Barbarians at the Gates

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.58.57 AMMeet the new crusaders forged in torture chambers from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay. Blowback is a counterintelligence term for what happens when you wreak violence on somebody, because violence always comes back. So don’t think the Pentagon and NSA didn’t see this one coming a mile off. And, of course, this sort of violence is heaven sent since it guarantees a booming arms trade for years, if not decades. Isn’t it wonderful we turned the second biggest oil stream in the Middle East over to Radical Fundamentalists so they could use it to boost our arms sales and economy?

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.33.41 AMJust as hundreds of Al-Qaeda terrorists were recently transplanted from safe houses in Turkey to aid our NATO forces in Syria, someday ISIS might be our ally against Al-Qaeda. It already takes an advanced degree in diplomacy to unravel the political affiliations in the Middle East, a situation that grows progressively byzantine as the decades roll on, which is why I know this War on Terror is going on for a long, long time.

One of the Paris shooters was 15-years-old and there are six million Muslims in France, and maybe a quarter of them sympathize somewhat with suicide bombings, while one percent (60,000) are housed in prisons, the breeding ground for becoming a gangsta for god. Muslims in France tend to have twice the children of non-Muslims and are ten percent of the population. Do the math. Meanwhile, France makes billions exporting arms to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, arming the next wave of suicide shooters. There’s going to be a lot of bullets and bombs sold this week, so if you like making easy money, invest in the war machine, I know the oligarchy does.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.23.06 AMThe leadership of ISIS formed inside our torture centers, like Abu Ghraib. The torture we inflicted served to radicalize and heighten their fervor to take revenge. Reminds me of when the Mossad wiped out the moderate Palestinian movement in response to Munich, something that opened the door for more radical elements to take over the movement. Meanwhile, the mastermind of Munich was being protected by the CIA. Don’t believe me? Just watch Spielberg’s film Munich.

The media doesn’t really tell you the Paris attack was retaliation for an airstrike on ISIS, and of course, France immediately launched another attack in response, and so it goes, and goes. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. The masters of war just love ceremonies of death like these because they fuel the hatred and the racism.

If you study the history of communism, you’ll find the American communist movement stuffed with spooks from the onset, and so was the enormous and well-funded anti-Communist movement. That’s how a managed dialectic works. Spooks create and manipulate both sides. It’s not difficult to penetrate a terror group. You just offer them money, resources and volunteers, and let your secret spooks worm their way into positions of influence. Most of the real fighters are mercenaries working for a paycheck, while the brainwashed teenagers serve as suicide bombers. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the communist/capitalist dialectic was suddenly over and a substitute had to be manufactured. So radical Islam versus Israel and her allies became the new dialectic. Radical Islam has long been a spook project and the Muslim Brotherhood has a lot of Nazi connections in its origins. Every time a drone drops a bomb on the Middle East, we create more suicide bombers because violence leads to violence. When you see suicide bombings provoking widespread violence as a response (and many people believe this is the solution), I have to point out: violence, bombings, racism and hate will not solve the problem. Reject the managed dialectic. The people off all nations need to band together, reject violence, and use the money going to bombs and bullets to build schools and hospitals and a better life for the down-trodden so they aren’t so easily pulled into this hoodwink.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.30.53 AMINTEL OPS 101
Seed your false flag with an instant pointer to focus event coverage. In the alternative and conspiracy media, release a tidbit of real evidence attached to a detail that can be easily disproved later, and demand an end to all debate once it’s disproved. Always present the concept of false flags as insane, unpatriotic and heap ridicule on it to stifle debate. Never engage in rational discourse with researchers.
5 keys to success: 1) Stage anti-terror drill during terror event as cover for operations; 2) Plant ID at scene; 3) Rush to martial law, suspension of civil liberties, with sweeping changes prepared in advance 4) an alarming detail indicating a possible false flag should released within days to fuel conspiracy theories, but it must be tied a false detail or come from a tinfoil hat buffoon; 5) nutty theories involving UFOs/holograms/lizards/etc. should flood the Internet, using the manufactured tinfoil hat brigade.

IMG_0591Postscript: I do have an alternative to manipulating religion to make war for profit. I’ve formed a secret society called the Pot Illuminati, and we seek to merge all religion by showing respect to their rituals and ditching their dogmas. We only have one rule: don’t hurt anyone. You can find out more by attending one of our future ceremonies. For more information look for any notices on our facebook page.


