Richard C. Nagell is a clue to the JFK assassination

Pict_RichardCaseNagellHere’s a rare photo of Richard Case Nagell coming to court in handcuffs. Nagell was a spook with a long history of mental instability and spent decades applying for disability before he finally got it. During the Korean War he got field-promoted to captain at the record-breaking age of 20, so you know he was considered competent.

Two months before Kennedy’s assassination, Nagell walked into a bank in El Paso, Texas, flourished a revolver and fired two shots into the wall. He then walked outside to his vehicle and waited for the police. When they arrived, Nagell invited them to inspect his trunk, which contained a Minolta spy camera and miniature darkroom kit, notebook with Fair Play for Cuba contacts, phone numbers of CIA officers in Los Angeles and names of KGB agents in Mexico. “I’d rather be arrested than commit murder and treason,” said Nagell to the police while being handcuffed.

Nagell was sentenced to ten years for attempted bank robbery and served five for a crime he never fully explained, but later said he thought it would be a simple misdemeanor and not taken so seriously. Nagell claimed to have mailed a letter to J. Edgar Hoover around this time outlining the plot against Kennedy, but received no reply. Nagell made a number of claims of holding evidence that never appeared.

Jim Garrison decided not to call Nagell to the witness stand during his famous trial of Clay Shaw in 1967. Garrison made the first legitimate attempt to bring forth justice but was blocked and stonewalled at every turn by the CIA. And he knew he was being led from all directions into rabbit holes salted with timebombs, and probably suspected Nagell might be one of those.

According to Nagell, after being approached by an East German spook, he was told to double down by his American handlers, so he became a triple agent, a very complex and psychologically-demanding position, but one offering a unique view on world events. While working as a pro-Marxist infiltrator in Mexico and New Orleans, Nagell stumbled into the Kennedy plot and was allegedly told by his Communist handlers to kill Oswald to prevent the assassination (many Communists looked upon Kennedy as a potential ally). The problem with this story is there were two previous attempts planned prior to Dallas.

Dick Russell wrote the book on Nagell (The Man Who Knew Too Much) and it really opened a lot of doors into the assassination for me. Russell was also the first to visit Win Scott’s family and get the story of Scott’s feud with James Angleton over the investigation. Scott was likely killed after he tried to leave the agency after collecting evidence Oswald was a secret agent and not a lone assassin.

nagellwt2If you search online, you can find a bunch of Nagell’s correspondence. He sometimes wrote to friends and to the media and also to Russell himself. Many of these letters are highly entertaining and show an obvious insider knowledge into the workings at the CIA headquarters in Langley.

Nagell died of a heart attack in Los Angeles on November 1st, 1995, and since he lived longer than any other whistleblower, and since nothing substantial ever emerged from any of his revelations, I think it’s safe to say at this point Nagell was a rabbit hole and not a true whistle-blower. But that’s how it goes in the wilderness of mirrors, where up is down, and left is right.

The George Bush connections to JFK’s assassination

bush_kennedy_assassination_dallas_cia_closeup-233x320-218x300I guess you know Dealey Plaza was flooded with spooks 50 years ago. One young spook at the scene was George H.W. Bush, who was working deep cover for the CIA through his fledgling oil company Zapata, building platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, some of which were designed as resupply depots for the anti-Castro network operating out of Miami. The Miami CIA office had become the biggest in the world outside Langley and they had been training an army of refugees to re-take Cuba from the commies. Check out the picture of Bush in front of the School Book Depository (left).

A very important and very secret CIA operation against Cuba involved CIA assassin William Harvey teaming up with Mafia assassin Johnny Roselli to kill Castro, a mission JFK apparently decided to shut down after the Bay of Pigs debacle. But when JFK discovered the CIA’s anti-Castro operations weren’t shut down, he forcibly closed the training camps and told James Angleton to fire William Harvey. Instead, Harvey was quietly moved to Italy and then possibly secretly brought back for the JFK hit. There were a lot of CIA people in Dallas that day, although most may not have know much about what was about to happen. In the CIA everything tends to get compartmentalized and very much on the “need to know” basis.

