James Tague is a key to the JFK assassination

James-TagueAlthough three people were wounded in Dallas in November of 1963, you likely never heard of one of them—James Tague.

Tague was an car salesman who got stuck in traffic on Main Street in Dealey Plaza. In order to see what was causing the gridlock, he momentarily stepped out of his car expecting to see an accident blocking traffic ahead, but quickly realized it was JFK’s motorcade just passing through the plaza.

Tague was standing near the triple overpass when he heard the sound of a firecracker. After another firecracker went off, something stung his cheek. Then Tague noticed people taking cover all around the plaza. The President’s limo sped up and raced through the underpass. Tague was sure the two shots had come from the grassy knoll. But when he walked in that direction, a policeman stopped him, and commented on the flecks of blood on his cheek and asked Tague where he’d been standing during the shooting. The policeman quickly located a section of curb that had obviously been damaged by a bullet. The blood on Tague’s face was caused by a fragment of concrete kicked up by a missed shot.

Now this was pretty solid and important evidence and pretty soon that section of curb was removed for further study. However, years later, when Tague wanted to examine the curb, he noticed the bullet scar had been filled in by an unknown substance, rendering it fairly useless as evidence. If someone was shooting from the Texas School Book Depository, it certainly wasn’t Oswald, but the trajectory of any bullet could have been easily tracked using the curb as forensic evidence.

DealeyPlazaHere’s an interesting map that shows where Tague was standing. In this diagram, it shows shots being fired from the School Book Depository. That may never have happened. There were three or four shooters, one from the front, one from the side, and one or two from the rear. The front shooter was probably located in a storm drain on Elm Street under the overpass. This was where Johnny Roselli says he fired the first shot, which hit JFK in the throat. There was likely a shooter in the Dal-Tex Building, but he may have used a suppressor. And, of course, there was certainly a shooter behind the picket fence on the knoll.

This map is accurate, however, concerning where Tague was standing, and you can see the line drawn from his spot to the Dal-Tex building. Had that section of curb been left in place and studied, the location of a Dal-Tex shooter could have been conclusively proven.

Over the years, Tague became a bit of a haunted man, like others who witnessed this crime, many of whom could not fathom why their country was covering up evidence instead of swiftly moving forward to seek justice. He wrote a couple of books, and the most recent one pointed a finger at LBJ and the Texas oil crew that put LBJ into power. Tague never really looked deeply into the CIA’s JM/Wave station, or the critical role James Angleton played in the cover-up.

Recently, Tague tried to attend the 50th anniversary ceremony in Dealey Plaza, but was refused admittance, obviously because he believes in a wider conspiracy beyond Oswald. How strange is it that a man wounded during the killing of a President is not even allowed to attend the official ceremony of the event 50 years later? It just goes to show what a tight lid they still keep on this story.

I hope the youth of America will keep looking into this tragic event, because it provides a window on how power really operates in the USA. And once you start to question the JFK assassination and cover-up, it’s an easy step to start re-examining the lies of 9/11 since the two events have striking parallels.


Richard C. Nagell is a clue to the JFK assassination

Pict_RichardCaseNagellHere’s a rare photo of Richard Case Nagell coming to court in handcuffs. Nagell was a spook with a long history of mental instability and spent decades applying for disability before he finally got it. During the Korean War he got field-promoted to captain at the record-breaking age of 20, so you know he was considered competent.

Two months before Kennedy’s assassination, Nagell walked into a bank in El Paso, Texas, flourished a revolver and fired two shots into the wall. He then walked outside to his vehicle and waited for the police. When they arrived, Nagell invited them to inspect his trunk, which contained a Minolta spy camera and miniature darkroom kit, notebook with Fair Play for Cuba contacts, phone numbers of CIA officers in Los Angeles and names of KGB agents in Mexico. “I’d rather be arrested than commit murder and treason,” said Nagell to the police while being handcuffed.

Nagell was sentenced to ten years for attempted bank robbery and served five for a crime he never fully explained, but later said he thought it would be a simple misdemeanor and not taken so seriously. Nagell claimed to have mailed a letter to J. Edgar Hoover around this time outlining the plot against Kennedy, but received no reply. Nagell made a number of claims of holding evidence that never appeared.

