Mary Meyer is a key to the JFK Assassination

MPM1_1963-210Mary, Mary, where you goin’ to….with that eyedropper of LSD in your hand, baby?

Let me explain how the world really works: There’s an extremely wealthy oligarchy of American aristocrats, many of whom have strong alliances with relatives in Europe, and they regularly gather in multitudes of private ceremonies to harmonize while surfing various vibrations and plotting a future that involves handing their fortunes down while preserving the cartels and secret monopolies. Today, most people call this crowd “the elites” but I just call them “old money.”

Mary Pinchot was old money and wore charm and grace like a second skin according to her friends and lovers. She may have been the only woman sexy enough to lure JFK from Marilyn Monroe and she enjoyed bringing sacraments to her liaisons with Jack, often marijuana, but reportedly LSD as well at least once because it was legal at the time and pot was not.

Mary’s best friend from college married James Angleton, who rose to head of CIA counterintelligence, the dirty tricks side of the agency, while Mary married Cord Meyer, who rose to become chief of the CIA’s Project Mockingbird, the mission to recruit agents in the news and entertainment media in order to plant propaganda. Mary became a famous journalist herself. Old money has a left and right too, you see, just like all the rest of us slobs are supposed to be dividing up into “liberals” and “conservatives,” old money divides to head up and commandeer those ops, only us regular slobs can only read the news, while old money frequently owns the newspaper plant. Mary was at the top of the liberal wing of old money, the ones who’d been funding the Communist, socialist and labor movements.

LSD was being passed around freely at the CIA at the time and being experimented with for mind control ops involving hypnosis, so Mary had no trouble getting access. Her first trip was undoubtedly a spiritual one because she became a Temple Dragon with a new mission in life: turn on the most powerful people in Washington so they could see the light of God and start working for world peace. This sacred mission started with the Kennedy brothers, by the way, who apparently fell under Mary’s influence around this time, but then many males in Washington swooned a bit when Mary passed by.

SSangletonWhat Mary didn’t know, however, was that devious James Angleton had long been bugging her phone, reading her mail and secretly using Mary as a source of intelligence as she weaved through the upper circles of society spreading her message of world peace. So when Mary began talking with Timothy Leary in order to get advice on how to best invoke a spiritual response on LSD, Angleton was listening in the entire time. And after Mary reported to Leary that Jack loved LSD and had secretly joined her mission to end the Cold War and dismantle the nuclear arms race, well Angleton probably shared that news with his former boss Allen Dulles, cousin by marriage to the Rockefellers, the man who once ran the CIA but had been fired by Kennedy. Although fired, it appears Dulles continued to work inside the agency.

Mary called Leary after the assassination and was distraught. “He was changing too fast,” she sobbed. “They covered up everything. I’m afraid.”

On October 12th, 1964, two weeks after the publication of the fraudulent Warren Commission Report, she was found dead on a jogging path in the park. Two bullets, one to the head and one to the heart. Gangland execution-style. I’d check on both William Harvey and Johnny Roselli to see if one or both were in Washington that day, although a homeless black man found in the park became the designated patsy.

But if you know anything about Angleton and the fact it was JM/Wave’s executive action squad that killed JFK, then you understand how it was that Angleton was the first person to arrive at Mary’s home and retrieved her diary and any other potentially dangerous evidence.

Just shine a light on Angleton and his movements and mind-set immediately after the assassination and you’ll see a trail of dead bodies leading off into the darkness. In fact, as his paranoia increased, so did the evil acts and the power of death transformed him into a serial mass murderer. The executive action team (Harvey, Roselli, Morales, Shackley) were initially recruited to kill Castro, but ended up killing JFK, and it was a messy op involving a national hero, and many died in a futile attempt to prevent the truth from leaking out. But Dulles and Angleton could not have pulled this off without a consensus at the top of the Pentagon that Kennedy needed to go.

Even today, Project Mockingbird continues and part of its propaganda is to make you think we don’t know who killed Kennedy. A few even push the tired Oswald-acted-alone. But the truth has been available for decades, you just have to know how to sift through the disinfo for dots of truth, and once you connect enough dots, the trail leads to JM/Wave. Do not follow the imaginary dots of Project Mockingbird. I call those rabbit holes and they exist to conceal the path to truth. But you can learn a lot from that sometimes if you practice how to look where they don’t want you to.