Bush_Sr,_JFK_-_J_Edgar_Hoover_memo_2The first piece of evidence to tie Bush to the assassination was a memo written by J. Edgar Hoover the day after the assassination that revealed “George Bush of the CIA” reported by phone on the activities of some “misguided Cubans.” One wonders what the purpose of this memo was? Was Hoover tying a Bush family member into the scene to cover his own ass? I guess you know CIA Cuban exiles provided the support team that assisted JFK’s CIA-mob assassination team? And it’s only because of the testimony of some mob figures and Cuban exiles that we know what happened that day as no one from inside the CIA has ever spoken out, or at least spoken out and lived. But then something even more interesting turned up more recently.

bushwarningThis memo was written the day of the assassination and claims private citizen George Bush called the FBI immediately after the assassination to point a finger at a student named James Parrott. Was this call really placed from Tyler, Texas, and how easy would it have been to place a call from a hotel in Dallas and route it through an office in Tyler for the sole purpose of giving Bush an alibi? Or maybe just to put mud in the water on the investigation? Right after a major operation like the JFK hit, propaganda teams will put out a bunch of fake info, sort of like chaff being dumped from a jet with a heat-seeking missile on its tail. This disinfo dump is intended to create just enough confusion after the event to allow the real tracks to be quietly disappeared.

Considering Bush’s father Prescott was very close with fired CIA chief Allen Dulles (and the Rockefellers) and Nixon was Prescott’s protege and Prescott was involved in profiteering off WWII by trading with the Nazis, one imagines the Bush family is pretty deeply embedded into the Eastern Establishment power structure. Which is why I suspect their possible involvement in the murder of JFK, Jr., something that happened just as another Bush was getting ready to take the Presidency. Do you have any idea of how easy it would have been for JFK Jr. to become President? And once President do you realize how easily JFK Jr. could have gotten to the bottom of his father’s murder using the power of the presidency? And that is why a Kennedy will never be President in our lifetime. The CIA and the Pentagon are simply not ready for information about the assassinations to leak out to the public, not yet, not until all the principle characters are long dead and buried.


Masonry is a clue to the JFK and Lincoln assassinations

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 10.53.36 AMI don’t practice spiritual intolerance, so I have deep respect for the Masonic traditions, just as I respect the histories of all the major religions that support peace, non-violence and the brotherhood of all mankind under the eye of the Great Spirit that Runs through All Things.

But if you have an understanding of the history of Freemasonry, it becomes clear the JFK and Lincoln assassinations are peppered with high-ranking members of the craft holding down strategic positions at crucial vantage points, which is not to blame masonry, just to point out the obvious.

There’s a lot of angles to this story, but one thing to keep in mind is that at the time of Kennedy’s murder, there was no love lost between Masons and Catholics in the USA. Several Popes had issued edicts to forbid Catholics from participating in the “satanic” ceremonies of Freemasonry, probably because Masons had the audacity to put a Koran and Torah on the altar alongside the Bible. After Lincoln was assassinated many books were written attempting to prove the Vatican had been behind the plot, although it’s hard to say what the Pope’s motivation would have been, and the first was suspiciously written by the military trial judge, who was most likely trying to worm his way out of complicity in the cover-up after most of the trial witnesses were exposed as perjurers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.09.27 AM
Original East India Company flag, pre-1707

People have the mistaken belief our Revolution was organized almost entirely by Freemasons? Well, there was a renegade lodge in Boston that plotted the tea party and included Paul Revere as a member, but many lodges during the Revolution were packed with Tories and stayed loyal to the Crown throughout the war, and maybe even afterwards if they were doing business with the powerful East India Company, which was undoubtedly being run by Masons. Is it worth noting that the original flag to have 13 red and white alternating stripes was the flag of the East India Company? The most prominent Mason in America at the time, however, was George Washington, and he led one of those renegade rebel lodges and invested Masonry with tremendous sparkle and that’s probably why our Capitol is so incredibly Masonic. The second most prominent American mason was Benjamin Franklin, and he definitely turned out to be a British spy, and is celebrated today in England for his loyalty to the crown.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 10.21.39 AM
William Morgan