Goddess of the Seven Points

seshatWhen writing first appeared in Egypt, it was associated with a goddess named Seshat, who was represented by a seven-pointed leaf under what appears to be an overturned caldron, but is apparently a set of inverted horns. It’s bizarre that websites all over the Internet claim no one knows what a seven-pointed leaf represents, just like no one has any clue what an inspirational burning bush might represent.

In fact, in ancient times, a seven-pointed star was known as a Star of the Magi and the Magi were Zoroastrian priests who used haoma as a medicine and a sacrament. The history books tell you haoma is a reference to calamus or ephedra, even though the word “magi” is derived from the Chinese word for marijuana, same as magic and shaman.

The reason Seshat may be so closely associated with cannabis, however, may have something to do with hemp. Hemp rope was apparently used as the primary measuring tool in ancient Egypt, and writing may have first manifested as a form of proof of property ownership.

Isis was the Egyptian goddess of magic, and became the most popular goddess throughout Europe for centuries, famous for bringing one of her children back to life from the dead. But when Isis needed a potion for this, she called on Seshat, goddess of the seven points, which leads me to believe cannabis was part of that magic potion.

And regarding those so-called “inverted horns” above the logo of Seshat, I have to wonder if those might not be two scythes used to harvest cannabis.

Secret Ceremonies of the Illuminati Elite

alex-grey-baltimore_13049571087695.pngI love this Alex Grey representation of the telepathic energies at work (left). Telepathy is something I believe in and our mental states can be shared like a contact high, especially the negative ones.

On the other hand, there’s a nasty piece of disinfo going around the internet about how Native American psychic warriors recruited for the Vietnam War lost their power after receiving military-style crew-cuts. Naturally, this story has zero sources, so you know it’s total nonsense, but even so, many are hoodwinked.

Many cultures put magical emphasis on long hair and if you cut their hair, you do them psychic harm. But that’s how all magic works: first, you must believe.

On the other hand, many warriors will cut all their hair going into battle because they believe it will make them stronger, or just makes it harder for their enemies to grab them. That magic works just as well, provided the inner resolve is just as strong. So you see, this hair thing can go either way. I do not believe hair acts as a “vibration antennae” because I believe that role may be mostly played by the pineal gland.

So many people are obsessed with unveiling the secret ceremonies of the Illuminati that control the central banks while manufacture war by manipulating religions. Most of these games involve painting the Illuminati as a form of satanism. Or by painting Freemasonry and the Order of Skull & Bones as a form of satanism. All magic runs on the same rules and no one has a monopoly. And it doesn’t matter what icons are on the altar when a culture gathers for a ceremony. One’s Pan is another’s Satan, and any attempts to demonize spiritual cultures will only be deployed to persecute the innocent. Any time someone tries to scare you with magic or religion, it’s always a hoodwink. Meanwhile, the mechanisms for mainstream spiritual cultures have been controlled for millennium, so there’s no need to embed secret satanic cults inside them. The current paradigms work fine for manipulating wars.

In fact, temples for all cultures should be allowed to flourish everywhere. In ancient Rome the temple of Isis became the most spiritually-charged spot in the city. Isis was the Egyptian goddess of magic and I believe had a strong association with cannabis, which may have been the primary ingredient in her favorite incense, as well as the main ingredient in the magic potion she conferred for prolonging life and bringing back the dead. Another inspirational figure during the time was Mani, and he was the first famous disciple of Jesus Christ, and was also considered a living Buddha and grew up in Persia where he amazed the Zoroastrian priests. Mani was spreading peace culture and using Jesus as his avatar, although he prayed to the light of the moon as Jesus and to the light of the sun as Jehovah. Mani believed light and spirituality were the same.

Mani was crucified, which only served to make him a global messiah. And when the Roman legions began joining his faith in massive numbers, Constantine invented a different form of Christianity that jumped into the past before Mani was alive, thus leapfrogging his existence, which was soon wiped off the face of the earth, even though he was widely considered the greatest painter, poet, and magician of his time. But they also built the Vatican on top of the Temple of Isis, and many magic icons of Isis were not destroyed, but incorporated into their new temple with a new name. And isn’t it weird that Isis is now its the name of a terrorist group created out of the munitions left behind in Iraq?

