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The Umbrella Man

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LouieStevenWittThe JFK assassination was a carefully planned operation, and the disino smoke screen started before Kennedy was dead. Most people around the world have the impression Mark Lane is a teller of truth on this issue, but I know better.

Lane was posted to Army Intelligence during WWII, a theater of operations controlled by Allen Dulles, who went on to construct the CIA and run it—until Kennedy fired him. Lane rushed to Dallas to represent Oswald pro bono and soon found himself representing his widow, certainly a strategic position for any spook.

Rush to Judgment was a confusing mess and even though Lane seemed to know immediately the CIA was behind the event, he never successfully ID’d any major perpetrators, instead focusing singular attention on E. Howard Hunt, who was a propaganda expert and not an assassin. Lane’s famous lawsuit against Hunt (for which he was paid around $5 million by the Liberty Lobby) proved nothing except Hunt could have been in Dallas that day. Lane could have gone after one of the central figures like James Angleton or William Harvey and climbed the ladder of power from there but never did.

I hope you realize Liberty Lobby is an obvious disinfo op that claims the Rothschilds run the world, a rabbit hole the radical right has been perfecting for centuries? Which isn’t to say that they don’t control enormous resources—obviously they do—but their influence is exaggerated to take attention off the oligarchies of North America and Europe, most of whom don’t even allow Jews in their private clubs.

umbrella-manBut there’s one particular rabbit hole I’d like to discuss on the eve of the 50th anniversary and that is famous Umbrella Man of Dealey Plaza. After the assassination, when bands of citizen researchers began coalescing, there appeared this dude Richard Sprague who ran a tiny fledgling computer magazine. Sprague became the first to publish the Three Tramps photos and it happened exactly at the time of Watergate. E. Howard Hunt had just been arrested and Nixon was saying Hunt’s arrest might open up “the Bay of Pigs,” his code for the JFK assassination. Meanwhile a signed memo written by CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton was published by the Liberty Lobby. According to this memo, Angleton was concerned how the CIA was going to explain Hunt’s presence in Dallas that day? Like Angleton wrote incriminating memos and had them leaked? Not very likely. Nothing Angleton did was by accident. The memo was an obvious plant to put heat on Hunt and deflect it away from Angleton. Suddenly Hunt is falsely identified as one of the three tramps and links from Dallas to Watergate explode. And then Sprague starts promoting this new concept: the Umbrella Man as the actual shooter.

You can see Umbrella Man in the photo above taken seconds before the assassination. He stands at the entrance of the kill zone and opens his umbrella just as Kennedy arrives and pumps the umbrella to draw attention to it. He became the greatest mystery of the assassination and many researchers assumed he was signalling shooters to commence firing.

The+Umbrella+ManSprague even made a diagram showing how the umbrella weapon supposedly worked. You’d be surprised how many serious researchers got pulled down into this rabbit hole. Concerns over the Umbrella Assassin got so intense that when Congress finally opened hearings on the assassinations, they made a public plea for Umbrella Man to step forward, and he did.

Turns out his name was Louie Steven Witt (three names almost seems essential for players in this drama) and he even brought the actual umbrella with him to the Capitol. He claimed he waved this black umbrella that tragic day as a symbol to connect England’s appeasement of Hitler, with JFK’s appeasement of the Soviets. Witt was asked to open the umbrella so the Committee could be sure it didn’t contain an advanced sort of weaponry.

Today, this story is trotted out to show how absurd conspiracy theories are. (By the way, Richard E. Sprague, the dude who invented the Umbrella Man hoax, also became attached to every serious investigation, from Garrison to the House Committee and he is not to be confused with Richard A. Sprague who resigned as chief counsel for the Congressional investigation early on.)

But here is the real story: Hunt was floated as a patsy by Angleton simply because Hunt knew nothing. That’s what is called “a backstop” in counterintelligence propaganda operations. Once Garrison uncovered the tramp photos, that could have led to Holt, Harrelson and Rogers, in which case the coverup would have unraveled quick, but instead Hunt is tied in with the tramps, and then more Hunt connections are seeded to strengthened the case against him even more. Even at death, Hunt was still playing a role in covering up this case, but, like Lane, never really states the obvious: the CIA team assembled to kill Castro was diverted to kill Kennedy after Kennedy disbanded the operation. And that’s the real problem with these spooks. After they take power, you can’t really control them and you certainly can’t fire them because Kennedy tried that and look where it got him.

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  1. Very good blog you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics discussed
    here? I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get suggestions
    from other experienced individuals that share the same interest.

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


    June 30, 2014 at 9:41 am

    • There are many of these groups, but I can’t testify to their bona fides. An englishman named John Simkin has one and there are several others. I would assume this territory is all trolled heavily by agents of disinfo seeding misdirections, and the Octopus always creates its own oppositional forces. Good luck penetrating the mind war.

      Steven Hager

      June 30, 2014 at 10:11 am

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