In 1826, a whistle-blower named William Morgan suddenly emerged to announce Masonry was a plot by the British to manipulate the country from within, a plan that was working and had already infested the upper reaches of finance, government, law enforcement and the military. Well, Morgan was suddenly arrested on trumped-up charges and put in jail, but whoops, he mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth while in police custody. And all the police involved are Masons and so is the Judge and the entire Grand Jury that has been called. This was just too obvious a cover-up of immense proportions. Well, the ensuing outcry over the cover-up unexpectedly reached epidemic proportions creating the first third party in America, the single-issue Anti-Masonic Party, whose goal was to elect anybody to any office but a Mason, and especially police and judges. Among its leaders was John Quincy Adams, one of the more powerful Boston Brahmins.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.07.27 AM
Harry S. Truman

Needless to say, Freemasonry was forced to get more secret and had to lie low after that fiasco, and it even seems possible someone might have immediately created Mormonism (which looks a lot like Masonry) as a possible fall-back position in case the craft had to be abandoned. And I say that because Morgan’s widow married into Mormonism and was one of the founder’s many wives. Regular readers may recall my blog concerning the vaporous nature of secret societies and how they can disappear effortlessly by sliding inside a new entity, like some alien life form. But that wasn’t necessary because the Masonic scare blew over quick, and Masons were able to win the next election and wound up electing a remarkable string of Masons to the highest office in the land, including Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt and, most important, a former hat salesman named Harry Truman. You see, it was very important the 33rd President be a Mason, especially if he was just a lowly clerk from a Midwestern haberdashery.

But at the time of Lincoln’s assassination, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton took control, although Andrew Johnson was the real president. Both Stanton and Johnson were masons, although Stanton had more degrees and influence. And is it worth noting John Brown, the terrorist leader who helped spark the Civil War, was a mason and accused by some of being involved in Morgan’s murder? Perhaps even more illuminating, Brown’s sponsor was heir to the North American opium cartel, and founder of Yale University’s Order of Skull & Bones, considered the only known chapter of the Illuminati, designed as a secret nest inside Freemasonry. Secret societies can have even deeper secret societies embedded within.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 10.26.28 AM

On September 13, 1882, the National Christian Association, erected a statue in Batavia Cemetery during a ceremony witnessed by 1,000 people, including representatives from local Masonic lodges. The monument reads:

“Sacred to the memory of Wm. Morgan, a native of Virginia, a Capt. in the War of 1812, a respectable citizen of Batavia, and a martyr to the freedom of writing, printing and speaking the truth. He was abducted from near this spot in the year 1826, by Freemasons and murdered for revealing the secrets of their order.”

I believe Masonry has been in decline for decades, however, and there are other, newer, more powerful secret societies in play these days (and The Pilgrims and Skull & Bones certainly come to mind), but the bedrock most of these societies was built on remains the ritual and ceremony of Freemasonry. Meanwhile, a Mormon mafia is growing inside the CIA and the FBI, joining the already well-established Mason mafia, although you’ll often find either a Bonesman or a Vatican-connected Knight of Malta leading the crew.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.05.07 AM
Hoover built a masonic temple inside the FBI HQ

But in regard to the JFK assassination, the fact that both J. Edgar Hoover and Chief Justice Earl Warren were near the epicenter of Masonry, and that incoming President Lyndon Johnson was also a Mason and so were two members of Warren’s Commission: Richard Russell and Gerald Ford, all speaks to the possibility that a nest of this conspiracy resided at least in part deep inside the upper echelons of Freemasonry.