Jim Garrison decided not to call Nagell to the witness stand during his famous trial of Clay Shaw in 1967. Garrison made the first legitimate attempt to bring forth justice but was blocked and stonewalled at every turn by the CIA. And he knew he was being led from all directions into rabbit holes salted with timebombs, and probably suspected Nagell might be one of those.

According to Nagell, after being approached by an East German spook, he was told to double down by his American handlers, so he became a triple agent, a very complex and psychologically-demanding position, but one offering a unique view on world events. While working as a pro-Marxist infiltrator in Mexico and New Orleans, Nagell stumbled into the Kennedy plot and was allegedly told by his Communist handlers to kill Oswald to prevent the assassination (many Communists looked upon Kennedy as a potential ally). The problem with this story is there were two previous attempts planned prior to Dallas.

Dick Russell wrote the book on Nagell (The Man Who Knew Too Much) and it really opened a lot of doors into the assassination for me. Russell was also the first to visit Win Scott’s family and get the story of Scott’s feud with James Angleton over the investigation. Scott was likely killed after he tried to leave the agency after collecting evidence Oswald was a secret agent and not a lone assassin.

nagellwt2If you search online, you can find a bunch of Nagell’s correspondence. He sometimes wrote to friends and to the media and also to Russell himself. Many of these letters are highly entertaining and show an obvious insider knowledge into the workings at the CIA headquarters in Langley.

Nagell died of a heart attack in Los Angeles on November 1st, 1995, and since he lived longer than any other whistleblower, and since nothing substantial ever emerged from any of his revelations, I think it’s safe to say at this point Nagell was a rabbit hole and not a true whistle-blower. But that’s how it goes in the wilderness of mirrors, where up is down, and left is right.

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story by Steven Hager. To read the rest of the essay buy the book, link below or at the top of the sidebar.)

John M. Whitten is a key to JFK’s assassination

Whitten-150x150After Kennedy was killed, CIA chief Richard Helms put John Moss Whitten in charge of the CIA’s internal investigation of the assassination, which probably goes to show how little knowledge had seeped into the agency outside Miami. Like most in the CIA, Whitten had no idea that people at JM/Wave had been secretly working with members of the Sicilian men-of-honor society on assassinating Fidel Castro.

Whitten was doing a good job, despite being initially swamped by a blizzard of crackpot material provided by the FBI. If you want to understand why so much crazy material appears immediately after an event like JFK or 9/11, just realize it’s manufactured as chaff to be tossed out of a jet shaking off a heat-seeking missile. But once Whitten spoke to Win Scott, CIA chief in Mexico, who had been conducting his own secret investigation, he realized CIA files on Oswald were being withheld by Helms and Angleton.

William K. Harvey

Whitten’s investigation was narrowing down to the CIA’s largest station outside Langley known as JM/WAVE. The key figures posted there were Ted Shackley, David Morales, George Joannides, Rip Robertson, Thomas Klines and (formerly) William K. Harvey. In fact, Harvey had been in charge of an executive action program for removing foreign heads of state. But JFK wanted that program halted and was furious when Harvey kept moving forward with operations against Cuba, so he ordered Harvey sacked. Instead, Angleton quietly moved Harvey to Italy, while the executive action project re-assembled for a new target: JFK.

Funny how just when Whitten began poking around JM/Wave, Helms took him off the investigation and arm-chaired him out of the picture. And guess who replaced Whitten? Why, James Angleton, of course. Now watch the dead bodies pile up around Angleton, starting with Win Scott. Funny how George Joannides was brought out of retirement to act as the CIA’s liason with the Congressional investigation. But you can probably understand why they keep putting the fox in charge of the hen house when it comes to this story. Joannides was in charge of the anti-Castro Cuban group Oswald had some staged encounters with in New Orleans, a group that seems to have participated in the cover-up.