Constantine’s form of Christianity removed the goddess from the godhead, relegating Mary to secondary status, while demonizing women through the story of the snake, a phallic symbol, so (whether people realize it or not), the message created was women are contaminated. It was a psy-op. That’s how cultures get spirituality out-of-balance and not much more is needed to explain everything that followed. You don’t need to speculate about a cult of Egyptian or Jewish sorcerers secretly running the Vatican because I’m pretty sure those ghosts don’t exist and if they did it wouldn’t really matter because the crime is not in culture but in the evil deeds. Everything can be explained by studying the history of the Catholic church: First, they murdered millions of midwives, then they sexually abused millions of children. The legacy of an enlightened culture, or one with systemic issues of corruption?

The Truth about the Tree of Life

Vatican_obeliskOne of the most powerful icons at the Vatican is the Egyptian obelisk brought to Rome by Emperor Galus, known today by his hated childhood nickname, Caligula, which means “little boot” in Latin. History is written by the winners and just as the Spanish Borgias were savaged by the Italian rivals replacing them, so has Caligula been tarnished by the assassins who took his place.

Did anyone tell you Caligula ended persecution of religion in Rome and allowed the Eastern traditions back into the city to rebuild their temples? He also founded a parade to Isis that quickly became Rome’s favorite annual ceremony, held every March 5th. Isis was adored by the common people because she represented eternal life, having brought the dead Osiris back to life through her mastery of essential plant oils. Many Jewish and Christian myths were built on top of previous ones, either from the south (Egypt) or the north (Scythia), a trail of ceremonial tradition and myth that stretches back deep into the darkness of pre-history.

These myths first emerge in written form in Sumer, present-day Iraq, which is where the Garden of Eden first manifests in history, although the myth likely existed for centuries as a verbal tradition along the so-called Silk Road. And the symbol representing the Garden of Eden was the Tree of Knowledge, which also became known as the Tree of Life.

I don’t know why, but there’s been a tremendous effort to establish this as a reference to a mushroom? Tree…Mushroom…? Sorry, I can’t swallow that disinfo and I firmly believe the Tree of Life is cannabis. This was the central debate Jack Herer and I had for decades, almost from the moment we met as I’d already become convinced Soma from the Rig Veda was cannabis before I met Jack, while he always believed the lie spread by J. P. Morgan’s Vice President Gordon Wasson that Soma was Amanita Muscaria.

tree+of+life+EgyptHere’s an early Egyptian depiction of the Tree of Life. Notice it creates either a seed oil or some sort of resin pouring into a bowl? Cannabis would have been known not just as a great source of food and seed oil, (and the best source of rope), but also a source of medicine and incense. Cannabis was probably the main ingredient in kyphi.

According to Plutarch, the Temple of Isis burned frankincense at dawn, myrrh at noon, at kyphi at sunset. And what plant do you think would have produced the most powerful incense after frankincense and myrrh? Why do those two resins come down through history without any confusion, while cannabis seems to have disappeared (or been purposely misidentified)? Many shamanic secrets were likely not depicted too close to reality in order to maintain a priesthood monopoly on ceremonial wisdom. So while I believe the Tree of Life is cannabis, I also believe depictions of the plant have been purposely coded and mystified simply because cannabis is the Queen of the Healing Plants and holds more power than any other plant. And to make matters even more difficult, there seem to have been serious attempts over the centuries to muddy these waters even further.

Tree-rescan-100dpiHere’s an earlier, Sumerian depiction of the Tree of Knowledge. You’ll notice the fruit of the tree contains seven segments or divisions and although this highly-stylized drawing looks nothing like a cannabis plant, the seven segments of the fruit may be a crucial clue to the plant’s real identity, as cannabis is famous for having seven fronds.

So seven may sometimes be a reference to cannabis, which would have been known to ancient healers as the number-one wonder medicine available. Seven can also be a reference to the seven chakras, the energy centers of the body. And wouldn’t you know, there’s an elemental power of cannabis that effects every chakra? So ask yourself: if knowledge of cannabis as an essential medicine for healing was known 3,000 years ago, why has it taken so long for this wisdom to re-emerge? Could it be there’s a force that doesn’t want people to have contact with this friendly, non-toxic medicine that can also open third eyes and raise telepathic energies while harmonizing cultures? Why has so much energy been raised to divert people away from user-friendly cannabis to more tricky and mind-bending mushrooms?