One thing I do want to point out, however: there are many sites that will try to confuse you by claiming the assassination was a Masonic ritual, held at a certain time and place for astrological reasons, and will go into endless coincidences to support this claim. I checked this stuff out and found it ridiculous. The assassination was headed by Harvey, Shackley, Morales and Roselli and they were all cold blooded killers who could have cared less what latitude the job took place on. There were at least two previous attempts thwarted, one in Chicago and another in Miami. The time and place are not the key to this puzzle.

However, just as an outcry emerged over the Masons involved in the Morgan cover-up, there should have been an outcry concerning the Masons involved in the JFK and Lincoln cover-ups. Because as far as I can tell, they were running the show.

(Excepted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story, link below)

The Magic Fountain

Pineal_gland_positionThe pineal gland is located where the brain meets the spinal column, the only part of the brain unprotected by the brain-blood barrier. Despite being no bigger than a grain of rice, it receives more blood flow than any other organ except the kidneys. It’s a distinctive grey-red and shaped like a tiny pine cone.

Almost every spiritual tradition has attached special significance to this gland, which exists in every animal. All other parts of the brain appear as matched pairs, but there’s only one pineal gland and it regulates your hormones and is crucial to your sexual development. It’s also where your body manufactures DMT, a huge surge of which is sent to the brain at the moment of death to aid your voyage to the spirit world, or maybe just so you can have a mystical last moment.

Scientists believe the pineal gland may have begun as a third eye in the back of the head because many of its cells resemble those found in the retina. But it also seems to have cells mirroring those in the inner ear. Descartes believed this gland was the seat of the soul. If you want to enhance your telepathy, you must fully open up this gland. In Kundalini Yoga psychic energy is raised through the spinal column until it reaches this gland, which is considered the seat of the sixth chakra. To become fully enlightened (illuminated), one must open all seven chakras, something that can be done through meditation, but can also happen as part of everyday life. When you are fully energized and in a super positive frame of mind, and you stone people with your presence, you are illuminated. The contact high may be a result of telepathic signals being sent and received through our pineal glands.

Pine-Cone-Symbolism-PignaAll this has been known for centuries, which is why you’ll find the pine cone used throughout history as a symbol for enlightenment and illumination of the mind. Often it is accompanied by a pair of animals, birds or snakes, sometimes coiled around a staff representing the spinal column. These matched pairs flank the pine cone, much as the dual parts of our body flank the pineal gland.

The biggest and most famous pine cone statue in the world resides at the Vatican (left) and is one of their oldest relics, as it was originally created for a fountain outside the Temple of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of magic. Worship of Isis was spreading rapidly across the globe until the Romans took charge of Christianity and began shutting down the pagan religions. But the Romans also knew how to co-opt the magic of others and make it work for them. Since Isis was the most popular goddess of Rome’s common people, a lot of telepathic energy had been invested into her pine cone fountain. So rather than destroy the icon, the Romans worked it into their own iconography. If you want to see how the Vatican employed this statue in the Middle Ages, I recommend The Borgias on Netflix (not to be confused with the mediocre series of the same name on Showtime). During every major ceremony, the Pope sits directly across from this giant pine cone.

Staff-of-Osiris-EgyptianNow some people try to assert this indicates a hidden mystery cult from Egypt has been secretly running the Vatican? I find that assertion ridiculous. Power does not confine itself to one secret society for centuries. Instead, it shifts around to better conceal its evil intentions. Let me give a specific contemporary example: The Freemasons use the pine cone for their rituals and fifty years ago, that secret society probably reached it’s peak of influence in this country. J. Edgar Hoover held Masonic ceremonies inside his office building. This was a time when being a Freemason could be a ticket into a cushy government job. Today, that no longer holds true for Freemasons, but does hold true for Mormons, who are disproportionally distributed throughout the FBI and CIA.

But if you study the origins of the Mormons, you’ll find it all wrapped up around the realization that Freemasonry was designed as a British plot and the creation of the first third party in America, the Anti-Masonic party, was the result of a growing awakening of the immense power the masons had achieved. Mormonism appeared just as Freemasonry was being exposed. And strangely enough, the rituals in both these secret societies are incredibly similar.

