About The Tin Whistle

I call my blog The Tin Whistle after the underground newspaper I created in central Illinois in 1968.

I moved to New York City in 1979 and became the first journalist to start documenting the origins of hip hop.

In 1988, while editor of High Times, I created the Cannabis Cup and produced the event for two decades.

In 1991, I began organizing 420 ceremonies through the activist group I founded, The Freedom Fighters.

I’m author of over 30 ebooks on Smashwords, Amazon, Nook and iTunes and recently released five paperback books via CreateSpace, including one unveiling the JFK assassination, and one unveiling the Lincoln assassination.

I’m founder of the Pot Illuminati and the Temple Dragon Crew, and inventor of a magic chakra candle meditation device.

My college tour is called Heads versus Feds and booked by Conscious Campus and Wolfman Productions.

My band, the Soul Assassins, performed frequently in the late 1980s in New York City and at major cannabis rallies across the nation. We now appear exclusively on facebook and bandcamp as the “Original Soul Assassins.” Someday we might hold a reunion.


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