This year 420 starts April 5th in New Jersey

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Hagerat23rdCup New Jersey used to be one of those states like Texas: universally dreaded by stoners for harsh pot laws and trigger-happy cops. But now that New Jersey passed medical marijuana, it seems big changes are afoot for the Garden State.

How about a bill to legalize marijuana and a huge hempfest all happening right now? The Joys of Hemp involves three stages and a job fair, as well as a industry trade show, all happening in Piscataway on April 4-6. There might even be an area for medical patients to medicate, but don’t go thinking people will be smoking pot. It hasn’t been legalized yet in New Jersey yet, although I’m sure the state police will quickly loose their ardor for enforcing the predatory pot laws.

Abakus Editor-in-Chief Steven Hager will be leading a 4:20 ceremony on Saturday, April 5th, followed by a lecture on the origins of 420 in…

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Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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