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Looking for a right-wing gay 33rd degree Mason in the Joint Chiefs

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KN-C25999I know I cracked the JFK assassination earlier today but if you are keeping track of the investigation, there is a crucial figure inside the military who remains unidentified and I could use your help to try and locate him. And maybe you can help me?

Before we go further, I have to express my sincere apologies to the vast number of honest masons and honest gays around the world, especially the fun-loving Shriners, my personal favorites, and I want to assure you that I do not blame you for your elder’s crimes any more than I blame my good pal Larry Green for anything the Pope does.

But facts are facts, and there does seem to be a possible Freemason core at the center of the Kennedy conspiracy. There is certainly a John Birch Society connection.

J. Edgar Hoover was such a devote Mason he had his temple built inside his office building and held all his ceremonies there. If you wanted to move up in the FBI under Hoover, you had to pick up the necessary degrees before he would trust you. And Hoover was gay, and we know there’s a concentration of gays at certain nexus points of power, but please don’t take that as an excuse to tee-off on gays.

But face reality, it’s probably someone on the Joint Chiefs or very high in the Pentagon, and if you vector in on who that might have been, well, look for a secret gay who’s also a 33rd degree Freemason and supporter of the John Birch Society and I believe you will find your conspirator.

Someone out there must be familiar with the leaders of Masonry inside the military and perhaps they can help? And also, I urge any gays with inside information about gay culture at the tippy top of the Pentagon in the 1960s who might have a shred of info to come forward by leaving comments on this blog.

And I have to add I suspect it’s someone on the Naval side of operations, as Navy intel seems to have a few key dots pointed towards it.

Written by Steven Hager

October 1, 2013 at 8:40 pm

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