Was Jesus a vegetarian?

Matthew-3-Jesus-Baptized-by-JohnWhat is history but a fable agreed upon? Napoleon got that right. Which is why I don’t trust any of the primary documents from the period, and I’ll tell you why. After the destruction of the Second Temple, the Romans expelled Jews and Christians and destroyed all the primary documents. The ones we use today are mostly from Jewish scribes writing in Greek, living in Alexandria, home of the world’s largest library thanks to Alexander the Great. But even that library was eventually destroyed. The only reliable documents on the early Christians are the Dead Sea Scrolls, and they tell a different story from Peter and Paul, and are open to interpretation beyond the official story given out so far.

Something heavy went down in old Jerusalem. Christianity is a hybrid culture forged at a crossroads, similar to what happened in Congo Square, New Orleans. From the East came the Zoroastrian tradition (soma:hot milk and cannabis). From the South came the Egyptian tradition (burning of kifi-cannabis incense). From the North came the Scythian tradition (burning of cannabis flowers inside tipis). But the incredibly important and most overlooked influence came from the West, and involved music, mathematics and mushrooms, all created by a guy name Pythagoras. This is the primary tradition that would give birth to the secret society traditions for the next few thousand years and would become the bedrock upon which Masonry was built. But it’s essential to realize Jerusalem was the place where all these traditions converged to create an all-inclusive peace movement, although that movement was gradually infected from within and turned into a mind control program for fomenting wars of conquest in the name of God.

My version of the Jesus myth is different because I treat life like a giant wheel and the same traumas and dramas and scripts repeat over the generations. The movement started by John the Baptist is based on bringing back the holy anointing oil, not washing it off. The oil heals the sick and inspires artists and performers. This movement would have attracted devotees from all cultures and that’s why the Jesus myth contains elements from them all.

Jerusalem was ruled by an oligarchy installed by Roman force. There were 7,000 priests, and that included the temple guards and secret police. Intrigue and brutality were everywhere. It was all about the bling and your connections. The temple vastly overcharged for everything, so the priest class became fat with gold and were loving the Roman occupation. The temple rituals are mostly about the sacrifice of living animals. Ritual murder.

It doesn’t take a genius to guess maybe the peace movement was vegetarian and somewhat aghast by the blood stains on the altar? The Buddhists, Hindus and Pythagoreans had already figured out the importance of the vegetarianism in keeping your karma cool, so that concept had to be in the reach of John the Baptist and his cousin Jesus. That’s just one of many tweaks I’ll be making as I recount my version of the Jesus myth.

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

One thought on “Was Jesus a vegetarian?”

  1. Very interesting Steven! I have been doing some research on my own since I was little on Jesus. As I got older, my questions became more “difficult” for the “every day run of the mill” Priest, Rabbi, etc….
    I know Jesus was well traveled with his “uncle” Joseph of Arimathea and that Jesus also lived in Tibet and surrounding Buddhist areas.
    I believe Jesus took most of his sayings and beliefs from Buddha.(A strong believer in vegan standards and respecting ALL Life forms)
    This is where I believe Jesus got most of his beliefs systems when he says “God is all around us and within us” (Gospel of Thomas too)
    If Jesus was a meat eater, I have never heard that he ate cooked Lamb for instance??
    Humus was a standard type of food back then with Pita like bread. Etc…
    Question: Is there an actual list of foods that Jesus may have eaten during his time?
    Otherwise, a typical Vegan diet will be Rice, veggies, fruits, mixed in and NO MEAT.(NO killing of anything with a “face” etc…but he ate Fish right???) Sermon on the Mount with ALL those people and only a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish?
    Another thing that is over looked are ALL the “Miracles” Jesus did which would fill volumes of books outside the Bible.(Another cover up I think?? Otherwise, there were thousands) Not one person, Saint or magician could have performed all those miracles.
    Anyway, I digress just a little but was also interested in what you said about Jesus being a Vegan and possibly being exposed to THC on a routine basis??? (Even the assassins were famous for smoking Hashish before an “assignment”. way back then)
    Question: If Jesus ate a special Diet and drank water or wine, and no meat, I am wondering what affect he also experienced if he was exposed to THC or other natural Herbs on a routine basis? There is no mention of it anywhere that I am aware of???
    If we were to become more like him, minus the DNA differences, then maybe WE can perform miracles or be perfectly “Healthy”??

    We are what we “eat” so to speak……has a deeper meaning than what’s on the surface.


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