30th Anniversary of Beat Street

FixedBeatCoverThere’s another big celebration for Beat Street this week, and the organizer actually invited me and said they’d be honored to have my attendance. Sha Rock is giving the opening address for the festivities that include two screenings over the day. Beat Street was actually my original idea and something I’d been trying to sell to a variety of production companies. Unfortunately, my story (which was based on facts) got hacked to death and nothing but the characters’ names survived. They even took the small cameo I arranged for Phase 2 out of the final edit because someone decided Phase didn’t have anything to do with creating hip hop. I guess that was Harry’s call. It was strange to see what happened after hip hop became big money, sort of like what’s happening right now with cannabis.

I put the original script on Smashwords, and still hold out hope someone will come along one day and produce the real story with my original title and script. Just to give you an idea of how different it was to what came out in the film, here’s the opening scene. A fledgling rap group has shown up at their sponsor’s house, only to discover another crew is messing with their equipment. Check it out, and if you like it, you can pick up my original script on Amazon.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

One thought on “30th Anniversary of Beat Street”

  1. by coincidence, i knew the manager of rockwell for a long time. he has dropped out of sight recently. he was in the udt-navy,before it was the seals. his life would make an interesting movie.

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