The free NYC 420 has arrived!

NYC420_edited-1New York City finally gets a free 420 event. The Temple Dragons were the original crew that ran the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam for 25 years. The members of the crew were all cross-trained to do any job, which meant selling tickets, providing non-violent security, shooting video and especially running the ceremonies, which always involved music. Members of the crew have reformed in NYC to create an annual tradition for the celebration of cannabis culture. (There is also a boat ride around Manhattan sponsored by the Cannabis Cup Band, and this year the tours depart at 7 & 9 PM.


May the circle keep on tokin’

chefraDedicated to James “Chef Ra” Wilson

G                                                 G7
I was standing by my window
………C                           G
On a cold and cloudy day
When I saw Chef Ra a-skating
…………..G                D7        G
Come to carry my blues away.


G                                               G7
May the circle keep on tokin’
…………….C                           G
Bye and bye Ra, bye and bye
There’s a better world awaiting
…………G         D7         G
In the sky Ra, oh so high.

G                                                         G7
Well, I noticed, the town was lonely
………..C                         G
For Chef Ra, he had gone
All his friends, we were cryin’
………….G            D7            G
For we felt so sad and alone.

G                                               G7
May the circle keep on tokin’
………….C                      G
And get high, oh, so high
There’s a better time awaiting
……….G           D7              G
In the sky, with Ra, so high.

G                                      G7
Undertaker, undertaker
……………..C                             G
Won’t you please drive by slow
For that man you are a-haulin’
………….G         D7           G
We so hate to see him go.

G                                               G7
May the circle keep on tokin’
………….C                             G
And get high, Ra, oh so high
There’s a better world awaiting
…………G       D7            G
In the sky Ra, in the sky.

Please join my conspiracy to occupy religion

11694752_1096341923727827_3028084207419145056_nWhen Tom Forcade made the bold move of relocating his commune from Arizona to New York City in a school bus filled with Mexican weed, he devised the perfect cover: a church group, with him as head pastor, which is why he wore a clerical collar—although he added a black slouch cowboy hat worthy of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti Western as his crown.

When I say magic and religion are the same thing, and run on the same rules, costumes are a great illustrator of the concept. By dressing as a Reverend, Forcade disarmed Christian opponents to hippies. It’s the same when someone puts on a Santa Claus outfit. Suddenly, they’re not a normal person, but something somehow connected to vibrations on the astral plane.

For the launching of the United Federation of Cannabis Ministries, I invited all the cannabis-related ministries around the world to gather with me in Denver during the Munchie Cup. A half dozen RSVP’ed, but only one showed: The First Church of Cannabis founded by Bill Levin in Indianapolis. Bill is a remarkable guy, and exudes happiness and serenity pretty much all the time far as I could tell. Upon arrival, he grabbed the white candle and carved the golden spiral. Then he joined the choir of the Temple Dragon Band with great gusto. With lightening speed, Bill worked his way up the ranks into becoming a deacon of the Pot Illuminati.

I’ve been studying the history of cannabis and religion for 30 years, and the creation of the Pot Illuminati is almost as complex and well-thought-out as the creation of Bitcoin. Constructing a corruption-free form of religion is no easy task. First, you have to strip away the useless dogma, which represents the encrusted mind control propaganda. You can download my free ebook The New Pot Enlightenment on numerous platforms for a complete picture of the religion. There’s only one rule: don’t hurt anyone.

And by the way, that includes feelings. Notice there are some who delight in wounding people with gossip, and when called out respond: ‘it was just a joke, dude.” What they are really doing is employing telepathic weapons, flying false flags. There are plenty of ways to do humor where all sides laugh heartily. But when one side weeps, that wasn’t humor at all, but a death bomb to the heart.

The Pot Illuminati, on the other hand, are experts at dropping love bombs. And a lot of our lingo and philosophy comes from Carl Von Clauswitz, the preeminent European philosopher of  war, a man respected in the highest corridors of the Pentagon and CIA. That’s because if you study your opponent’s magic, you can steal his sigils and tap his telepathic energy. It’s not unlike hacking into an opponent’s website. I discovered this technique in the late 1980’s when I created the Freedom Fighters and formed a tribe wearing tricorner hats with psychedelic Colonial outfits. Within a few years we were on the Boston Common with 100,000 people cheering us, although the national news media never spoke a word.

The Pot Illuminati is not seeking donations or seeking converts. We will be holding a ceremony on 420 Eve 2016 at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael. While I realize the Tree of Life and Burning Bush are cannabis, I do not slavishly imitate religions of the past. Spirituality flows through us naturally, and you only need to meditate to connect with the signals. There are many vibrations, but when you roll them all up into one big telepathic ball, it’s called One Love.

Li’l Zeus Krishna

LilZeusKrishnaLi’l Zeus Krishna you don’t know what I got.

Li’l Zeus Krishna you don’t know what I got.

I’m not braggin’ bro, so don’t put me down, but I got the sweetest little avatar around, he’s my Li’l Zeus Krishna and he heals the blind and lame, while walking on water, and spreading fun everywhere…

He’s a Li’l Zeus Krishna, and he’s Son of Jah

Throw in some Apollo and add some Ra, you gotta Li’l Zeus Krishna who covers all the bases in that concept called God.