Woodstock broke Furthur’s heart

Furthur-KenThe collective unconscious is a telepathic river in a constant state of evolution and sometimes the newest sigils contain the most magic. In my time, the biggest reverberations came from the Magic Bus ride of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters.

Carolyn Cassady introduced Jack Kerouac to North Beach’s beatnik jazz scene and he soon blew a wild improvisational solo onto a reel of paper, the first time improv crossed over to literature since Really the Blues by Mezz Mezzrow, which almost nobody heard of because it was banned as it told the true story of a mixed race couple. Of course, Kerouac was on speed so the novel is a bit of mess and some find it incomprehensible today. What they fail to understand is that Kerouac stepped into a magic world when he entered those North Beach clubs. Those were temples that magnified real true spiritual energy and helped open the minds of an entire generation, although Kerouac soon got left behind after the Merry Pranksters arrived on the scene.

The Pranksters elevated “On the Road” to the status of a sacred mission of discovery that involved an entire tribe, all of whom were constantly participating in Improvisational Ritual Theater. On the Road was a buddy story, although the buddies were part of an emerging tribe, but most of their voyages were done solo or as a duet. Kesey insisted his entire tribe be on the road together and that meant he had to find a cheap school bus. That was lesson one: it takes a tribe to create new ceremonies.

Once that bus arrived, it didn’t look right until it got customized, like everything else around Kesey at that time. Ever since he’d been introduced to peyote (part of MKULTRA) he’d been evolving from a writer into something bigger that involved an awareness of art and spirituality that encompassed every aspect of life. Yeah, he was a guinea pig for synthetics in a hospital setting, which is how he found out about LSD, and also what gave him the inspiration to write his masterpiece, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but once he took a trip, Kesey morphed into an early master of Improvisational Ritual Theater and was never a mind control robot for anyone.

In fact, after introducing LSD to half of California in a few months, Kesey was adamant the next step involved getting people to stop taking acid. He was the first person on the scene to speak the truth, which is, once you have a wonderful mystical experience on LSD, it is not necessary to keep taking the substance on a regular basis. In fact, we had a lot of casualties in the late 1960s from people doing just that. I tell people to avoid synthetics as you never really know what’s in them or how strong they might be.

After traveling to Woodstock for that ceremony, the bus came back to Oregon and died in a grove of trees. Kesey told me her heart was broken because after Woodstock it was all about the bands and the media companies seized control. Before that, during the Acid Tests, there was a lot more art going on than just watching the band. The original bus is finally getting restored, by the way, and the Smithsonian wants it, but somehow I wish we had our own counterculture museum to display our cultural relics. The Magic Bus ride was the biggest thing to explode on the American psyche since The Wizard of Oz, and I wonder how long before some really positive magic like that comes along again since today most of what’s going on seems to be dark magic.

Everything you were told about religion is wrong

Did religion evolve spontaneously through divine intervention or was it a mind control op from day one? In the mid-1960s, a huge spiritual wave crashed ashore involving a heightened sensitivity to telepathic vibrations. Brian Wilson sensed it when he wrote Good Vibrations, his greatest masterpiece in 1966. Brian was a daily stoner at the time, deep into improvisational ritual theater as a way to manifest spirituality. But spirituality and religion are two different things. State religion started as a conspiracy between a king and high priest to anoint each other with a divine right to rule.

220px-Serapis_Louvre_Ma_1830Consider the history of this dude, Serapis. You don’t hear much about him these days. He was created by Ptolemy I of Egypt, who built many temples in his honor, the largest in Alexandria. Look familiar?

Serapis was created as the God of resurrection and everlasting life, and made Greek in appearance, but wore Egyptian clothes, and displayed a variety of cultural sigils. In other words, Serapis was a hybrid created to appeal to Greeks and Romans to bring them into an Egyptian sphere of influence.

In order to cement this new God into the Greek psyche, Ptolemy invoked the spirit of the recently departed Alexander the Great, who had also sought to unite the spiritual realms of East and West in one temple under one God, and had chosen Amun of Thebes as potentially the most promising. But after being poisoned and on his death bed, suddenly this new statue appears beside Alexander, supposedly the first ever made of Serapis, and Alexander signifies his allegiance to this new God before expiring. The statue quickly finds it way to Ptolemy, who starts building a cult to Serapis in Alexander’s honor.