I respect all non-violent religions, but I don’t subscribe to any of their dogmas. I study their ceremonies because I believe all religion is magic. My goal is to create hybrid ceremonies that take the best of all spiritual traditions and merge them in order to disarm the dark sorcerers manipulating religion to manifest wars for profit. I don’t really care what icons sit on the altar of the “illuminati” or whatever they call themselves today, or whether they are using pine cones, owls or anything else to focus their magic. All magic runs on the same rules and nobody holds a monopoly. Magic is part of our DNA and moves through us all the time, whether we realize it or not. So instead of being afraid of magic, try making it work for you instead of against you.

The Manchurian Candidate

Richard Condon was a publicist for Walt Disney, who was a paid informant and eventually special secret agent for the FBI for 26 years. Walt was a close associate of J. Edgar Hoover. They were both devote Freemasons and both eventually rose to the 33rd degree. I don’t know if Condon was a Freemason, but he obviously garnered a glimpse into the oligarchy, as evidenced in his greatest work.

We know Disney submitted scripts to Hoover, who was a master of propaganda. Hoover carefully created his own myth as the greatest law enforcement fighter in America, even to the point of destroying careers that threatened to eclipse him (just ask Melvin Purvis). Disney also allowed Hoover to make changes in his scripts to keep their messages in line.

Condon must have found out about MK-Ultra, because he wrote a shattering novel on mind control (The Manchurian Candidate) long before most Americans knew anything about it. It featured the recent brainwashing of American prisoners of war in Korea (many of whom made anti-US statements shortly after being captured), but the actual technologies shown in the book and movie were pioneered in Nazi Germany and then imported into the USA and Canada by the CIA. In all likelihood, Lee Harvey Oswald was an early victim of that program. The hypnosis probably wasn’t strong enough to get Oswald to kill a man he deeply respected, which may be why Oswald wasn’t a shooter (and he couldn’t shoot that good anyway), but if you look close at his history, you’ll find CIA mind control doctors got a hold of Oswald before he was a teenager. There’s an important element in Condon’s book: His title character had no father, just like Oswald. You’ll find this is the one essential element in the construction of Manchurian Candidates. Why? Because the father sigil is the most important element in a man’s psyche, and if you can capture that sigil, you’ll have your Manchurian Candidate.

The book was a sensation in Washington DC, but no one expected anyone to make it into a film. It only happened because Sinatra loved the book, and may have even been introduced to it by JFK while they were still buddies (before the president broke off contact because he and his brother were planning a war on the Sicilian men of honor secret society). The first thing Sinatra did when the film fell into place was call JFK, and the first thing JFK wanted to know was: “Who’s going to play the mother?” In the book, the mother mainlines heroin in between meetings with the Pope and sexual encounters with her robot son. The mother is also a prominent member of the Order of the Eastern Star, a secret society created for the wives and daughters of high ranking Freemasons, although that detail was left out of the film. The headquarters of that order, by the way, is a temple located on DuPont Circle in Washington, which leads me to suspect the DuPont family may have an interest in Freemasonry.

After too many people got wind of MK-Ultra, an investigation followed in Congress, one carefully controlled by Rockefeller, whose family probably had the most to lose if the shit hit the fan. Fortunately for him, Richard Helms burned all the files in his fireplace, and never paid anything for committing that crime. What little we know comes mostly from financial records Helms missed.

One thing you can be sure of: these technologies have been off-loaded to private corporations and taken out of the country. I would surmise that most, if not all, of those terrorists involved in 9/11 were under some form of brainwashing.

The film was made in 1962, but was pulled almost immediately, as it carried too many connections to the JFK assassination. In the book, the assassin is supposed to kill the president so the vice president can assume power. Sound familiar?

