Inside the Wilderness of Mirrors

440px-Andportraits2In 1606 some manifestos appeared in Germany opposing the Catholic Church and claiming secret knowledge from the east. Although the Protestant revolution had been ongoing for nearly a hundred years (having been launched in 1516 by an ordained priest at the University of Wittenburg named Martin Luther), these new mystical manifestos drew on Arabic, Judaic and Greek influences, while Luther’s Reformation was based around the Christian Bible.

Christian Rosenkreuz was listed as author of the manifestos, but many years later Johann Valenntin Andreae (left) claimed credit for authoring at least one of them (the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz) and he revealed the treatise had been initially intended as satire, claiming the fictional Rosenkrutz lived to the advanced age of 106, longevity attributed to a study of Indian mysticism. The secret order was intended to usher in the age of enlightenment and inductees were said to possess magical knowledge that would transform arts and sciences, but according to Andreae it was a hoodwink that took on a life of its own.

The oligarchies have long been fascinated by magic, and easily suckered into a fraudulent seance, and Rosicrucianism became big very quickly because Europe was going through a zeitgeist shift. Secret societies were sprouting everywhere, and many were advancing the concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity, ideas that threatened the status quo ruled by the monarchies and their anointed churches. The largest and most successful secret society was Freemasonry, which had taken much from the outlawed Templars, but Rosicrucianism had a big influence on the evolution of masonry, and some of its mystical concepts were incorporated into the emerging masonic rituals. A few Rosicrucians began charging exorbitant fees for arranging ceremonies and sharing secret wisdom.

Adam_Weishaupt01But in 1776, a new secret society appeared, and it immediately positioned itself as antagonistic to both the Catholic Church and Rosicrucianism. Interestingly, this new secret society was created at a Jesuit university by a Jesuit-trained lawyer who specialized in canon law of the Catholic Church. However, most of the membership never knew his name and a story would be spread on how the Illuminati were actually controlled by a small group of illuminated masters (just like the Rosicrucians supposedly were). This may actually have been the case if Adam Weishaupt was fronting for some hidden force or cabal seeking to infect Freemasonry from within.

Both the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati were recruiting members from within the masonic lodges and other secret societies, but the Illuminati were doing it in great secrecy. Weishaupt’s strategy was to recruit the leader of a lodge because if the leader became Illuminati, the entire lodge could be easily manipulated. Although Weishaupt claimed to be fomenting the downfall of religion and royalty, he was actively recruiting the rich and powerful and seems to have had a somewhat a shifty agenda. Meanwhile, many members of secret societies at the time suspected their lodges had been penetrated by Jesuits, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, or all of the above. It was a very conspiratorial time.

Mt. Vernon, October 24, 1798

Revd Sir: …It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am….

—George Washington

(The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799. John C Fitzpatrick, Editor)

I realize there’s a popular movement afoot led by Madonna and others to resurrect the Illuminati as a force for good, something spearheaded by Robert Anton Wilson many decades ago, but I don’t subscribe to that belief, and view the organization much the same as Washington did in 1798. He considered it a “diabolical” plot to separate “people from their government.”

There’s little doubt the Bonesmen of Yale are the closest thing we have today to Weishaupt’s Illuminati, and Bonesmen have penetrated the upper strata of business, banking and intelligence, not to mention the media and the energy corporations. Their objective seems to be self-enrichment and acquisition of power, and apparently has little to do with enlightenment or helping the common people unlock the chains of exploitation.

It’s funny how communists organized in secret cells just like the Illuminati. And they also obeyed an unknown central authority at all cost, just like the Illuminati. I’m fascinated by the history of communism in America because it appears the movement was penetrated and manipulated by spooks from its inception. In April 1958, a leader of the American communist movement named Morris Childs was sent to the Soviet Union and China to meet with top officials and after three months he returned to secretly report to President Dwight D. Eisenhower and members of his national security staff. Enormous penetration ops were embedding secret agents into both sides of this carefully-managed dialectic from day one.

Simultaneously, in 1947, the CIA created the National Student Association (NSA) during a meeting of student activists in Madison, Wisconsin. Interestingly, there was a strong Catholic block inside the NSA that voted as a group. The NSA was one of the few organizations that openly opposed McCarthy’s anti-communist movement, quickly leading to allegations they were a communist front, when, in fact, they were a CIA front pretending to be a communist front.

It’s funny how so many devout communists from this era would emerge later in life as neo-cons, or how members of the violent Weather Underground got professorships, leaving me to wonder if some of these people weren’t spooks all along. John Foster “Chip” Berlet wrote a series of books on student activism for the NSA, and he took thousands of photos of student activists during this period. He also became an active shop steward for the National Lawyers’ Guild, which also opposed McCarthism and was similarly accused of being a communist front, leaving me to wonder about its possible CIA-connections.

