OM for world peace. That’s a traditional hippie ceremony begun in North America by The Brotherhood of Eternal Love on the West Coast and Allen Ginsberg on the East Coast.

Like I was telling Abby from Daily Beast, I found out about marijuana by reading On the Road, and the key moment in that stream of consciousness is a spiritual moment in Mexico provided by a few hits of marijuana. That book sent my generation looking for marijuana because we wanted to have a spiritual moment like that, especially since all of us had recently lost our religions and needed something real and honest we could plug into.

During this crucial time, when the counterculture was re-discovering the sacrament of peace culture, what happens? A major op is launched by Gordon Wasson to declare the magic mushroom as the key to spirituality? And he heads off down to Mexico to take mushrooms with a shaman and it ends up on the cover of Life magazine? Suddenly, it’s all about mushrooms again? This is obviously the same op Wasson pulled on Soma. Could it be possible that when the Roman empire took control of Christianity, which up until then had been a poor people’s religion based on world peace, and when Constantine put that cross on his army’s shields, he also switched up the sacraments? The poor people got alcohol, while the priests got mushrooms, but cannabis? That had to be strictly forbidden because cannabis manifests peace culture, and the Roman empire was never about peace.

So Wasson was an op. He worked for J.P Morgan, who put together the mostly European cartel that bought out Andrew Carnegie and took over the American economy. And the war on marijuana runs much deeper and much longer than most people realize.

It’s funny how the minute the Boston Marathon Bombing took place, the mainstream press complained that conspiracy theorists were already crying “false flag.” Yeah, unfortunately, terror is a political instrument and history has shown it’s probably more often a false flag than not, especially when completely innocent civilians are involved.

After I attended my first Rainbow Gathering and stood in a circle OMing for peace with 15,000 people, my mind was blown and I realized if only we had more ceremonies like this, we might actually get some positive energy going in this direction. So I organized a lot of peace circles for the next 30 years and tried to teach the youth about hippie magic. But I live in New York City, where hippies are not really very popular, and the minute I started manifesting these ceremonies, I was branded “a cult leader” by people that wanted to take my job? If I am a cult leader why am I a single dad with two kids struggling to survive? Where is my army of zombie robots and why aren’t they carrying me around in a sedan chair feeding me grapes all day? In fact, I never tried to organize a cult or anything close and I have zero dogma to push, only a desire to spread loving energies to help heal all the hate, but of course, this is dangerous, or at least lame and stupid, eh?

A fascinating story appeared today about the history of the Jews. Apparently, they were the first culture to attain universal literacy and it marked them for persecution because they were well-educated, well-read people living among people who could not read or write and had zero education. This created tremendous tensions and it would take centuries for the rest of the cultures to catch up. So they had a tremendous leg up and you can see that advantage still manifesting today. Meanwhile, they still make the best scapegoats, when, in fact, just because they own the bank, that doesn’t mean they own all the money in the bank. Gordon Wasson, the key player in trying to hold back the rise of cannabis and peace culture, was working for J.P. Morgan, not Lord Rothschild.

The True Story of Mount Sinai and the Burning Bush

Is Mount Sinai of the Old Testament a real place? All we know is that Moses got the inspiration to lead his people out of Egypt after traveling to the top of Mount Sinai, where he was confronted by a burning bush that spoke to him with the voice of God. When he came down, he made the first menorah, an oil lamp with seven flames. Later, the menorah would evolve to eight candles, but I wonder if the original seven flames was a reference to the seven points of a cannabis leaf. Later, after the Exodus began, Moses revisited the top of Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments written on stone tablets. There has long been dispute over the origins of the words “Mount Sinai.” Some believe it’s a reference to the Sumerian Moon Goddess, others think it must be a volcano. Why volcano? Because Mount Sinai means “smokey mountains,” and its peak is always clouded in smoke, where a fire burns continuously.

I’ve come to believe the smokey mountain of Mount Sinai is actually a reference to cannabis intoxication. It was only after becoming intoxicated with cannabis smoke that Moses received the inspiration to make a menorah and lead his people out of slavery. Today, many people recognize the inspirational powers of cannabis. For example, Carl Sagan attributed some of his important scientific discoveries to inspiration he received after smoking a joint. Louis Armstrong and John Lennon also spoke of the inspirational powers of cannabis. And wherever you find cannabis use, you’ll find spiritual cultures seeking to throw off the chains of oppression, whether it be Rastas in Jamaica or hippies in North America.

