Volcanoes and Climate Change

Arenal-VolcanoMany scientists have been perplexed over the obvious slowdown in Global Warming, something that shifted the name of our global environmental crisis last year to “Climate Change.”

Yet, despite a rising volume of greenhouse gas expelling into the atmosphere, global temperature plateaued, and some scientists are suggesting the reason may be the planet’s soaring volcanic activity, which cools the planet while affecting the chemistry of the upper atmosphere.

Is the Earth a self-regulating system and humans merely a component and not even necessarily the most significant? My feeling is there are likely checks and balances that regulate this system, and when one component starts over-producing, others will appear to help modulate.

It’s certainly a comforting thought that even though our governments are ruled by psychotic corporations with zero scruples who manipulate religion to manifest war for profit, our planet may be ruled by a much more appealing power: Mother Earth.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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