The book is more complicated that most believe, in my opinion. Although it paints Marco as the hero, in fact, you can also read him as just another Manchurian Candidate whose job requires baby-sitting the assassin and making sure the job takes place correctly, which involves changing the target at the last minute to kill the assassin’s mother, as she has slipped off the leash herself. Supposedly, Marco just happens to run into a beautiful woman on a train, who speaks in code, forms a sudden attraction to him, and just happens to have a close friend in military intelligence, who just happens to set up a huge operation to assist Marco overnight. This women could be Marco’s CIA handler. Watch the scene from the movie below and see if you agree. The entire film changes radically in meaning.

Maybe Condon knew Communism was just a huge scam and the Cold War was being mined for profit, just like the war on terror. He certainly left all the necessary clues. By the way, avoid the remake of a few years ago, which really sucks and contains none of the flair or suspense of the original.

Shamans or Sorcerers?

Not too long ago, an elaborate theory was put forth claiming the JFK assassination was a Masonic ritual. Much of this had to so with randomly selected numbers, like the parallel of Dallas and the dates involved, etc. I didn’t put much stock in the analysis, even though I certainly realize Freemasons are a big piece of the secret society power puzzle that’s been running the world, although their reach seems to have been eclipsed by others of late.

I was dubious simply because I was aware that once someone in the CIA contacted Sam “Mooney” Giancana in Chicago and offered the contract, JFK’s days were numbered. Certainly the radical right-wing friend of the Texas Hunt family, Joseph Milteer knew about the contract as soon as it went down and was even caught talking about it days later on an FBI wiretap. The FBI rookie agent in charge of investigating Milteer after the assassination has recently published a very revealing book of the coverup that went on inside the agency to make sure that inconvenient truth never ended up being investigated again. One thing for sure, it wasn’t being set-up around a Masonic code. It was being set-up by the Chicago outfit to happen whenever the conditions were favorable and they could get a clear shot.

Since J. Edgar Hoover was a devoted Freemason, and staffed the upper levels of the FBI almost exclusively with masons, and even held masonic ceremonies inside his building, you’d think the masonic magic connections to the assassination would be well-grounded. The reality, however, is that once the contract was accepted, hit teams were assembled in a variety of cities (Giancana said seven in all), and JFK was being tracked everywhere he went. The hit could have taken place in almost any city on almost any day where Kennedy happened to be exposed.

So I took the ritual magic conspiracy stories involving the JFK assassination with a grain of salt, and can’t help but notice these sorts of stories are suddenly amplifying immensely. And if they aren’t blaming the grandmaster of masonic magic, Albert Pike, then the theories point to Aleister Crowley, the grandmaster of Satanism.

There’s all types of magic and all types of ritual and ceremony. Energy comes in flavors, especially telepathic energies. It moves through us naturally, and manifests ceremony and ritual whether you realize it or not. Science isn’t really interested in these energies, so little is known for sure. The real science in this area took off with the Nazi’s and then was imported secretly into the CIA. The global situation is just a big game for generating profit, you see, and the players are orchestrated into position and led into conflicts that can be mined. The CIA and Foundations have spent billions studying mind control technology and mass propaganda techniques, the results of which are in constant daily use by the global corporations as they build brands while hiding secret monopolies. But most people only think of two kinds of magic: peace magic and dark magic.

Peace magic is about elevating love vibrations. Love is non-violent and never seeks control. Dark magic, on the other hand, is about bending others to your will. One is about respecting the tribe, the other about making the tribe respect you. Gandhi and his followers like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are peace shamans who have become so iconic they raise to messiah status, just like Jesus or Socrates. At that point, however, they have actually attained more control than any dark magician could ever hope for with his rituals of terror and violence. So the dark shaman slays the peace messiah. It’s a pattern that keeps unfolding almost every generation. And it will not end until we can protect our peace messiahs while exposing the dark magicians among us.

Since WWII, using billions in resources, the Nazi art of dark magic has reached new dimensions and new heights of effectiveness, which is why when a 9/11 dark magic theory revolves around Aleister Crowley, I tend to view it about the same as those initial dark magic masonic stories around JFK. I believe we have a serious rabbit hole going on here, a blatant attempt to move the center of energy on conspiracy research away from empirical fact and into the realm where any detail can be manipulated and morphed into a sigil. It’s all about connecting dots that don’t really connect. These theories are a red cape being waved by a hidden bullfighter.

