Marita Lorenz and Frank Sturgis are keys to the JFK assassination

fidel15Marita Lorenz was 19 when she first met Fidel Castro, having just arrived in Cuba from her homeland in Germany. She soon became Castro’s lover and met an American named Frank Forini who was working with Castro. Forini’s comrade-in-arms E. Howard Hunt wrote an espionage book detailing Forini’s true life exploits as a spook using “Sturgis” as his cover name. Within a few years, Forini legally changed his name to Sturgis.

Sturgis had an interesting life, having been a Marine and served in Army intelligence, been a policeman, then become a pilot, and he’d also run some bars and nightclubs in his hometown in Virginia. Eventually, Sturgis became a full-time spook working with the CIA and claimed to have helped trained Fidel and Che’s 400 initial troops, but later turned against them after they went Communistic. Pretty soon Sturgis and Lorenz were plotting how to poison or blow up Castro with a cigar filled with TNT.

Sturgis was involved in Operation 40, a CIA assassination squad, and certainly knew some details of the Kennedy assassination, as did Lorenz. However, both were played by the CIA and used as counterintelligence tools to seed rabbit holes and misdirections. Although Sturgis was initially identified as one of the three tramps, along with Hunt, this turned out to me an immense rabbit hole. Decades would pass before researchers began to fathom the truth. Hunt and Sturgis were used as backstops.

gty_frank_sturgis_jp_120614_wmainBut after Sturgis was caught at the Watergate complex and convicted, he sued the Committee to Re-elect President and the case was settled out-of-court. Sturgis believed he was acting on orders from the White House in a matter of deep national security, looking for evidence involving the JFK assassination supposedly held in a safe by the heads of the Democratic Party. According to Sturgis, this evidence had been collected by Cuban spooks investigating the case for Castro.

One of the major misdirections employed with the JFK operation had been to blame the assassination on Castro, which is why the designated patsy was sheep-dipped as a Castro supporter who’d just recently visited the Cuban embassy in Mexico. Sturgis was part of the plan leaking info pointing towards Castro, but he also became a major suspect in the case himself.

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story. To read the rest of the essay, buy the book, link below or at the top of the sidebar.)


The George Bush connections to JFK’s assassination

bush_kennedy_assassination_dallas_cia_closeup-233x320-218x300I guess you know Dealey Plaza was flooded with spooks 50 years ago. One young spook at the scene may have been George H.W. Bush, who was working deep cover for the CIA through his fledgling oil company Zapata, building platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, some of which were designed as resupply depots for the anti-Castro network operating out of Miami. The Miami CIA office had become the biggest in the world outside Langley and they had been training an army of refugees to re-take Cuba from the commies. Check out the picture of someone who looks just like Bush in front of the School Book Depository. By the way, Bush says he “can’t remember” where he was when JFK was murdered, despite several FBI memos relating his interest in the case. Also, if that isn’t Bush standing on the steps of the Depository, whoever it might be has never come forward to clear Bush from any involvement.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-5-30-23-amA very important and very secret CIA operation against Cuba involved the CIA’s most gung-ho boom-and-bang cowboy, William “Wild Bill” Harvey teaming up with mafia assassin Johnny Roselli to kill Castro, a mission JFK apparently decided to shut down after the Cuban missile crisis. But when JFK discovered the CIA’s anti-Castro operations weren’t shut down, he forcibly closed the training camps and told James Angleton to fire William Harvey. Instead, Harvey was quietly moved to Italy and then secretly brought back for the JFK hit. There were a lot of CIA people in Dallas that day, although most may not have know much about what was about to happen. In the CIA everything tends to get compartmentalized and very much on the “need to know” basis.

Bush_Sr,_JFK_-_J_Edgar_Hoover_memo_2The first piece of evidence to tie Bush to the assassination was a memo written by J. Edgar Hoover the day after the assassination that revealed “George Bush of the CIA” reported by phone on the activities of some “misguided Cubans.” One wonders what the purpose of this memo was? Was Hoover tying a Bush family member into the scene to cover his own ass? I guess you know CIA Cuban exiles provided the support team that assisted JFK’s CIA-mob assassination team? And it’s only because of the testimony of some mob figures and Cuban exiles that we know what happened that day as no one from inside the CIA has ever spoken out, or at least spoken out and lived. But then something even more interesting turned up more recently.

bushwarningThis memo was written the day of the assassination and claims private citizen George Bush called the FBI immediately after the assassination to point a finger at a student named James Parrott. Was this call really placed from Tyler, Texas, and how easy would it have been to place a call from a hotel in Dallas and route it through an office in Tyler for the sole purpose of giving Bush an alibi?

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story. To read the rest of the essay, buy the book, link below or at the top of the sidebar.)