Li’l Zeus Krishna you don’t know what I got.

In Praise of Ginger Baker

The+Graham+Bond+Organisation+Graham+Bond+Organisation1965+EThank you Showtime for putting up two fantastic rock documentaries this summer, first was the Bob Gruen story, and now the amazing history of one of the world’s greatest drummers, Ginger Baker.

Right away, I was blown away by an early clip of Ginger performing Harmonica with his second band, The Graham Bond Organisation (GBO), from the film Gonks Go Beat (1965).

Ginger was a natural-born drummer with perfect time who learned his skills from listening to Max Roach playing with Bird. He was a jazz drummer who got pulled into the big beat scene when it hit England in the early 1960s. Boy, do I love the fusion they created. GBO actually started with John McLaughlin on guitar, a man often called “the world’s greatest guitar player,” although others just call him “world’s greatest musician.” It must have been quite amazing to have been at those early jam sessions with Ginger and John and, of course, Jack Bruce, the greatest bass player of his generation. Although John Entwhistle of the Who may have had more technical skills and he could certainly play faster than anyone else, Jack was a much more accomplished all-around musician. Like Ginger, Jack had a background in jazz and began playing standup in a jazz band, although soon after joining up with Graham, he decided to switch to a short-neck Gibson SG. In 1966, my mom would buy me that same guitar as I wanted to join a band and was advised the bass was the easiest way into the game.

I was blown away listening to that first Cream album, but I never even heard Graham Bond until decades later unfortunately. Gonks Go Beat is now a camp classic but was savagely attacked when it first came out possibly because it was so ahead of its time and the world wasn’t ready for a sci-fi rock’n’roll fantasy comedy film. Maybe it’s time for a remake.

Jack and Ginger had quite a history together. Apparently, Ginger was very upset when Jack switched to electric guitar and he never forgave him. And I think I know why. See, when he was on stand-up, Jack remained in Ginger’s shadow because Ginger was the loudest drummer of his time. But when Jack got electrified, he began to spar with Ginger over who had control of the bottom. One night Jack tried to keep playing during Ginger’s solo, which prompted a fist fight that ended Cream as a band.

I’m pretty sure Ginger was the first rock drummer to go double bass, and his two bass drums were slightly different sizes, tuned to different notes. Ginger wasn’t just a drummer, he was a composer, arranger, and had a very sophisticated style that made use of harmonics and jazz techniques in a rock format. His signature was the flam, which is when you strike a drum with both sticks, but slightly apart so instead of two beats, it becomes like one booming beat. His famous drum solo “Toad” made a lot of use of that technique.

That first Cream album changed the world. With the breakup of GBO and the departure of Graham and John, Jack became a lead singer for the first time and Eric Clapton was brought in on guitar, one of the few players who could stand toe-to-toe with McLaughlin (others being Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and maybe Jeff Beck on a good day). I did all my first acid trips to that first Cream album and still love to listen to it today. The only thing more inspiring on acid for me was the first Jimi Hendrix album.

Ginger has always had a huge streak of self-destruction and is forced to keep constantly reinventing himself. He’s a bit of a phoenix, just like me. It’s too bad he couldn’t keep bands or families together, but you have to admire the way he never compromised and just did pretty much exactly what he wanted to do his whole life. Other than drumming, his one big passion was playing polo. Over the course of time, he built some huge ranches for polo ponies, in England, Colorado, and finally, South Africa, but he eventually lost all his horses and all his money. See, drummers don’t get much in the way of royalties and residuals and even though Jack Bruce got rich from Cream, that was because he wrote some of the music. The other dude who cashed in was Jack’s lyricist. The laws regarding residuals are all messed up in my opinion because Ginger helped arrange all of those songs and provided essential creative input, not to mention he put the beat down on every song.

While I was watching the movie, I couldn’t help but be reminded of one of my own favorite completely unknown super group trios: Medicine Hat, formed in the East Village around 1989 or so. Dave Rodway was the Ginger Baker of the Lower East Side at the time, Frank Max was Eric Clapton, and Bobby Belfiore was a cross between Jack Bruce and Mick Jagger. They put on some mind-blowing performances, but only lasted a few weeks. I hope some of those performances make it to Youtube someday. In the meantime, I’d like to share that song, Harmonica, from Gonks Go Beat, so click this link and get ready to dance:

New Children’s Prayer

newprayerfixHere’s a little tip on how to manifest peace magic. A lot of the best magic starts with the kids. A good example would be the children’s poem, “Hush-a-bye Baby,” which was a coded message for an uprising against King James I, who was suspected of smuggling a new born baby into his palace so he could pawn it off as his newly birthed offspring (when, in fact, he could bear no fruit). “The cradle will fall” was a reference to this child not being recognized as being of proper royal blood.

When I was a kid, we were taught a very strange poem to say every night before bed. In my usual fashion of improvisational ritual theater, I’ve changed the words a bit in order to place them more in line with my understanding of the sacred vibrations that run through all things.

I encourage parents to introduce this prayer to their kids as a means of dealing with some of the worst of the terror being manufactured today, some of which may even be created to condition us to accept a complete surrender of the Bill of Rights. I think this prayer is a positive step in the right direction and should be translated into every language and spread around the globe as quickly as possible.