I’m far from an expert in these matters, but from my uneducated perspective, it appears that Isis (the Egyptian Goddess of magic) and Serapis were involved in fomenting a religious culture that believed everlasting life could be achieved through divine intervention, and these two icons had become dominant spiritual forces of their time, much beloved by common folk throughout the Mediterranean. But then Constantine created modern Christianity through his councils, the first in Nicea, and suddenly all traces of Serapis and Isis disappeared. Perhaps this was done to shake off the Egyptian influence and replace it with a Judaic one? More likely it was done to offset the rise of a recently crucified prophet/artist named Mani, who had also been successfully seeking to unify all religions.

The Vatican was built on Isis’ temple, and they kept many of her sacred objects, especially the pine cone statue. One thing you need to know about Isis: she burned cannabis and frankincense incense in her fumigated temples, only one of which the Catholics kept while banning the other.

Now how does this all figure into Brian Wilson writing Good Vibrations?

Before I explain that, did you know a society of pot-smoking musicians appeared in the Middle Ages in Italy and France and wrote songs exclusively about smoking hash? And these were the first published secular manuscripts, and the Vatican was super pissed off with this society because they wanted to maintain a monopoly on written music. Try searching “Society of Smokers,” although the only thing that likely pops up concerns a composer named Solage who satirized them, and zero on the real society, who were quickly disappeared off the face of the earth, although a handful of manuscripts do remain. I bet the Vatican has more in a vault somewhere, but they will likely never be released.

Back to Brian: In the late 1950s, a group of teens began hanging out on the beach in Southern California and learning to surf while reading Jack Kerouac. In winter, they’d safari down to Mexico, where marijuana was cheap and plentiful. Some became obsessed with spiritual issues and forming communes, while everyone began coalescing around Newport Beach because that town had a huge dance hall where bands could play and hundreds of teens could congregate in one giant room. Yes, it was their temple. These teens were the first hippies because smoking that pot and riding those waves and listening to that rock had clued them into some intense vibrations. Brian was hanging out in this scene practically from the moment it began, which is why he was smoking pot and writing songs about surfing in the first place. Strangely enough, their temple was ruled by a guitarist named Dick Dale, who wrote spiritually-charged power anthems with a middle-eastern tinge (but never smoked pot). Dick didn’t sing, however, which may be why he never became the national figure he should have been.

But suddenly, as this new scene is manifesting incredible energy, a massive wave of LSD is dumped all across America and things start going haywire really fast, including Brian’s psyche. Before long, the temple in Newport is no more and hippies are on the run and hated across the land, a sentiment that continues through to this day.

It sort of reminds me of the birth of hip hop in the Bronx. A lot of potheads were involved in that one too, including Coke La Rock, Busy Bee and Grandmaster Caz to name but a few. But right after that explosion of culture appeared, the Bronx was suddenly flooded with angel dust and crack cocaine, which helped lead an initially non-violent culture straight into gangsta rap.

Of course, maybe none of these dots add up, but it seems you can pretty much derail any spiritual movement based around cannabis by flooding the temples with stronger substances.

Religions are created by and for rich people, doesn’t matter who the original prophet may have been, eventually they exist primarily to serve the status quo and are easily exploited by those in power. However, just because people attend a church doesn’t mean they are under anyone’s mind control. Each congregation creates its own telepathic energy and when people harmonize and share love and empathy in traditional ceremonies to show respect to their ancestors, I believe that’s a honorable act that should be treated with great respect, no matter what the culture.

The CIA and the Psychedelic Revolution

imagesHippies were invented by the CIA? Not really, although this is one of the main disinfo memes being worked at the highest levels of counterintelligence propaganda today. But that doesn’t mean the CIA didn’t play a huge role in the Psychedelic Revolution. Of course they did. Any social movement of any size will immediately attract the attention of the Octopus (or if you prefer, Illuminati, that pool of energy at the center of old money in Europe and North America, a cartel that orchestrates wars for profit and social control).