Chauncey Holt was Meyer Lansky’s accountant

51bECZwpF6LOne of the more interesting JFK books is an autobiography of Chauncey Holt, who claims to have been Meyer Lanksy’s accountant, forger and occasional pilot. Holt managed to outlive his gangster and CIA associates, which is why he was able to tell his story eventually. You might recognize him as one of the three “tramps” photographed in Dallas that fateful November day fifty years ago.

The other two photographed with him in the Plaza have since been identified Charles Harrelson (Woody’s dad) and Charles Rogers, although when the photos first surfaced, a huge effort was made to ID Holt and Harrelson as Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. It was actually James Angleton, head of CIA counterintelligence who planted the story Hunt was in Dallas that day, which was true, although Hunt seems to have had little idea what was going down. He was a propaganda expert who may have been placed in Dallas as a diversion, as the Plaza was filled with spooks and gangsters, most of whom had zero idea the President was about to be killed. See, spooks and gangsters often play their games with little background information or just a made-up cover story. Everything is done on intel rules: “need to know” basis, with most not knowing much of anything, except you do what the bosses say or face the unhappy consequences.

Organized crime and the intelligence agencies work hand in glove and the corruption of our political system is worse than you ever imagined. Holt was a lifelong criminal and he makes no excuses for his behavior. He does, however, provide an important window on the assassination.

I know Johnny Roselli was one of the shooters because Roselli confessed many times to multiple people. The other two shooters, however, may have been James Files and Charles Nicoletti, although there were multiple professional assassins in Dealey Plaza that day. Of course, the number-one suspect for the on-site team leader and a possible shooter has to be William Harvey because he was working closely with Roselli on assassinating Castro, a plot that was diverted to JFK after the oligarchy lost confidence in JFK as he was “changing too fast.” Many in the CIA believed Harvey took the kill shot.

Apparently, after Mary Meyer gave JFK some LSD for one of the lovemaking sessions, Kennedy decided to join her mission to manifest world peace and he began learning the strings of power to aid in his mission. No doubt, the military industrial complex became quite alarmed by this unexpected turn of events as they viewed JFK as little more than a chronic womanizer who stole lines from President Lincoln for use in his best speeches.

Holt, like most of organized crime, did not like Kennedy and felt he had betrayed their cause after they helped him steal an election from Nixon, something that mostly happened in Chicago. While attacking Carlos Marcello and Jimmy Hoffa through his brother Robert, JFK was also trading secret messages with Sam Giancana through their mutual mistress. It certainly would be interesting to know what was in those messages they traded as Giancana would soon be involved in assisting the assassination effort, sending his three best hit men to Dallas.

Although Holt died in 1997, long before this book was published, he did participate in a documentary available on YouTube that is worth watching. Like many involved, Holt did not come to Dallas realizing they were going to assassinate the President. Even among the spooks and gangsters at the scene there was confusion as to what had actually gone down and who’s secret agent(s) had done the shooting.

Guide to Making Magic

7candlesYou just need a target vibration to focus telepathic power in order to make magic, which involves ceremony, ritual and a feeling of enchantment. To aid my personal ceremonies, I invented a meditation device (left) that represents an evolutionary step in peace magic. Well, at least that’s my opinion, although zero media has contacted me to report on my groundbreaking invention.

The reason I had to invent my own ceremonial tools is because I don’t trust the current paradigms, not the fundamentalist ones nor occult ones. Both are littered with frauds, fakers and spooks. The legacy of spook ops in the occult runs through Blavatsky, Crowley, Scientology up through The Process Church of Final Judgment.

If you want to be “counterculture” you must remain non-violent. War is what the dominant culture wants because it produces the most possible profit. Counterculture is not about your tattoos, hair extensions, favorite colors. It’s about all cultures uniting. Anything that promotes violence is mainstream even if it comes dressed as rock’n’roll or hip hop.

Meet the Real James Bond

220px-Sir_William_Stephenson_from_1942_passportSir William Samuel Stephenson (code name: “Intrepid”) was the most important British spy in North America during the 1940s and 50s, although you may have never heard his name.

He was an adopted kid who worked his way up through the Canadian military, eventually becoming a top aerial ace with 12 shoot-downs to his credit. After WWI he moved to England and suddenly became very wealthy, eventually even marrying a tobacco heiress from the States. He became a player in the emerging British film industry and one wonders if Stephenson wasn’t already a operating as a spook long before this happened and what role spook activities may have played in his sudden rise to wealth.

He was spying on Germany before WWII broke out, but as soon as it did, Winston Churchill sent him back to the States to run the British Security Coordination (BSC), which was located in room 3603 in Rockefeller center. The BSC was England’s eyes and ears in North America and Stephenson’s primary secret agent, located a few doors down the hall, was a cousin of the Rockefellers by marriage named Allen Dulles.