Today Berlet runs a think tank for the CIA-connected Ford Foundation, and has become the leading authority debunking conspiracy theories involving 9/11 and the CIA. Strangely, he momentarily became the Washington DC editor for High Times, and wrote an attack on Lyndon LaRouche that was published in that magazine. LaRouche appears to be an intelligence operation himself because there is migration from his staff to the Pentagon, as in the case of Laurent Murawiec, who became an analyst for the CIA-connected RAND corporation while writing articles for the highly conspiratorial Executive Intelligence Review, leading me to believe there are some staged confrontations and dialectical games at play here.

Was communism created as an op from day one or was it was merely penetrated and taken over after taking root? There’s likely a reason why nearly every modern revolution and progressive movement against colonialism and imperialism has been subverted by communists and that reason may be because communism looks a lot like fascism in disguise.

Could the Jesuits have created the Illuminati to contain the enlightenment? Did MI6 promote communism for a similar purpose? When dealing with the wonderful world of spooks difficult questions like these should be considered carefully because intelligence operations are designed as a wilderness of mirrors where up is down, left is right, and although people have the power whenever they want to take it, and could vote away the wealth of the oligarchy if they were better organized with more effective, focused leadership, and there’s plenty enough resources to take care of everyone if only they could be better distributed, in truth, any successful movement that supports an agenda like that will instantly be penetrated by spooks.


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There are so many crackpot videos on conspiracy theory floating around that I’ve decided to return to video-editing for a while and create some of my own, only instead of directing people into a deep rabbit hole of paranoia (like most do), I’m more interested in empowering people to take control of their own magic. I whipped out a small sample, so I hope you check it out.

And yes, I realize there’s a typo, left because this is a sketch and not a finished piece. I suspect I will launch into a major documentary on the Lincoln assassination soon, with this as my launching pad. Here’s another segment:

3 Worst Things About Homeland

I tend to avoid TV shows since I prefer to program my own entertainment mostly through netflix or amazon prime, but a few still capture my attention, like The Borgias and Boardwalk Empire. But after Homeland won all these awards, I thought I better check it out, and like the dude said, “start with episode one,” so I did.

I’ve already discussed Richard Condon’s amazing and groundbreaking Manchurian Candidate, which was a book and a film. I have a unique interpretation, btw: in my version the Sinatra character is brainwashed and just walking through a guided script that will eventually enable the shooter to kill his own mother, who has slipped off the leash and begun meeting secretly with the Pope. In my version Communism is just a scam being run at the highest levels of Freemasonry and was invented primarily to prevent the rise of democracies as the old monarchies were fading, all part of the dialectics of controlling the future by carefully managing the playing field and teams involved.

There’s no doubt Manchurian Candidates are real and the technology to create them has passed from the Nazis, to the CIA, to some off the-shelf-operations that will likely never be exposed. In real life, male Manchurian Candidates do not have living fathers, which is the most prominent sigil in their subconscious minds. Lee Harvey Oswald is a prime example. Also, the younger you start working on your Manchurian Candidate, the more successful your brainwashing is likely to be. Five or six would probably be ideal, although Oswald was already 13 when a CIA doctor started his “treatment” in New York City.

Since Homeland is about Manchurian Candidates, you’d think I’d love this show. I do enjoy the acting, and I like the idea of a bipolar patient investigating conspiracies, but the show unfortunately falls short and jumps the shark frequently. Let me count the ways.

1) You can’t take a middle-aged Christian with a wife and family and turn them into a Muslim through torture. Using trauma and drugs, the best you could hope for is a split personality, one Christian, one Muslim, but even that would be difficult if you started at such a late age. And this is the fundamental problem with Homeland and why it never rises above the level of a propaganda piece supporting the war on terror: The Manchurian Candidates are being constructed by the side with the most money and best resources, and just as the size and scope of the Russian military was greatly exaggerated during the Cold War to amp up tensions and work that dialectic for increased military budgets, the capabilities of the jihadists are greatly exaggerated, when, in fact, all the jihad groups are heavily infiltrated by spooks from a wide variety of intelligence agencies from around the world, so much so that its often hard to tell who’s really running the jihads. One of my favorite spy films, Munich, shows how an assassination team from the Mossad was killing off all the moderates while the extremists were routinely protected by the CIA. That’s why Munich is so brilliant, and why Homeland is so shady in comparison. It would be way more interesting if a group of jihadists under CIA mind control were to have slipped off the leash and needed to be eliminated before they could spill the beans.