Sam Giancana got whacked while alone with someone he trusted, making breakfast when he got a unexpected bullet in the back of his skull. According to some highly placed CIA officials, the shooter was William K. Harvey, who would have been covering his tracks on the Kennedy killing. They lived fairly nearby, Giancana in Chicago and Harvey in northern Indiana.

After Giancana was gone, Roselli lost his power base and fled to Florida seeking refuge with the Trafficante organization. Before long, however, he wound up diced up in little pieces in a barrel in Biscayne Bay, but in his case the CIA may have hired some fellow Sicilian men-of-honor to handle that messy assignment, as I just can’t imagine Harvey cutting up his good buddy Handsome Johnny like that.

Much later, Whitten was asked during the Congressional investigation why Harvey’s wife burned his papers after his death, implying that there might have been a smoking gun. “He was too young to have assassinated McKinley and Lincoln,” replied Whitten. “It could have been anything.”

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story. To read the rest, buy the book, link below or at the top of the sidebar.)

The Umbrella Man

LouieStevenWittThe JFK assassination was a carefully planned operation, and the disino smoke screen started before Kennedy was in the ground. Most people have the impression Mark Lane is a teller of truth on this issue, but I know better.

Lane was posted to Army Intelligence during WWII, a theater of operations controlled by Allen Dulles, who went on to construct the CIA and run it—until Kennedy fired him. Lane rushed to Dallas to represent Oswald pro bono and soon found himself representing his widow, certainly a strategic position for any spook, and a position from which Lane dug some rabbit holes and salted them with time bombs.

Rush to Judgment was a confusing mess and even though Lane seemed to know immediately the CIA was behind the event, he never named any major perpetrator, instead focusing singular attention on E. Howard Hunt, a propaganda expert and not an assassin. Lane’s famous lawsuit against Hunt (for which he was paid around $5 million by the Liberty Lobby) proved nothing except Hunt could have been in Dallas that day. Lane could have gone after one of the central figures behind the murder, like Johnny Roselli or Ted Shackley or even James Angleton, and climbed the ladder of power from there, but never tried.

I hope you realize Liberty Lobby is an obvious disinfo op that claims the Rothschilds run the world, a rabbit hole the radical right has been perfecting for centuries. Which isn’t to say that they don’t control enormous resources—obviously they do—but their influence is exaggerated to take attention off the oligarchies of North America and Europe, most of whom don’t even allow Jews in their private clubs.

umbrella-manBut there’s one particular rabbit hole with a time bomb I find fascinating, the umbrella man of Dealey Plaza.

Hunt was falsely identified as one of the three tramps, and links from JFK to Watergate exploded. Sprague, who uncovered the tramp photos, immediately started promoting a new concept: the umbrella man was the shooter.

You can see umbrella man in the photo above taken seconds before the assassination. He stands at the entrance of the kill zone and opens his umbrella just as Kennedy arrives and pumps the umbrella to draw attention to it. He became the greatest mystery of the assassination and many researchers assumed he was signalling shooters to commence firing. A darker-skinned man (perhaps Cuban) standing with umbrella man appears to hold a walkie-talkie.

The+Umbrella+ManSprague even made a diagram showing how the umbrella weapon supposedly worked. You’d be surprised how many serious researchers got pulled down into this rabbit hole. Concerns over the umbrella assassin got so intense that when Congress finally opened hearings on the assassinations, they made a public plea for umbrella man to step forward, and he did.

Turns out his name was Louie Steven Witt (three names almost seems essential for players in this drama) and he even brought the actual umbrella with him to the Capitol. He claimed he waved it as a protest symbol connecting England’s appeasement of Hitler with JFK’s appeasement of the Soviets. Witt was asked to open the umbrella so the Committee could be sure it didn’t contain an advanced sort of weaponry. Witt worked at the Rio Grande National Insurance Company, located one block north in the Rio Grande Life Building, 251 N. Field Street, a 19-story structure that included offices for military intelligence and the Secret Service. There’s no evidence to back up his claim an umbrella was ever a symbol of English appeasement of the Nazis. In retrospect, Witt’s story doesn’t pass the smell test, and the diversion into the absurd umbrella-as-weapon story so easily debunked it has all the markings of a counterintelligence misdirection op to confuse people about Witt’s real role.