I’m thinking of the damage caused by LSD abuse, especially among young teens in the 1970s. Something like that may even be happening today with ecstasy. I recommend people avoid synthetics and stick with natural plants in their safest and most dilute forms and whenever I see anyone handing out synthetics my first thought is: “CIA?” They always have access to the newest and most powerful synthetics, and usually way before anyone else. I actually believe they showered the country in LSD to prevent a cannabis inspired revival that was about to pop forth from the jazz scene after Jack Kerouac took that energy into literature.

Nothing lasts forever and the octopus cartel couldn’t keep a lid on the secrets of the shamanic plants forever, especially the Queen of the Healing Plants. In fact, the campaign to bury of all wisdom concerning medicine plants resembles the way people were held in mental slavery for centuries, a time when only priests could read and write. Sooner or later, a wave of wisdom regarding these important medicine plants had to crash onto the American consciousness, and, in fact, it already had happened mostly among jazz musicians.

wasson_r_gordon8_medGordon Wasson was a propaganda publicist for J.P. Morgan, the man who arranged the buy-out of Carnegie Steel for some absurdly high price, a deal that cemented certain European banks deep into Wall Street. For Wasson, it became all about mushrooms, particularly the Amanita. And that’s where Wasson led his rabbit holes. Other CIA operatives, like Capt. Hubbard, worked primarily with LSD provided by the CIA-connected lab in Switzerland, Sandoz. But at the same time Hubbard was promoting LSD for treating alcoholism (a program that was wildly successful), the CIA was studying ways to weaponize psychedelics and turn them into tools of mass mind control. So consider these realities next time someone offers you a free ride down any psychedelic slide.

But all this activity at the highest levels of the psychedelic revolution by the CIA does not mean the agency was driving the zeitgeist. They were not. The new children appeared in force in the fall of 1966 and were instantly recognizable in long hair and somewhat theatrical demeanor. Black leather jackets and green army jackets represented our uniforms. Like the Nozems, who had appeared earlier in Amsterdam, the original hippies were the product of a successful middle class. But rather than embrace the paradigms of our parents, we rejected their entire culture and started making up one of our own. Of course there were a ton of mistakes made, and some involved substance abuse. But that was just part of the voyage of discovery. Tim Leary took his new style from Johnny Griggs and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Griggs was a real hippie messiah and he was killed by synthetics at the height of his shamanic power. And his death paved the way for others to assume the throne temporarily at least. But Griggs was a vegetarian who preached universal peace, while Leary was a carnivore alcoholic who was engulfed by intel ops and preached violence for a brief time before he was remanded back to prison, where he went State’s Evidence after being tortured for a few months. While Leary tried to expose the terrorist Weather Underground that had urged him to go violent, none of his testimony ever amounted to a conviction or arrest of anyone, probably because the Weather Underground that sucked him up into their zeitgeist was a intel op in itself designed to destroy the counterculture movement from within.

So it wasn’t like the CIA invented the hippies. That’s like saying Hitler invented the Wandervogel, a pagan, back-to-nature movement that had its roots far deeper than Hitler’s arrival on the scene, although he did manage to morph it into the Hitlerjugend, his teenage death squad, which was actually brought into combat at the very end of the war. A little known fact is that refugees from the Nazi take-over of Wandervogel landed in Southern California and helped birth the hippie movement, which also involved the original surfer generation.

Intensive propaganda operations were launched during and after the 1960s to divert teens away from establishing a non-violent, independent culture. I wonder sometimes about the arrival of The Hobbit, who certainly had a huge, although not necessarily good, influence on the development of the Hippie Zeitgeist. Was this some sort of British intelligence move, taking away our black leather jackets and trying to stick a flute in our hands? The original hippie generation looked like the punks who hung out at CB’s in the early years, and, in fact, those original punks had long hair until Richard Hell cut his, and then pretty much everyone else except Joey Ramone followed. In the same way I wonder about that hobbit dude, I wonder if Harry Potter might not be a mind control experiment, seeding dark vibrations into the imaginations of a new generation? But if you want to study the art of propaganda, just turn on any TV because It goes on all day long and is especially evident in the news and commercials.

The original hippie generation was centered on resisting the war in Vietnam, which gave us a powerful central focus. We were really peace people, despite the black leathers. And that’s the tragedy because it is proving hard to pass this peace culture down to the next generation. They have been raised on such an intense diet of violence propaganda and trained to despise hippies.