Dulles had already launched a diplomatic career right out of college and was the first person to claim the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a forgery. The document was being used to scapegoat the entire Jewish culture for the worldwide depression of the 1930s. Dulles’ attack on the document may have been designed to paint him as a Knight in Shining Armor for future propaganda ops. Many decades later, disinfo artist William Cooper would claim the document was not about the Jews, but about Freemasons, once one of the world’s most powerful secret societies, and one long used as a safe haven for British intelligence.

After the war, Stephenson served a key role in helping set up the CIA, which was modeled off MI5-6. Many ex-Nazi’s were recruited for key covert roles inside the new agency. When Allen Dulles was put in charge of the newly formed CIA, that was Stephenson’s handiwork. And for the key position of head of counterintelligence, Dulles selected James Angleton, another spook with a close relationship with MI5-6.

Thus the tentacles of British intelligence were embedded at the highest levels of the US security state, insuring the two countries’ covert action teams would be closely aligned for many years to come.

flyingobjects71_08Maybe you know Angleton ran the Executive Action Team that assassinated JFK? And even though Kennedy had fired Dulles from running the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Dulles was inexplicably brought back to public service as the head of the Warren Commission to run the investigation of that murder, insuring Angleton’s team would be shielded from discovery, a team that included Johnny Roselli.

Many years later, after losing his CIA position and being forced into retirement, Angleton confessed he got his plum position running CIA counterintelligence after promising not to put Allen Dulles and his Wall Street cronies on lie detectors regarding their relationship with the Nazis before and during the war. Apparently, Dulles was close with Prescott Bush and others who were running the Union Bank in New York, which had helped set-up Hitler in power, and continued doing business with Germany throughout the war, which technically made them war criminals and traitors.

How does that work when an American citizen like Dulles becomes a British spy and then quickly rises to the top of American intelligence, and when exactly did that relationship with MI6 end, if ever? There was another dude who worked for BSC, by the way, and his name was Ian Fleming. He and Stephenson hung out in the Bahamas a lot and it was Fleming who really immortalized the super spook by fashioning Stephenson into James Bond.

Stephenson died in 1989, but he did live long enough to watch himself in the BBC miniseries A Man Called Intrepid, starring David Niven.

Was Sinatra a Stoner?

imagesPaul Anka’s new tell-all book My Way finally arrived. I was hoping this memoir might shed some light on the Sicilian men of honor society since Anka was the youngest member of Sinatra’s Las Vegas ratpack who ruled Vegas throughout the sixties and seventies. The book does not disappoint. In fact, the foreword includes a few paragraphs on Johnny Roselli, who was running Las Vegas for the Chicago family when Anka arrived there as a teenager. Anka says “Handsome Johnny” was working for Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky, but far as I know, he started out doing hits for the Chicago outfit and may have even been the trigger man for the St. Valentine’s day massacre which permanently rearranged the power structure in Chicago.

I have a strange connection to Roselli as he frequently came to my hometown to visit one of his favorite mistresses, the owner of the local newspaper, where I worked on the weekends while in high school, hanging up the UPI and AP tapes that were used to automatically set type. Initially, Roselli was moved out to Hollywood, but after Bugsy Siegal invented Las Vegas, he soon shifted his base of operations there. Anka says Casino is probably the closest movie to the truth about Vegas, but even in that movie the violence is exaggerated for theatrical effect. Roselli and his friends were actually the best-dressed, most well-mannered people in Vegas, and any problems that arose for them were usually dealt with very quietly and behind the scenes.

images-1In fact, the rat pack may have picked up some of its style from Roselli and his pals because they always dressed to the nines. It was Roselli who got Marilyn Monroe her first movie deal, by the way, which is why she owed the Chicago family big time, and why she had affairs with Sam Giancana, Roselli’s boss.

There are many revelations in this book, but one of the biggest is Sinatra actually liked smoking pot? Anka doesn’t make a big deal out of it, just mentions it in passing one time, but obviously many if not most of the professional musicians in the 30’s and 40’s were vipers at one point. We always heard Sinatra didn’t care for illegal drugs, but, in fact, that may not have been true when it came to marijuana. The rat pack spent a lot of time in the steam rooms, sweating out the booze they were drinking, but marijuana would also have provided some much needed hangover relief.

sammy1 Of course, Sammy Davis was the weirdest member of that group. At the invitation of the creepy Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, Sammy received an honorary membership in Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. Sammy was a freak at heart and loved having threesomes with a dude and a lady while imbibing enormous amounts of cocaine and watching porn. Sammy supposedly had the biggest porn collection in Hollywood. Sinatra tried to pull Sammy out of that scene when it was obvious Sammy was losing it.