For example: one of the most important elements of this theory is that President Bush read a children’s book about a pet goat during 9/11. The goat symbolizes Satan and is a psychological lever. Well, perhaps that’s true, or perhaps Bush introduced this detail as a rabbit hole in the first place. Every detail of the event can be staged, just as every random coincidence can become a deflection away from the truth.

Surfing the Mind Control Matrix

Ever wonder why the media has fallen into the ownership of only a handful of corporations? That’s because the media is the key programming tool used to manage our collective archetypes, having replaced religion in that role since the arrival of television.

There’s a good reason why most Americans distrust hippies, and that’s because the archetype created in the media was intentionally negative. This campaign started even before the hippies arrived, when their immediate predecessors, beatniks, came into public consciousness. The entire beatnik phenomenon was orchestrated in large part by Allen Ginsberg and the Village Voice, in response to the Jack Kerouac/Neal Cassady adoration societies that emerged after the publication of On the Road. That book introduced concepts of Eastern religion while encouraging the ritual use of cannabis and alcohol to achieve enlightenment.

Because of its revolutionary message and popularity, On the Road needed to be co-opted but quick. In television, the beatnik archetype first appeared as the bumbling Maynard G. Krebs, but eventually, Kerouac’s buddy bromace morphed into the politically and spiritually empty Route 66. a show more designed around selling Corvettes than preaching enlightenment.

In analyzing the real seats of international power, one cannot overestimate the role of secret societies to create and forge new archetypes, as well as manage their depictions in the media.

In this regard, J. Edgar Hoover certainly played a key gatekeeper role throughout most of his professional career. When he was 26 years old, Hoover joined the Washington Lodge of the Scottish-Rite Freemasons and his early career was marked by his clever exploitation of a string of terrorist attacks. Without those terror attacks, Hoover would not have been able to armchair himself into control of that American gestapo known as the FBI.

Clint Eastwood’s film on Hoover has just appeared on HBO and I watched the film with great interest. Unfortunately, it is based mostly on Hoover’s own self-serving accounts of his rise to power and fame, and only hints at the deeper corruption.

Although it may seem strange, aside from Freemasonry, Hoover’s other network of influence appeared to be the Catholic Church, which rewarded Hoover for a lifetime of devoted service, even though he was a German protestant by birth. Freemasons were supposed to be opposed to the Catholic Church, but over history some lodges actually wondered if they’d fallen prey to secret Jesuit control. (In today’s world, that role is played by Opus Dei, currently the most powerful secret society inside the Vatican.) And Hoover was not the only key person inside the national security apparatus who enjoyed a close relationship with the Vatican. James Jesus Angleton, head of CIA’s counter-intelligence operations certainly comes to mind in this regard.

Archetypes are often employed to help move populations toward war, which is the primary means of achieving quick profits as well as keeping people following orders. The traumas inflicted by war and terror are key to advancing the mind control matrix, which runs mostly on shock and awe.

Our current war is obviously constructed around a Christian/Jewish versus Muslim confrontation. However, since the Muslim resources are so small in comparison to the Christian/Jewish empires, this necessitates a new form of war based around terror instead of standing armies. It’s all very similar, in fact, to the sort of terror that cleared Hoover’s path to power. At some point in time, people are going to have to consider the possibility that much of the so-called “left-wing” terror that has been perpetrated over the years has actually been false-flag attacks designed to advance right-wing agendas.

Knowing that London is focus of worldwide Freemasonry, is it really an accident that the logo created for this year’s Olympics spells the word “Zion?” I also couldn’t help but notice that the “L” in London was printed to look like a “Z” in much of the promo material.

And was it also an accident that the closing ceremonies included an enactment of the most famous symbols in Freemasonry (see above)?

Wouldn’t it be strange if the Olympics was actually being used to manage key archetypes for a coming religious apocalypse instead of perpetuating peace as it supposedly claims?