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-9-31-51-amToday, the umbrella-as-weapon story is trotted out periodically to show how absurd JFK conspiracy theories are. (By the way, Richard E. Sprague, the one who invented this hoax, became attached to every serious investigation, from Garrison to the House Committee and should not to be confused with Richard A. Sprague who resigned as chief counsel for the Congressional investigation early on.)

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story. To read the rest of the essay, buy the book, link below or at the top of the sidebar.)

Guide to Making Magic

7candlesYou just need a target vibration to focus telepathic power in order to make magic, which involves ceremony, ritual and a feeling of enchantment. To aid my personal ceremonies, I invented a meditation device (left) that represents an evolutionary step in peace magic. Well, at least that’s my opinion, although zero media has contacted me to report on my groundbreaking invention.

The reason I had to invent my own ceremonial tools is because I don’t trust the current paradigms, not the fundamentalist ones nor occult ones. Both are littered with frauds, fakers and spooks. The legacy of spook ops in the occult runs through Blavatsky, Crowley, Scientology up through The Process Church of Final Judgment.

If you want to be “counterculture” you must remain non-violent. War is what the dominant culture wants because it produces the most possible profit. Counterculture is not about your tattoos, hair extensions, favorite colors. It’s about all cultures uniting. Anything that promotes violence is mainstream even if it comes dressed as rock’n’roll or hip hop.

Everything you need to know about JFK’s assassination

USAdulles1There’s nothing quite like being born into an Old Money family, like Allen Dulles was. His grandfather was Secretary of State under President Harrison, while his uncle served that post for President Wilson. Dulles was cousin (by marriage) to David Rockefeller, educated at Princeton and always a bit sensitive about his club foot.

Methinks Dulles became a spook right out of college, as he went directly into the Diplomatic Corps., a huge haven for spooks since its inception. He became sheep-dipped as a Knight in Shining Armor by returning from Europe to help write an expose on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the New York Times. Since their appearance, the Protocols have been used as a counterintelligence tool to soften up populations by scapegoating Jews prior to instigating a violent pogrom. But Dulles didn’t reveal that truth, just that whoever wrote the Protocols cribbed material from a variety of sources which meant they weren’t really the notes from some satanic world council of Jewish leaders. The Protocols claimed a global conspiracy was underfoot to secretly manifest a new world war designed to milk profits while killing millions of innocents in the process.

When Old Money has big plans for one of their Knights, they run an op to have that person sheep-dipped into an icon quick as possible, sort of like the way John Kerry was run around the jungle in Vietnam to look like he was a heroic, dashing soldier in combat mode, when really he was just faking it for the cameras the whole time and never in any sort of danger.

When Dulles returned to New York, he went to work for the British and his job was to foment World War II and get America into the war as quickly as possible. It seems Dulles had friends on Wall Street who were funding the rise of Hitler and Communism in the hope of producing an epic clash of cultures that could be milked for profit for decades. The military-industrial complex was but a glean in their eye and speck in their heart, but within a few years they would become the dominant force in America.

In hindsight it seems like the plan could have been allow Germany and Japan to conquer much of the world while stealing everything possible and wreaking as much terror and havoc on civilians as possible (survivors are shell-shocked and easily manipulated by propaganda and intel ops). After Germany and Japan were vanquished, conquered profit streams and cartels could be divided amongst the victors on Wall Street and inside the Bank of England, although the Old Money families of Germany and Japan would be left with their corporations and family fortunes mostly intact, and Europe’s dominant cartel, I.G. Farben, was merely split into a few pieces. Meanwhile, the stolen loot was secretly transferred around the Bank of International Settlements in a shell game designed to conceal who got when where why. It was a win-win all around for the Old Money families.

Just so you know the history, the Nazis invented the Bank of International Settlements and put it in place right before the war started, and located it in Switzerland. And like the Fed, it contained a provision in its charter protecting its accounts from being audited by anyone.

