Marita Lorenz and Frank Sturgis are keys to the JFK assassination

fidel15Marita Lorenz was 19 when she first met Fidel Castro, having just arrived in Cuba from her homeland in Germany. She soon became Castro’s lover and met an American named Frank Forini who was working with Castro. Forini’s comrade-in-arms E. Howard Hunt wrote an espionage book detailing Forini’s true life exploits as a spook using “Sturgis” as his cover name. Within a few years, Forini legally changed his name to Sturgis.

Sturgis had an interesting life, having been a Marine and served in Army intelligence, been a policeman, then become a pilot, and he’d also run some bars and nightclubs in his hometown in Virginia. Eventually, Sturgis became a full-time spook working with the CIA and claimed to have helped trained Fidel and Che’s 400 initial troops, but later turned against them after they went Communistic. Pretty soon Sturgis and Lorenz were plotting how to poison or blow up Castro with a cigar filled with TNT.

Sturgis was involved in Operation 40, a CIA assassination squad, and certainly knew some details of the Kennedy assassination, as did Lorenz. However, both were played by the CIA and used as counterintelligence tools to seed rabbit holes and misdirections. Although Sturgis was initially identified as one of the three tramps, along with Hunt, this turned out to me an immense rabbit hole. Decades would pass before researchers began to fathom the truth. Hunt and Sturgis were used as backstops.

gty_frank_sturgis_jp_120614_wmainBut after Sturgis was caught at the Watergate complex and convicted, he sued the Committee to Re-elect President and the case was settled out-of-court. Sturgis believed he was acting on orders from the White House in a matter of deep national security, looking for evidence involving the JFK assassination supposedly held in a safe by the heads of the Democratic Party. According to Sturgis, this evidence had been collected by Cuban spooks investigating the case for Castro.

One of the major misdirections employed with the JFK operation had been to blame the assassination on Castro, which is why the designated patsy was sheep-dipped as a Castro supporter who’d just recently visited the Cuban embassy in Mexico. Sturgis was part of the plan leaking info pointing towards Castro, but he also became a major suspect in the case himself.

Apparently, Sturgis was in Miami that day, or at least he had two family members willing to swear to that alibi. I believe he probably was. Hunt had been brought into Dallas, but I don’t believe he played a major role, and he certainly wasn’t an assassin, as he was only involved in propaganda. On his deathbed, Hunt would finally assert the truth: JFK was killed by the same CIA team initially formed to kill Castro, a team headed by William Harvey. But there were probably several teams put together for this mission, and it was very clever to blame the hit on Sturgis because his team likely wasn’t used. I suspect both Sturgis and Hunt were floated as patsies by James Angleton, who engineered the coverup. Oswald was likely an undercover agent for Angleton, as were many major players in this drama.

Of course, Hunt wants to blame the JFK hit on LBJ, which is ridiculous. Angleton was a Yale grad and very close to Allen Dulles and the Rockefellers, and this Eastern Establishment does not take orders from a corrupt Texas politician like LBJ, who had enough secrets he could easily be blackmailed or paid off in cash.