According to Anka, the scene in Casino when they are bundling up the skim in the backroom is not entirely correct. All the cash was put into official wooden boxes and reported except the hundred dollar bills. The hundreds were divided between the families who’d invested in Vegas, and suitcases of hundred dollar bills were constantly being shipped back east.

I’m sure Anka knows more than he is revealing, but even so, the book is filled with revelations and I hope this gets turned into a movie soon. Anka comes across as a very smart dude who was there at the beginning of rock and roll. In fact, he was working with Buddy Holly when Holly died and Anka correctly identifies Holly as the most important influence on the British invasion, the man who almost single-handedly created the singer/songwriter/guitar player role model that swept through the culture a few years later. Chuck Berry was very influential too, but Chuck was an older dude, already in his 30s when the rock tidal wave crashed on the beach. In a way, Holly’s death and Berry’s incarceration opened the doors for the British invasion to walk though as they left such a tremendous void.

Anka and Bobby Darin were the two most talented dudes in their class, the last to come from the Brill Building, and it’s obvious Anka thinks Darin lost all dignity by joining the counterculture late in life. I disagree in that songs Darin wrote during this period were among his best and make great counterculture anthems today, especially Simple Song of Freedom. So I don’t think Darin lost his dignity, quite the contrary, I think he had a spiritual awakening, but like Ricky Nelson found out at Madison Square Garden, sometimes your audience thinks they’re in charge of your paradigm and they don’t want you to change, or at least they don’t follow you down that road.

I didn’t realize Anka was Lebanese, probably because his family is Christian, but he was Adnan Khashoggi’s favorite performer and there’s a lot of praise for that gun runner and Octopus bagman and very little on his criminal behaviors, but then the same goes for the Sicilian men of honor. Anka also goes into detail on the famous fight between Steve Wynn and Donald Trump.

But some of his most interesting revelations occur when Howard Hughes arrives in Vegas with the intent of buying up the state. Hughes did buy several casinos before he was mysteriously disappeared, but the men of honor? They were left in place. Hughes needed people to run his casinos, and they were simply the best people for that particular job.

Kennedy’s Blast Warren Commission, finally!


Maybe you noticed the RFK Jr., finally came out and branded the Warren Commission a “pack of lies.” JFK, Jr. already did this many years ago (and may have paid the price) but this ends the speculation of “why isn’t the family talking?” Perhaps someone will produce an honest documentary for the upcoming 50th Anniversary? It was, after all, the event that changed the course of American history, a coup by the big money powers with three major players doing the dirty work: Texas oil, the Chicago outfit, and the CIA’s Cuban exiles. I’d be happy to work on a comprehensive documentary since one of the three shooters was Johnny Roselli, who was also the lover of the owner of my hometown newspaper, The News Gazette, where I worked in the 1960s as a junior copy-boy.

But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, you’ll find James Jesus Angleton conspiring with Allen Dulles (as well as perhaps Dulles’ cousin David Rockefeller). These were some of the men behind the curtain in those days, although there were a bunch of them high up in the military involved as well. It was Seven Days in May come to fruition, just as JFK had feared.

I’ve recently published a string of documented facts concerning the history of banking, titled Dirty Money. No “conspiracy theory,” just real facts as we know them with zero speculation, distilled down to their essence. Most of my eBooks are short, really magazine length because I celebrate brevity in this time of sensory overload.

My starting point, however, is that 9/11 was perpetrated by a drug cartel. The Taliban had virtually wiped out opium production at the time, which was okay for a few years because opium warehouses were overflowing and prices were low and the cartel may have wanted to drive prices higher. But eventually, the poppy fields had to come back, which meant the Taliban had to go. Opium came back bigger than ever after 9/11. Let’s make one assumption: there was a connection between those two events.

If you lay out a brief history of banking, the evidence leads to one inescapable conclusion: banking and illegal drugs have been in bed together for a long time. So whoever is running the biggest drug cartels, is likely also running a major bank somewhere, at least, that is what history has taught us. These are not the figures you see in the media, but the real power behind the throne, the men who actually collect the cash and wash it clean.

I don’t pretend to know who these people are, although some would say it’s the English royals and others would say it’s the CIA, while still others might say it’s the Mossad. I just know it’s not a bunch of people living in tents in the Middle East. They are pawns in the game.

Do yourself a favor and support the work of this independent journalist who has spent his entire life fighting for social change. My main cause has been legalization of marijuana because that can be the economic engine to re-grow the middle class in America while saving us from petrochemical pollution. And that 30-year campaign seems to be coming to a victorious close soon. But did you know, it was the banking industry, through the Treasury Department, that made marijuana illegal in the first place? Banking touches everything.

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