The George Bush connections to JFK’s assassination

bush_kennedy_assassination_dallas_cia_closeup-233x320-218x300I guess you know Dealey Plaza was flooded with spooks 50 years ago. One young spook at the scene may have been George H.W. Bush, who was working deep cover for the CIA through his fledgling oil company Zapata, building platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, some of which were designed as resupply depots for the anti-Castro network operating out of Miami. The Miami CIA office had become the biggest in the world outside Langley and they had been training an army of refugees to re-take Cuba from the commies. Check out the picture of someone who looks just like Bush in front of the School Book Depository. By the way, Bush says he “can’t remember” where he was when JFK was murdered, despite several FBI memos relating his interest in the case. Also, if that isn’t Bush standing on the steps of the Depository, whoever it might be has never come forward to clear Bush from any involvement.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-5-30-23-amA very important and very secret CIA operation against Cuba involved the CIA’s most gung-ho boom-and-bang cowboy, William “Wild Bill” Harvey teaming up with mafia assassin Johnny Roselli to kill Castro, a mission JFK apparently decided to shut down after the Cuban missile crisis. But when JFK discovered the CIA’s anti-Castro operations weren’t shut down, he forcibly closed the training camps and told James Angleton to fire William Harvey. Instead, Harvey was quietly moved to Italy and then secretly brought back for the JFK hit. There were a lot of CIA people in Dallas that day, although most may not have know much about what was about to happen. In the CIA everything tends to get compartmentalized and very much on the “need to know” basis.

Bush_Sr,_JFK_-_J_Edgar_Hoover_memo_2The first piece of evidence to tie Bush to the assassination was a memo written by J. Edgar Hoover the day after the assassination that revealed “George Bush of the CIA” reported by phone on the activities of some “misguided Cubans.” One wonders what the purpose of this memo was? Was Hoover tying a Bush family member into the scene to cover his own ass? I guess you know CIA Cuban exiles provided the support team that assisted JFK’s CIA-mob assassination team? And it’s only because of the testimony of some mob figures and Cuban exiles that we know what happened that day as no one from inside the CIA has ever spoken out, or at least spoken out and lived. But then something even more interesting turned up more recently.

bushwarningThis memo was written the day of the assassination and claims private citizen George Bush called the FBI immediately after the assassination to point a finger at a student named James Parrott. Was this call really placed from Tyler, Texas, and how easy would it have been to place a call from a hotel in Dallas and route it through an office in Tyler for the sole purpose of giving Bush an alibi?

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story. To read the rest of the essay, buy the book, link below or at the top of the sidebar.)


Will Pot Be a Straw to Break the Hoodwink’s Back?

For ten years I’ve been predicting that prohibition would soon fade away as fast as the Berlin Wall collapsed. All it was going to take is one state to pass legalization, just like alcohol prohibition quickly dissolved after New York State refused to recognize it. But I never thought pot legalization would hit two states at once! Jackpot! The only problem now is deciding which state to move to. The green rush is officially on and one wonders how fast this fever will spread to the East Coast, meaning should I relocate now or just start agitating for legalization in my own community?

I do 20 college debates a year against former NY DEA chief Bob Stutman. We’ve become friends over the last 12 years, crisscrossing the country together. We’ve actually influenced each other. They call us the Ultimate Odd Couple and I guess we are. Bob turned me against smoking and I helped convert him towards a vegan diet. All heart disease is a result of eating animal products and if you give them up, in three months your body will heal itself and you’ll need never worry about having a heart attack or stroke. There’s a great documentary on Netfilx and Amazon Prime titled Forks Not Knives, in which some biochemists go over the scientific data, in case you don’t want to take my word for it. We visited two schools this week, one in Wichita Falls, Texas, and one in Omaha, Nebraska. I always attempt to organize a chapter of SSDP at every school I visit, and I usually do about half the time. We’ve been to over 200 schools in the last 12 years, so do the math. Normally, five to ten people sign up to be members right after the debate, but this time over 30 people signed up at each school. That tells me college kids are going to get serious about legalization and I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.

So I’ve already got my new cause in place because my years as a cannabis activist will likely be drawing to a close soon. I’m hoping, however, that in the delirious joy that follows legalization, the population may consider the cannabis hoodwink just the tip of an iceberg of hoodwinks, and maybe even start agitating for a new 9/11 investigation, which would certainly blast open the doors on National Security corruption.

If you want to understand how mind control works, look no farther than the widespread belief that anyone who disbelieves the official government version of 9/11 is a deluded crackpot. This is a view perpetuated by Noam Chompski and all designated spokespeople for the official left-wing, who can be recognized by their frequent appearances on television, major book deals and so on. Many of these people sit comfortably inside the Council on Foreign Relations, where a lot of the dialectical management takes place, at least the part that’s not hidden inside the cloak of National Security.

In reality, Dubya obstructed a 9/11 investigation from day one, at first refusing to appoint a commission, and then suggesting Henry Kissinger lead it. Kissinger has business relations with England, Israel, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. If you study the facts of 9/11, you’ll quickly learn Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were providing aid to the terrorists, while the Mossad and British intelligence were conducting surveillance.

Any intelligent person should be howling mad at this point, and demands for an independent investigation should have rattled the halls of Congress. Instead we got a very limited investigation that never tracked into Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Israel, even though many Mossad spies were picked up immediately after the event and quickly shipped back to Israel. The most respected Jewish newspaper, The Forward, interviewed Chip Berlet when the spies filming the Twin Towers collapse were picked up in New Jersey, in a van that tested positive for explosives, and then quickly sent to Israel. Nothing to see here, said Berlet essentially, just keep moving.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, why is the Forward calling Chip Berlet for a quote about Israeli spies being sent back to Israel? Are they saying he’s some sort of expert on Mossad activities? It’s really funny because Berlet first contacted me after my original JFK article came out. I’d just been contacted by Bo Gritz and Fletcher Prouty, who both thanked me for writing the article. I responded by interviewing Gritz about US involvement in the heroin trade in Vietnam. Although Gritz was the most decorated soldier to come out of that war, he was greatly disillusioned with the system after Khun Sa told him Richard Armitage (personal envoy to then President George H. W. Bush) was his biggest customer for raw opium. Berlet soon wrote a piece titled “Right Woos Left” in regards to the fact renegade sides from the managed dialectic were slipping off the leash and sharing incriminating information about corruption inside the system in an attempt to expose the Octopus team orchestrating major crimes for profit.

Maybe you think I’m delusional for thinking such a team exists, embedded deep into the world’s oligarchies, who have been in power for two thousand years. But I don’t see how any rational person can object to an independent 9/11 investigation, can you? Why is it considered treason to investigate this incident? Not a single gumshoe reporter from any mainstream publication spent one day investigating the crime of the century? Instead, somehow, the concept was conveyed and burned into the brains of America that it is disloyal to suggest such an investigation is ever going to be necessary. And that, my friends, is exactly how sophisticated mind control works.

And as a coda, let’s consider the interesting career of foundation-funded Chip Berlet, who, according to Kris Millegan, was posing online right around 9/11 as Sean McBride, a person disseminating evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11, while, at the same time, Berlet was leading the charge to brand all such accusations as antisemitic. See, that’s how you work a dialectic and create a mind control matrix.

But the whole point of this blog is my fervent hope cannabis legalization will spread fast and quickly become such a positive event that a consensus of public opinion questions what other lies other than Reefer Madness have we been subjected to? And then, my friends, perhaps some of the real dominoes may start to fall.