John M. Whitten is a key to JFK’s assassination

Whitten-150x150After Kennedy was killed, CIA chief Richard Helms put John Moss Whitten in charge of the CIA’s internal investigation of the assassination, which probably goes to show how little knowledge had seeped into the agency outside Miami.

Whitten was doing a good job, despite being initially swamped by a blizzard of crackpot material provided by the FBI. If you want to understand why so much crazy material appears immediately after an event like JFK or 9/11, just realize it’s manufactured as chaff to be tossed out of a jet shaking off a heat-seeking missile. But once Whitten spoke to Win Scott, CIA chief in Mexico, who had been conducting his own secret investigation, he realized CIA files on Oswald were being withheld by Helms and Angleton.

William K. Harvey

Whitten’s investigation was narrowing down to the CIA’s anti-Cuban office in Miami known as JM/WAVE. The key figures posted there were Ted Shackley, David Morales, George Joannides, Rip Robertson, Thomas Klines and William K. Harvey. In fact, Harvey had been put in charge of the “Executive Action” program for the assassination of foreign heads of state. But JFK ordered that program halted and was furious when Harvey kept moving forward with terror operations against Cuba, so he ordered Harvey sacked. Instead, Angleton quietly moved Harvey to Italy, while his team re-assembled for a new target: JFK.

Funny how just when Whitten started figuring out what happened, Helms took him off the project and arm-chaired him out of the picture. And guess who replaced Whitten? Why, James Angleton, of course. Now watch the dead bodies pile up around Angleton, starting with Win Scott.

Funny how George Joannides was brought out of retirement to act as the CIA’s liason with the Congressional investigation? But you can probably understand why they keep putting the fox in charge of the hen house when it comes to this story.

You know Sam Giancana got whacked while alone with someone he trusted, making breakfast when he got a unexpected bullet in the back of his skull. According to some highly placed CIA officials, the shooter was William K. Harvey, who would have been covering his tracks on the Kennedy killing.

After Giancana was gone, Roselli lost his power base and fled to Florida seeking refuge with the Trafficante organization. Before long, however, he wound up diced up in little pieces in a barrel in Biscayne Bay, but in his case the CIA may have just hired some Sicilian men of honor to handle that messy assignment, as I just can’t imagine Harvey cutting up his good buddy Handsome Johnny like that.