Will the peace kids ever return? They have to. It’s just a matter of time. And when they do, the CIA will be ready with some intensive propaganda operations to blow them off their voyage of discovery, as well as a whole new breed of synthetic drugs.

A Perfect Nordic Beauty

imagesAfter JFK became President, the mantel of power had a transforming effect, and some spiritual changes took place in him, probably aided by LSD, which was momentarily popular as a sex-enhancing sacrament among JFK’s peers in seduction, the Rat Pack. Before the Merry Pranksters handed it out to the masses for free, you see, LSD was a jet-set, Hollywood and Beltway fad among the elite, passed around by Tim Leary’s friend Mary Meyer for one. For sure, it was more challenging than cannabis or opium, both of which JFK probably experimented with. He had back issues and frequently took shots to relieve the pain.

But when James J. Angleton discovered JFK and Mary Meyer were having sex on acid, he may have freaked out, for his wife’s good friend was soon dead. My pet theory has long been Angleton assembled a file painting JFK as a secret Soviet agent. JFK already had an enormous FBI file, due to his affair with Inga Arvad (above), Hitler’s “perfect Nordic beauty.”

Inga was a Danish beauty queen who got a journalism degree from Columbia University followed by a job at the Washington Times-Herald. In 1941, she thought Hitler was the kindest, gentlest soul and said so in her puff pieces that promoted him as a person while avoiding any controversial political ideas. In fact, Inga sat next to Der Fuhrer during the Olympics, so that should give you an idea of how highly he prized her. The FBI launched an investigation. She was a Danish alien and they suspected she was moonlighting as a modern day Mati Hari. Soon, they discovered this married Dane was having a torrid extra-marital affair with a young ensign in Naval Intelligence, whose father was the current ambassador to England, facts that just thickened the paranoia.

Inga and JFK were followed for weeks and knew their every conversation was being recorded and even made jokes about it. Keep in mind, during this time, Naval intelligence has just contacted Meyer Lansky to seek a meeting with Lucky Luciano. Lucky is in prison but Naval intelligence wants to offer a deal. If the Sicilian Men of Honor society will become spooks for Naval intelligence and help root out German spooks seeking to infiltrate the docks of New York, then Lucky might be released from his 50-year sentence for prostitution.

Lucky was soon moved to a nicer prison and started getting treated a lot better. Oh, and all those strikes on the docks that had been taking place? Those mysteriously disappeared until after the war was over. One wonders what other potential deals were being tossed around in these secret meetings. One thing for sure, after the war, Lucky got his “get-out-of-jail” card, was swiftly deported back to Italy, where he rapidly built the world’s biggest heroin syndicate. Meyer Lansky was his financial adviser and Meyer’s role included concealing American-based profits through a CIA-connected bank in the Bahamas.

When JFK’s superior at Naval Intelligence found out about the romance, JFK was transferred to South Carolina due to his knowledge “that could be more than a bit embarrassing.” Did that knowledge include the working relationship between Naval intelligence and the Sicilian men of honor? Or something to do with his father’s support for Hitler? JFK always believed J. Edgar Hoover was the real person behind the surveillance and that sudden transfer, but he’d get his revenge by putting his little brother in charge of Hoover later in his life, which could be why Hoover willingly entered that conspiracy to eliminate JFK in this matter of national security. Between the two of them, Angleton and Hoover held enough power to control the Warren Commission investigation, as well as the post-assassination propaganda in the national media, but they could not have acted without the consent of the Eastern Establishment that controls our banking and oil cartels, the real force behind our security services.

It cracks me up when people say they don’t believe in secret societies, when, in fact, nobody discounts the Sicilian brotherhood running much of the organized labor movement. One wonders how long it will take before similar brotherhoods emerge from the Pentagon. Secret societies are everywhere and always have been. Most are just clubs and fraternities where ritual and ceremonial magic is celebrated in secret because keeping your ceremonies private is one way to invest additional powers in them, just ask the Freemasons or the Mormons. And, of course, if your ceremonies involve death and destruction, you’ll want to keep them secret.

If the Pentagon-CIA hadn’t hired the Chicago outfit to assassinate JFK, where would our economy be today? Instead of wars in Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on, JFK might have declared war on bigotry, poverty and disease. Instead of drifting into this dark space ruled by the sorcerers of death whose drones encircle the earth, we might have had real freedom and compassion for all.