When the war broke out, Dulles was moved to Switzerland to conduct operations against Germany. The reason the German resistance failed internally was not because many Germans did not want to get rid of the maniac Hitler, a demagogue Old Money had put into power, but because Dulles and SIS refused to take the German resistance to Hitler seriously and let vital intelligence assets like Count Von Stauffenberg and Wilhelm Canaris dangle around helpless until the SS could round them up and assassinate them. Every single attempt to warn British and American intelligence about Hitler’s plans was ignored as being disinfo. The fact Stauffenberg and Canaris were both assassinated leaves no doubt they were high ranking Old Money aristocrats working hard to neutralize Hitler, but died without even receiving a shred of support from his supposed enemies? Support that could have brought an early end to the war?

When the war was over, Dulles imported the cream of Nazi scientists, spooks and assassins and employed them to help build the Central Intelligence Agency, which was constructed with the assistance of his old boss from British intelligence and modeled after MI5-6, with the key component of a counterintelligence unit for dirty tricks. Dulles put his close friend James Angleton in this crucial post because Angleton had been posted in Italy while Dulles was in Switzerland and had been trained by British intelligence and maintained close relations with the Vatican, which was providing crucial support to help shelter Nazis until they could be moved to new positions in North and South America. Before getting this job, Angleton promised never to put Dulles or any of his cronies on Wall Street on a lie detector and ask questions about their relations with German corporations during the war.

Just to give you an idea of what was really going on, the Luftwaffe depended on Standard Oil for the war’s entire duration and could not have flown without it. Since Standard was owned by Dulles’ cousin by marriage, one can see how easily these two people could have conspired to manifest and conceal illegal profits by playing both sides against the middle, which is standard black ops for British intelligence.

Another revealing detail is the fact I.G. Farben was the dominant industrial, chemical and fuel corporation in the world, and held a virtual monopoly in Europe on all things petrochemical and yet its immense facilities were never touched during the war? Now also consider immediately after the war, the US Army Command moved into the executive offices of I.G. Farben. Hitler had tried to blow up German’s infrastruction in a fit of depression. But Hitler couldn’t blow up I.G. Farben. That was run by Old Money and some of IG’s biggest investors were back in New York City.

dulles2Maybe you haven’t figured this out, but WWII was largely a war against civilian populations. To give an idea 20 million Russians, 20 million Chinese, 9 million Germans, 6 million Jews, 3 million Japanese. American and British losses, meanwhile, were less than one million combined. So you can see which countries took the brunt impact of that manufactured event.

Later in life, Dulles would admit Japan tried to surrender before the A-bombs were dropped, a largely symbolic event that unfortunately added immensely to the suffering and loss of completely innocent civilians.

If they needed a show of force, why the hell couldn’t it have at least been a military target? Was it because shock and awe of such terrible human suffering was part of the strategy? I am reminded of a line in one of my favorite movies, The Man Who Would Be King, which tells the story of two Freemasons, veterans of the British Army, who find themselves stranded in India and after building a volunteer army they are marching into the first battle and Sean Connery says something like: “Make sure it is bloody. The bloodier the better.” Well, that’s the same attitude Old Money had regarding WWII, especially since most of that blood was spilled somewhere else.

Here’s another key: Spooks cannot be fired or retired. That’s because when they start operations, they might be employed by an agency or corporation or anything, but once they become successful, they’re running a secret network of operatives, all of whom carry out secret missions on a need-to-know basis. So as long as these agents get some operating costs and some mission bonuses, they’ll keep functioning forever, even if their spook handler changes sides, because it’s really all about the money and not the dogmas or even the patriotic causes.

And that’s what happened in Germany because as soon as Hitler fell, his biggest spook went to straight to Dulles and changed sides and that Nazi spy network fell under operational control of Dulles.

Now JFK fired Dulles from heading the CIA and really humiliated him in the process. And I am sure Dulles plotted revenge, and obviously, he got it. Keep in mind that fired or not, Dulles retained operational control of the Nazi spook system and he had access to endless resources. But Dulles could not have acted unless he put together a core group of conspirators to assist in this mission. This group likely would have been kept to an absolute minimum, but had to include certain key individuals or success would not be guaranteed.

