A new concept in publishing…smart ebooks

FilmGuideCoverCompleteMost books are for reading, or viewing, but I just made one primarily for linking to the most useful Internet sites regarding film. I don’t know if anyone else has done this before, but the idea came to me after so many frustrating experiences toggling between Netflix and Amazon on my TV, and Rotten Tomatoes and Can I Stream It? on my laptop. I was forced to laboriously type titles one letter at a time via my remote.

So I created the first smart film ebook so anyone can toggle around the universe with zero typing, just button pushing.

This is a book filled with the original posters, links and brief commentary, and it can rocket you towards a great film free online faster than anything else out there. Click the poster and the Wikipedia page opens. Click the TV button and the film plays free in Youtube, or if that option’s not available, the trailer plays. Click the stream button to find out where it streams or downloads. And there’s even a button for Rotten Tomatoes, although the scores on some of these are surprisingly low as some offend a few people no doubt.

The book includes my top ten stoner films. I’m sure many of you have your own list of stoner films you love. I encourage everyone to leave their lists as comments on this blog, or if you think I missed something important, don’t hesitate to offer suggestions for improvements. Follow the link below to download the book on Kindle for under $3.

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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