If you want to learn more, check out my ebooks, many are free.

Welcome to PTSD Nation

DonClarkinStudioI got my first serious dose of PTSD in 1968 when I was yanked out of my high school class and taken to the principal’s office, where I found Bugsy already seated, looking somewhat grim-faced. The week before, Bugsy had been charged with a bunch of crimes, including selling a bowl-full of opium, a serious felony. Many months earlier, I’d introduced Bugsy to Don Clark (left), who worked as news editor for a local radio station. After Doug Blair dropped out of college and took a job at that station as a hip new deejay, he was courted by Clark, who claimed he wanted to meet and mix with the emerging hippie culture, of which Doug and I were trailblazing members.

I guess everyone else at the station probably knew Don Clark was moonlighting with the States Narcotics Office as an undercover informant, but Doug and I swallowed his story and introduced this very straight-looking dude to our culture. I forget how many people were eventually arrested due to this operation, but it was considerable. I had escaped the carnage, fortunately, or so I thought.

Suddenly, the door flew open and two or three States Narcotics Agents entered and one began reading our Miranda rights. We were handcuffed and taken out of school, fingerprinted and arraigned in swift order. I remember Bugsy’s mom coming to the arraignment and screaming at the judge. She was furious he’d been taken out of school and arrested twice in the same week, and this time just to add on another misdemeanor? I was blown away that she had the guts and intelligence to realize our crimes were being blown way out of proportion and something super fishy was going on.

The whole episode provides a window on 1967, when that special task force was launched following the criminalization of LSD. But it was only after the initial round of arrests were made that the prosecutor discovered a key target (me) was still walking around free. See, I’d founded a high school underground newspaper, probably the only one in Illinois, if not the country, and that paper had quickly expanded to being distributed in four high schools, so every narcotics officer in the area probably had my picture on his wall. But I wasn’t a drug dealer and numerous attempts to entrap me had only resulted in me being present one time when Bugsy sold one hit of LSD to an agent in a motel room for $15. After that encounter, neither of us wanted anything to do with Don Clark or his friends again as that episode freaked us both out. The vibes on these dudes was creepy. People who engage in violence carry a special aura. They could be Hell’s Angels or cops or spooks, but they’re not exactly like other people and they instantly recognize each other no matter which club they belong to. You know right away these dudes are not to be fucked around with. A year or so later, all those serious dudes in that motel room would re-emerge as State Narcotics officers as they arrested and terrorized many of my closest friends.

To say they threw the book at me is putting it mildly. My crime was witnessing the sale and not reporting it to the police, which made me guilty of sale? They also wanted to try me as an adult, even though I was 15 at the time of the incident and it had happened within days of LSD being made illegal. Of course, they were willing to promise probation provided I turned State’s Evidence against my friends. This offer was put on the table over and over, but I never accepted it. I was looking at four years in jail for witnessing the sale of a hit of LSD. It all seemed surreal at the time.

This was actually the second time I got terrorized enough to pick up a case of PTSD. The first happened when my grandmother gave me a beating while I was in nursery school and that incident caused me to stutter through most of my childhood. It was only after I discovered marijuana and LSD that I was able to cure myself of that case and my stuttering stopped, although it can erupt in super high-stress moments.

After my arrest, I cut my hair and stopped illegal drug use for years until the case was finally dropped by the prosecutor, who probably never had any intention of taking this ridiculous case to court. My underground newspaper was long gone anyway. After two members of the staff tried to engineer a coup at a staff meeting to get control over the paper, I walked away from my creation even though they didn’t summon the votes to succeed. Somehow, that betrayal took all the fun out of the project for me. It was kind of like the way Jim Cole just walked away from the Finchley Boys at their peak powers. Making grand gestures like that was in vogue, I guess, even though they made no sense economically speaking. I think LSD killed some of our ego energy for a while. The staff managed to get out one issue of the paper without me. I never saw or read that one. And then The Tin Whistle was dead.

But that operation to disband the counterculture using drug laws? That was very successful and I think you’ll find similar narcotics operations targeting every other underground newspaper at the time. All it took was a little terror to get most people like me running for the hills.