Tree+of+life+India+(wood+spirit)Here is the Tree of Life in the Indian tradition. Notice they collect some sort of harvest into a bowl.

So Caligula brought back the worship of Isis to Rome and the two major icons from her temple (the obselisk and the pine cone fountain) ended up being co-opted by the Vatican and are still in ceremonial use today.

And somewhere deep inside the Vatican perhaps some ancient documents exist explaining how to use cannabis for healing and illumination, documents that will likely never see the light of day.

(Excerpted from my book, Magic, Religion & Cannabis, click link below the video to order.)

The Magic Fountain

Pineal_gland_positionThe pineal gland is located where the brain meets the spinal column, the only part of the brain unprotected by the brain-blood barrier. Despite being no bigger than a grain of rice, it receives more blood flow than any other organ except the kidneys. It’s a distinctive grey-red and shaped like a tiny pine cone.

Almost every spiritual tradition has attached special significance to this gland, which exists in every animal. All other parts of the brain appear as matched pairs, but there’s only one pineal gland and it regulates your hormones and is crucial to your sexual development. It’s also where your body manufactures DMT, a huge surge of which is sent to the brain at the moment of death to aid your voyage to the spirit world, or maybe just so you can have a mystical last moment.

Scientists believe the pineal gland may have begun as a third eye in the back of the head because many of its cells resemble those found in the retina. But it also seems to have cells mirroring those in the inner ear. Descartes believed this gland was the seat of the soul. If you want to enhance your telepathy, you must fully open up this gland. In Kundalini Yoga psychic energy is raised through the spinal column until it reaches this gland, which is considered the seat of the sixth chakra. To become fully enlightened (illuminated), one must open all seven chakras, something that can be done through meditation, but can also happen as part of everyday life. When you are fully energized and in a super positive frame of mind, and you stone people with your presence, you are illuminated. The contact high may be a result of telepathic signals being sent and received through our pineal glands.

Pine-Cone-Symbolism-PignaAll this has been known for centuries, which is why you’ll find the pine cone used throughout history as a symbol for enlightenment and illumination of the mind. Often it is accompanied by a pair of animals, birds or snakes, sometimes coiled around a staff representing the spinal column. These matched pairs flank the pine cone, much as the dual parts of our body flank the pineal gland.

The biggest and most famous pine cone statue in the world resides at the Vatican and is one of their oldest relics, as it was originally created for a fountain outside the Temple of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of magic. Worship of Isis was spreading rapidly across the globe until the Romans took charge of Christianity and began shutting down the pagan religions. But the Romans also knew how to co-opt the magic of others and make it work for them. Since Isis was the most popular goddess of Rome’s common people, a lot of telepathic energy had been invested into her pine cone fountain. So rather than destroy the icon, the Romans worked it into their own iconography. If you want to see how the Vatican employed this statue in the Middle Ages, I recommend The Borgias on Netflix (not to be confused with the mediocre series of the same name on Showtime). During every major ceremony, the Pope sits directly across from this giant pine cone.

Staff-of-Osiris-EgyptianNow some people try to assert this indicates a hidden mystery cult from Egypt has been secretly running the Vatican. I find that assertion ridiculous. Power does not confine itself to one secret society for centuries. Instead, it shifts around to better conceal its evil intentions. Let me give a specific contemporary example: The Freemasons use the pine cone for their rituals and fifty years ago, that secret society probably reached it’s peak of influence in this country. J. Edgar Hoover held Masonic ceremonies inside his office building. This was a time when being a Freemason could be a ticket into a cushy government job. Today, that may no longer holds true for Freemasons, but does hold true for Mormons, who are disproportionately distributed throughout the FBI and CIA.

But if you study the origins of the Mormons, you’ll find it all wrapped up around the realization that Freemasonry was designed as a British plot and the creation of the first third party in America, the Anti-Masonic party, was the result of a growing awakening of the immense power the masons had achieved. Mormonism appeared just as Freemasonry was being exposed. And strangely enough, the rituals in both these secret societies are similar.

My goal is to create hybrid ceremonies that take the best of all spiritual traditions and merge them in order to disarm the sorcerers manipulating religion to manifest wars for profit.