2) The construction of Manchurian Candidates is a very complex and expensive operation; so when you have a Manchurian Candidate that works, you protect him and only destroy him when absolutely necessary. Which is why I found it absurd Brody is all torn up inside because he thinks he killed his buddy. That’s the trauma running Brody’s mind control. Then, after he learns his buddy is still alive, he happily shoots him to prove he’s still a working Manchurian Candidate? Why kill your best shooter to prove your loyalty when you can kill anybody to complete that mission? It makes no sense, just like a lot of the plot developments in this script, which are designed around shock effect but come off as exercises in shark jumping.

3) The greatest TV show in the late 1960s was easily The Prisoner. And the really great thing about that show was you never knew who was running the prison, where it was, or who had abducted the McGoohan character. In the real life spook-filled world of drugs, guns and terror, the players actually sometimes wonder who they’re really working for, since so many of them are double and triple agents playing all sides against the middle, and that is the mystery a show like Homeland should be feeding off of. Instead, we get a knee-jerk good-guys versus bad-guys melodrama that actually inflames the already existing paranoia surrounding Arab-Americans? Sorry, I am disappointed.

Who’s Obama’s Daddy?

I don’t watch much TV anymore since I much prefer Netflix and Amazon Prime so I can program my own entertainment. But when I checked into Amazon last night, I noticed the number two watched movie right now is about President Obama’s real father, a communist party organizer named Frank Marshall Davis. The film also goes into great detail regarding Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, and his long association with the CIA. Although the mainstream media is ignoring this feature-length documentary, it’s quickly becoming one of the most-watched films on the internet.

The film is made by a mysterious figure named Joel Gilbert, who, far as I know, is no relation to Josh Gilbert, who made AKA Tommy Chong. Until now, Gilbert was mostly known for making low-budget documentaries about Bob Dylan. In this regard he reminds me of A.J. Weberman, who was obsessed with decoding Dylan’s work as well as inspecting his garbage. Since Dylan once captured the center of energy on the counterculture revolution, he remains an important sigil in the minds of some baby boomers like me. Weberman would later accuse Howard Hunt of being one of the three tramps in Dallas when JFK was assassinated and wrote a book that unveiled the CIA’s involvement in the assassination for the first time, although Hunt was just a rabbit hole. Hunt was in Dallas that day, but as an observer, and it was James Angleton’s idea to dangle him as the “paymaster” and brains behind the assassination. That was a deflection away from William Harvey, who worked under Angleton and really served in that role.

Which brings me to this current film. I strongly suspect some very powerful organization, maybe even the CIA, is behind this current documentary. It’s an exercise in fear-mongering and is being hyped by Alex Jones, who we all know is a disinfo plant, right?

However, there’s obviously a lot of truth being revealed in the film. After watching it, I suspect Obama’s real father may have even been an undercover secret agent himself, as communism was a scam from day one, fomented from within Freemasonry and supported by some of the world’s richest bankers. Just as Hitler had to be brought in to disrupt the Weimar Republic’s dangerous emerging democracy, Lenin was brought in to shift the direction of the Russian Revolution away from democracy and into a dictatorship that could easily be controlled.

Also, I’ve always suspected the Weather Underground was an op to turn the non-violent counterculture revolution toward violence. In situations like this, the bombs are usually provided by an FBI informant, similar to the way the FBI disrupted the Earth First! movement in the 1980s.

Obviously, the film was engineered to hide the truth in plain site. And someone paid for millions of copies of the DVD to be distributed free to the battleground states as Obama was running for his second term. The film plays on old fears that a communist conspiracy is secretly taking power in this country, when, in fact, the real conspiracy is that communism itself is a complete scam, a managed dialectic devised to capture the center of energy on any emerging democratic movements around the world.

The Communist Party of the USA was created by John Reed, who came from a very rich family high up in the oligarchy. When Reed went to Mexico, he wrote a book about Pancho Villa and his army, and managed to never once mention marijuana, even though it was probably Pancho’s favorite substance since he disapproved of alcohol but could almost always be found with a stogie in his mouth. Reed knew this stogie was not tobacco, but failed to mention the importance of cannabis to that revolution, even though Villa’s marching song (La Cucaracha) was about marijuana.

If you look closely into the Communist movement in the US, you’ll find a lot of rich people and bankers behind the scenes. Setting up dialectical forces is what it’s all about because if you don’t set up these forces, you run the risk of a real opposition being set up against you.

By the way, the Obama story actually started four years ago, watch this: