The Mysterious Madame Blavatsky

Blavatsky.007Madame Blavatsky is a titan of Fundamentalist Occultism who died from the flu in London in 1891 at age 59. She was also one of the world’s greatest bullshit artists.

Blavatsky fabricated a head-spinning early biography that placed her in Cairo, Paris, London, New York, Chicago, Salt Lake City and San Francisco in the mid-1800s, where she supposedly held meetings with important mediums. She claimed to have become the only westerner to gain access to the holy city of Tibet, an obvious fabrication.

No doubt Blavatsky was fully exposed to Freemasonry, and her books shared Albert Pike’s affection for plagiarizing huge sections from other manuscripts sans attribution, although Pike never claimed special powers (that I know of), while Blavatsky claimed secret masters had given her special abilities, among which were telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, controlling the consciousness of others, and materializing and dematerializing physical objects.

It’s interesting she moved to India at a time of great social turmoil, summoned by her secret masters, and led an entourage around that country, from one sacred site to another, while encouraging Indians to embrace their native culture, which kept her under the close watch of British intelligence. She eventually created over 100 lodges devoted to her new religion, Theosophy, most of which were in India and probably still operating today. Have you read my theory Gandhi was a spook whose mission was to keep Indians non-violent to prevent the rise of an armed insurrection against British rule?

Emb_logoAlthough it’s obvious Blavatsky’s claims of magic powers were fraudulent, her basic message was actually a good one, as she sought to unite all religions, like Mani had done millennia before. She was obviously well-read in occult and Eastern religious traditions and freely incorporated elements from a wide variety of sources. The cleverly named National Socialist German Worker’s Party would lift her fascination with Tibet along with the swastika, although she’d appropriated that symbol from Jainism, the original religion of non-violence and “no gods.” Lifting symbols from other cultures while reversing their intended meaning is a magical trick.

Occultists make great spooks, and Aleister Crowley’s connections to MI6 are well documented at this point. Crowley remained an asset for most of his life, and many suspect his induction into a German secret society (OTO) was actually part of his spook activities, but later in life, when James Bond creator Ian Fleming was his handler, “C” felt the Great Beast’s days as a useful asset were over. C is the real code name for the head of MI6, not the “M” deployed by Fleming in print. Blavatsky could have been an independent agent successfully inventing a completely new age religion, or then again she could have been someone’s spook. One thing I know for sure: her claim of magic powers was a lie.



Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

4 thoughts on “The Mysterious Madame Blavatsky”

  1. Hi Steven–was there ever a posting in regards to your Gandhi theory? I’ve always thought felt that was exactly the case in his example & am intrigued to read your thoughts on the matter. I couldn’t find any tags featuring “Gandhi” & a Web search of the phrase from the article led me back to said article. Thank you.

    1. Yes there are many suspicious elements to Gandhi’s bio, and also a lot of his habits, like sleeping naked with teenagers and receiving daily enemas from them, that have been swept under the rug. I will write a comprehensive blog on this subject soon to express my thoughts. I wonder how google has gotten so scrubbed of this information.

      1. Tonight I read about ten of your articles for the first time. You are very well researched. I came here to read your article about Mark Passio. I don’t trust a lot of these researchers exposing the so-called Illuminati.

  2. This is an excellent and informative article. You are well read and researched. I subscribed after I read your article about Mark Passio. I don’t completely trust anybody especially those claiming to fight the so-called Illuminati. Theres a lot of deception and disinfo on the net. But I think you’re legit.

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