The key people who had to be on board with the assassination were three:  J. Edgar Hoover, James Angleton, and at least one highly placed person at the Pentagon, because normal military support for protecting the president had to disappear, while the autopsy had to be performed at a military hospital to control the findings.

But I believe the conspiracy could have gone further, into Sullivan & Cromwell, the most powerful law firm on Wall Street, the company that built IG Farben, and perhaps into the board room of the Federal Reserve, and perhaps even across the pond, where those masters of the black arts reside, and the price of gold and diamonds are fixed every day.

A few years after the assassination, when Garrison’s investigation rattled the windows at Langley, some major disinfo ops were undertaken and these likely would have been Angleton projects. The film experts in LA had worked on the Zapruder film and come up with a bootleg where it looked like the driver turned around to look at Kennedy (in response to the throat shot), and then shot Kennedy himself before speeding off. Actually, the glare off an agent’s bald head was magnified to look like a revolver in the driver’s hand.

This rabbit hole is so Angleton to me because there already was tremendous confusion on whether the Secret Service was involved and whether the driver stopped in the kill zone to allow the three shooters to triangulate and fire together. The team was all on radio and the kill order may not have even gone down until Roselli and the other two shooters called in they had a bead. The most likely person giving the “go” would have been Ted Shackley, although Dealey Plaza was flooded with at least two dozen spooks that day, most of them from JM/Wave in Miami.

When Jackie Kennedy requested the driver also drive the hearse through the streets of Washington for the funeral, that led to speculation whether her mission was intended to remind one of the conspirators how beloved the man he’d just helped kill was. This suspicion may have been magnified after the driver became one of the few people allowed to attend the autopsy, the notes of which were immediately burned.

The Lincoln did slow almost to a stop, but that also happened just as Roselli’s opening salvo went through the windshield inches from the driver’s face, striking JFK in the throat. He turned around to look to see if the President was hit, while taking his foot off the gas, perhaps because he was reluctant to keep moving into incoming fire, or maybe he was told to stop when the shooting began. I’m sure we’ll never know. There were shots from the sniper’s nest, and maybe also from the Dal-Tex building. We know one shot missed completely and hit the curb. Two rounds from the rear hit Kennedy, one of which became the magic bullet when its trajectory was re-routed considerably to make its exit look like Roselli’s throat wound. Notice the doctor at Parkland pronounced the throat wound as an entrance wound, something that got reversed after the body was seized and taken to a military hospital, where the autopsy was overseen by unnamed Admirals and Generals.

The point of this is the man who introduced that doctored film was a former Naval intelligence officer who traveled around the country showing that fake Zapruder clip and he would later write the Bible for a new generation of disinfo artists, and that book would soon transform into the modern version of the Protocols and become the most read book in the American prison system. Like most disinfo, it was a confusing data dump jumble of documents and wild assertions, although Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper would bring back the Protocols to modern fame and mind ops, only this time, the world wide council was revealed not as council of high-ranking Jews, but one of 33rd Degree Freemasons.

Is it worth noting both J. Edgar Hoover and Chief Justice Earl Warren (who headed the official investigation) were both Freemasons of the 33rd Degree? And that incoming President Johnson was also a member of this brotherhood?

Now do you understand how complex these ops really are and how Dulles played such a scripted role? Yes, you can easily imagine this web extending straight to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, which is possible, even likely when it comes to the Rockefellers, but in reality, links across the pond have never been uncovered, leading to my suspicion the Rothschild meme may be a rabbit hole. Cooper and all the rest of the disinfo artists, including the John Birch Society, keep pushing this meme so my instincts are screaming: don’t look there for the head of the Octopus, because that’s obviously a mirror he is hiding behind, while he sips his cognac, puffs his cigar and pisses on all us slobs down here in the lower classes.

Mary Meyer is a key to the JFK Assassination

MPM1_1963-210Mary, Mary, where you goin’ to….with that eyedropper of LSD in your hand, baby?