Cannabis intoxication began thousands of years ago with the Scythian culture from the Black Sea area, a culture that eventually spread to Europe, Africa, China to India. The Scythians domesticated horses, built the first covered wagons and spread cannabis seeds wherever they traveled. Their culture had an enormous influence on the development of spirituality around the world, and eventually replaced the concept of a world filled with spirits to a world dominated by a single energy field that flowed through all spirits. But because they had no written language beyond runes, little is known about them other than what outsiders like Herodotus observed.

Check out this incense burner from ancient China. Cannabis incense burners in China were often shaped to look like mountains, and the smoke emanated from holes in the top, as if coming from the top of a mountain. This is probably the Mount Sinai Moses visited. These bronze incense burners could be placed inside small tents in order to fill the tent with smoke. After a few minutes inside, one became intoxicated….or, as Moses would have referred to it….”one felt the power of the Lord…”

Later, cannabis use would change from incense burners in tents to a cannabis-infused milk beverage. This was a more healthy and effective way to consume the medicine. This beverage was called Huma in China, Soma in India, and Haoma in Iran.

In the 1950s, a banker working with J.P. Morgan, then the richest man in the United States, a man with very close ties to the Bank of England, wrote several books stating Soma and Haoma were made from a mushroom, Amanita Muscaria. This rabbit hole may have been created to lead people away from discovering the truth about the origins of cannabis use and its influence on the development of spirituality.

I should add there never was an Exodus out of Egypt. That story was invented while the Jews were slaves in Babylon. Since they could not attack their masters, they invented a historical revenge drama to uplift their hearts. So they did not spend 40 days in the desert, but they could have survived times of famine by eating cannabis seeds. Manna is likely a reference to immature cannabis seeds collected by children and then pounded into wafers and baked.

(This blog is an excerpt from my book, Magic, Religion & Cannabis, available as a paperback and on Kindle. Just click the following link.)

My Plan for Legalization of All Drugs

Stopping substance use is a failed concept, and 80 years of the most intensive war in history—the war-on-plants—has been a miserable failure. While criminalizing users and treating drug use primarily as a law enforcement issue, we’ve exploded the prison population, created an out-of-control prison-industrial-piss-test-complex, and done little to stop real drug abuse.

Meanwhile, the most dangerous drugs in the world, prescription medicines, have been handed out like M&M’s to almost every child in America. One shudders to consider the long-term, negative fall-out from the over-drugging of our kids, a significant portion of whom have already been subjected to the tortures of privatized-prisons, which scarred them for life.

Marijuana, opium and coca leaf are the world’s greatest medicines, and you can probably treat almost any medical issue those three in your medicine chest. With great medicines, however, come great responsibilities. All medicines can be abused, and the line between use and abuse is often difficult to chart. But the most serious crime is that we have lost control over the world’s three greatest medicines, not to protect us, but to protect the interests of the chemical cartel that holds the strings of real power.

My plan is to immediately legalize all three plants and allow any person to grow marijuana, coca leaf and/or poppies. However, home cultivation would be limited to family-use and it would remain illegal to concentrate plants into white powder drugs. Any violation would simply mean confiscation of the white powder substances with no further penalties. Any money exchanging hands with white-powder black-market sales would also be subject to confiscation.

I ‘d encourage the creation and sale of products containing marijuana, opium and/or coca leaf, and also permit the commercial cultivation necessary to sustain such products, all to be regulated closely. Please put the coca-leaf back into coca-cola! It’s a far better stimulant than its caffeine replacement. All products containing these three plants would be available only through liquor stores and would require ID, age to be determined at the community level, not the one-policy-fits-all approach we have now.

Of course, legal drug recreational products would be taxed. But all three medicines would be available by prescription from an MD. In this form it would not be taxed, so if you show your prescription at the cash register—no tax, baby! Taxes on all legal recreational drugs should annually be determined by the cost of all down-stream negative fallout. Cigarette tax would cover the mouth, throat and lung cancer. Alcohol tax would cover the liver diseases. If you can find any health issues with long-term use of the main three medicines, though, then any problems from increased use would be covered by the tax, which would undoubtedly remain a fraction of the tax on tobacco and alcohol.