And I think that’s why there’s so much violence in our culture and why the TV news plays the violence over and over. Anybody who watches the news is on PTSD at this point. Events like 9/11 and the Boston Bombing are engineered to amp up PTSD. See, once you have been effectively terrorized, you lose the ability to think and function clearly and can be more easily disarmed, hoodwinked and/or controlled.

Some conspiracy sites will try to make you think all random acts of violence (like Sandy Hook) are manufactured incidents, when, in fact, there’s no need to do that and probably not sufficient funds in the black budgets after the skim is taken out. Half the country is on violence-inducing drugs already (alcohol, SSRI’s) and armed to the teeth, and already suffering from PTSD, so expect violence to increase. The media’s role is to amplify this as much as possible.

So what is the solution? Once embedded into you, terror needs a release. Most often this happens when you do terror to others, and so the chain reaction continues forever. But if you engineer the right ceremonies, you can empty that violence out of your being without affecting others negatively. And that’s really what my Rainbow Menorah is all about and why I found it so useful.

I learned a lot about spirituality from attending Rainbow Family Gatherings, and the major ceremony is always held on July 4th. This is the best anti-PTSD ceremony I know of. So if you are having an issue with stress, please consider taking a trip to Montana soon. The event is free to attend and all you will need is a sleeping bag, cup and spoon. I promise it will completely clear the TV news from your head.

Take the Disinfo Quiz

Can you tell the difference between a legitimate area of deep-political research and a carefully constructed rabbit hole leading nowhere? When navigating the conspiracy wilderness of mirrors, it’s important to realize 90% of the so-called “research” is garbage being spread by kooks or people pretending to be kooks, unless, of course, it’s a mainstream book parroting the official government line, in which case it will be praised to the skies in all the major media from far and wide. This is how the entire spectrum of conspiracy research has been removed from the accepted borders of reality. In the jargon of mind control ops, all researchers have been “sheep-dipped” as lunatics. Good or bad, crazy or sane, every deep-political researcher is just another conspiracy crackpot. So much for investigative research. Investigative research is practically extinct at this point. So the kookier the stuff that gets published, the farther they drive the center of gravity away from uncomfortable realities that might stir people into action, and the deeper they go into the designated rabbit hole, a place filled with fearful sheeple and paranoid delusions. Manufacturing all this disinfo noise is a sophisticated game played out on several fields. Most religion (and any other mind-control cults) work by first leading the gullible down a designated rabbit hole, to a state of fearful resignation.

This test is designed to measure your ability to navigate the many rabbit holes that dot the conspiracy landscape, so I invite everyone to take my Disinfo Quiz. Most of the theories listed here are discussed in greater detail elsewhere on my blog.

All conspiracy research falls into one of three categories: 1) credible research; 2) manufactured rabbit hole leading nowhere; or, 3) limited hang-out, a deflection of the real story, usually scapegoating the designated patsy. Limited hang-outs are often employed as lightning rods to capture the center of energy on an emerging consciousness.

So tell me which of the following categories do these popular internet conspiracy theories fall into?

Credible story? Rabbit Hole? or Limited Hang-out?



1) The CIA killed JFK



2) We never landed on the moon.





3) 9/11 was a ritual event based on Crowley magick



4) Chemtrails are poisoning the world




5) Fluoride is poisoning the world



6) Cannabis cures cancer



7) The Aurora shooting was a magic ritual event




8) Madonna is Queen of the Illuminati



9) Circumcision is a form of ritualized child abuse




10) Albert Hoffman, of LSD fame, secretly worked for the CIA




11) A vaccine given in the 1950s is creating an explosion of cancer in Baby Boomers



12) The Jews are running the world




13) JFK Jr was murdered




14) Elvis is alive

After you compile your score (answers below) find out how you rank, Magus  or Sheeple?

13-14 correct: Magus

11-12 correct: Senior

9-10 correct: Junior

7-8 correct: Sophomore

5-6 correct: Freshman

4 or less correct: you are undoubtedly a member of the brainwashed sheeple


1) credible

2) rabbit hole

3) limited hangout

4) rabbit hole

5) credible

6) credible

7) rabbit hole

8) rabbit hole

9) credible

10) credible

11) credible

12) limited hangout

13) credible

14) rabbit hole