Let me explain how the world really works: There’s an extremely wealthy oligarchy of American aristocrats, many of whom have strong alliances with relatives in Europe, and they regularly gather in multitudes of private ceremonies to harmonize while surfing various vibrations and plotting a future that involves handing their fortunes down while preserving the cartels and secret monopolies. Today, most people call this crowd “the elites” but I just call them “old money.”

Mary Pinchot was old money and wore charm and grace like a second skin according to her friends and lovers. She may have been the only woman sexy enough to lure JFK from Marilyn Monroe and she enjoyed bringing sacraments to her liaisons with Jack, often marijuana, but reportedly LSD as well at least once because it was legal at the time and pot was not.

Mary’s best friend from college married James Angleton, who rose to head of CIA counterintelligence, the dirty tricks side of the agency, while Mary married Cord Meyer, who rose to become chief of the CIA’s Project Mockingbird, the mission to recruit agents in the news and entertainment media in order to plant propaganda. Mary became a famous journalist herself. Old money has a left and right too, you see, just like all the rest of us slobs are supposed to be dividing up into “liberals” and “conservatives,” old money divides to head up and commandeer those ops, only us regular slobs can only read the news, while old money frequently owns the newspaper plant. Mary was at the top of the liberal wing of old money, the ones who’d been funding the Communist, socialist and labor movements.

LSD was being passed around freely at the CIA at the time and being experimented with for mind control ops involving hypnosis, so Mary had no trouble getting access. Her first trip was undoubtedly a spiritual one because she became a Temple Dragon with a new mission in life: turn on the most powerful people in Washington so they could see the light of God and start working for world peace. This sacred mission started with the Kennedy brothers, by the way, who apparently fell under Mary’s influence around this time, but then many males in Washington swooned a bit when Mary passed by.

SSangletonWhat Mary didn’t know, however, was that devious James Angleton had long been bugging her phone, reading her mail and secretly using Mary as a source of intelligence as she weaved through the upper circles of society spreading her message of world peace. So when Mary began talking with Timothy Leary in order to get advice on how to best invoke a spiritual response on LSD, Angleton was listening in the entire time. And after Mary reported to Leary that Jack loved LSD and had secretly joined her mission to end the Cold War and dismantle the nuclear arms race, well Angleton probably shared that news with his former boss Allen Dulles, cousin by marriage to the Rockefellers, the man who once ran the CIA but had been fired by Kennedy. Although fired, it appears Dulles continued to work inside the agency.

Mary called Leary after the assassination and was distraught. “He was changing too fast,” she sobbed. “They covered up everything. I’m afraid.”

On October 12th, 1964, two weeks after the publication of the fraudulent Warren Commission Report, she was found dead on a jogging path in the park. Two bullets, one to the head and one to the heart. Gangland execution-style. I’d check on both William Harvey and Johnny Roselli to see if one or both were in Washington that day, although a homeless black man found in the park became the designated patsy.

But if you know anything about Angleton and the fact it was JM/Wave’s executive action squad that killed JFK, then you understand how it was that Angleton was the first person to arrive at Mary’s home and retrieved her diary and any other potentially dangerous evidence.

Just shine a light on Angleton and his movements and mind-set immediately after the assassination and you’ll see a trail of dead bodies leading off into the darkness. In fact, as his paranoia increased, so did the evil acts and the power of death transformed him into a serial mass murderer. The executive action team (Harvey, Roselli, Morales, Shackley) were initially recruited to kill Castro, but ended up killing JFK, and it was a messy op involving a national hero, and many died in a futile attempt to prevent the truth from leaking out. But Dulles and Angleton could not have pulled this off without a consensus at the top of the Pentagon that Kennedy needed to go.

Even today, Project Mockingbird continues and part of its propaganda is to make you think we don’t know who killed Kennedy. A few even push the tired Oswald-acted-alone. But the truth has been available for decades, you just have to know how to sift through the disinfo for dots of truth, and once you connect enough dots, the trail leads to JM/Wave. Do not follow the imaginary dots of Project Mockingbird. I call those rabbit holes and they exist to conceal the path to truth. But you can learn a lot from that sometimes if you practice how to look where they don’t want you to.