The George Bush connections to JFK’s assassination

bush_kennedy_assassination_dallas_cia_closeup-233x320-218x300I guess you know Dealey Plaza was flooded with spooks 50 years ago. One young spook at the scene was George H.W. Bush, who was working deep cover for the CIA through his fledgling oil company Zapata, building platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, some of which were designed as resupply depots for the anti-Castro network operating out of Miami. The Miami CIA office had become the biggest in the world outside Langley and they had been training an army of refugees to re-take Cuba from the commies. Check out the picture of Bush in front of the School Book Depository (left).

A very important and very secret CIA operation against Cuba involved CIA assassin William Harvey teaming up with Mafia assassin Johnny Roselli to kill Castro, a mission JFK apparently decided to shut down after the Bay of Pigs debacle. But when JFK discovered the CIA’s anti-Castro operations weren’t shut down, he forcibly closed the training camps and told James Angleton to fire William Harvey. Instead, Harvey was quietly moved to Italy and then possibly secretly brought back for the JFK hit. There were a lot of CIA people in Dallas that day, although most may not have know much about what was about to happen. In the CIA everything tends to get compartmentalized and very much on the “need to know” basis.

Bush_Sr,_JFK_-_J_Edgar_Hoover_memo_2The first piece of evidence to tie Bush to the assassination was a memo written by J. Edgar Hoover the day after the assassination that revealed “George Bush of the CIA” reported by phone on the activities of some “misguided Cubans.” One wonders what the purpose of this memo was? Was Hoover tying a Bush family member into the scene to cover his own ass? I guess you know CIA Cuban exiles provided the support team that assisted JFK’s CIA-mob assassination team? And it’s only because of the testimony of some mob figures and Cuban exiles that we know what happened that day as no one from inside the CIA has ever spoken out, or at least spoken out and lived. But then something even more interesting turned up more recently.

bushwarningThis memo was written the day of the assassination and claims private citizen George Bush called the FBI immediately after the assassination to point a finger at a student named James Parrott. Was this call really placed from Tyler, Texas, and how easy would it have been to place a call from a hotel in Dallas and route it through an office in Tyler for the sole purpose of giving Bush an alibi? Or maybe just to put mud in the water on the investigation? Right after a major operation like the JFK hit, propaganda teams will put out a bunch of fake info, sort of like chaff being dumped from a jet with a heat-seeking missile on its tail. This disinfo dump is intended to create just enough confusion after the event to allow the real tracks to be quietly disappeared.

Considering Bush’s father Prescott was very close with fired CIA chief Allen Dulles (and the Rockefellers) and Nixon was Prescott’s protege and Prescott was involved in profiteering off WWII by trading with the Nazis, one imagines the Bush family is pretty deeply embedded into the Eastern Establishment power structure. Which is why I suspect their possible involvement in the murder of JFK, Jr., something that happened just as another Bush was getting ready to take the Presidency. Do you have any idea of how easy it would have been for JFK Jr. to become President? And once President do you realize how easily JFK Jr. could have gotten to the bottom of his father’s murder using the power of the presidency? And that is why a Kennedy will never be President in our lifetime. The CIA and the Pentagon are simply not ready for information about the assassinations to leak out to the public, not yet, not until all the principle characters are long dead and buried.