Everything you need to know about JFK’s assassination

USAdulles1There’s nothing quite like being born into an Old Money family, like Allen Dulles was. His grandfather was Secretary of State under President Harrison, while his uncle served that post for President Wilson. Dulles was cousin (by marriage) to David Rockefeller, educated at Princeton and always a bit sensitive about his club foot.

Methinks Dulles became a spook right out of college, as he went directly into the Diplomatic Corps., a huge haven for spooks since its inception. He became sheep-dipped as a Knight in Shining Armor by returning from Europe to help write an expose on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the New York Times. Since their appearance, the Protocols have been used as a counterintelligence tool to soften up populations by scapegoating Jews prior to instigating a violent pogrom. But Dulles didn’t reveal that truth, just that whoever wrote the Protocols cribbed material from a variety of sources which meant they weren’t really the notes from some satanic world council of Jewish leaders. The Protocols claimed a global conspiracy was underfoot to secretly manifest a new world war designed to milk profits while killing millions of innocents in the process.

When Old Money has big plans for one of their Knights, they run an op to have that person sheep-dipped into an icon quick as possible, sort of like the way John Kerry was run around the jungle in Vietnam to look like he was a heroic, dashing soldier in combat mode, when really he was just faking it for the cameras the whole time and never in any sort of danger.

When Dulles returned to New York, he went to work for the British and his job was to foment World War II and get America into the war as quickly as possible. It seems Dulles had friends on Wall Street who were funding the rise of Hitler and Communism in the hope of producing an epic clash of cultures that could be milked for profit for decades. The military-industrial complex was but a glean in their eye and speck in their heart, but within a few years they would become the dominant force in America.

In hindsight it seems like the plan could have been allow Germany and Japan to conquer much of the world while stealing everything possible and wreaking as much terror and havoc on civilians as possible (survivors are shell-shocked and easily manipulated by propaganda and intel ops). After Germany and Japan were vanquished, conquered profit streams and cartels could be divided amongst the victors on Wall Street and inside the Bank of England, although the Old Money families of Germany and Japan would be left with their corporations and family fortunes mostly intact, and Europe’s dominant cartel, I.G. Farben, was merely split into a few pieces. Meanwhile, the stolen loot was secretly transferred around the Bank of International Settlements in a shell game designed to conceal who got when where why. It was a win-win all around for the Old Money families.

Just so you know the history, the Nazis invented the Bank of International Settlements and put it in place right before the war started, and located it in Switzerland. And like the Fed, it contained a provision in its charter protecting its accounts from being audited by anyone.

When the war broke out, Dulles was moved to Switzerland to conduct operations against Germany. The reason the German resistance failed internally was not because many Germans did not want to get rid of the maniac Hitler, a demagogue Old Money had put into power, but because Dulles and SIS refused to take the German resistance to Hitler seriously and let vital intelligence assets like Count Von Stauffenberg and Wilhelm Canaris dangle around helpless until the SS could round them up and assassinate them. Every single attempt to warn British and American intelligence about Hitler’s plans was ignored as being disinfo. The fact Stauffenberg and Canaris were both assassinated leaves no doubt they were high ranking Old Money aristocrats working hard to neutralize Hitler, but died without even receiving a shred of support from his supposed enemies? Support that could have brought an early end to the war?

When the war was over, Dulles imported the cream of Nazi scientists, spooks and assassins and employed them to help build the Central Intelligence Agency, which was constructed with the assistance of his old boss from British intelligence and modeled after MI5-6, with the key component of a counterintelligence unit for dirty tricks. Dulles put his close friend James Angleton in this crucial post because Angleton had been posted in Italy while Dulles was in Switzerland and had been trained by British intelligence and maintained close relations with the Vatican, which was providing crucial support to help shelter Nazis until they could be moved to new positions in North and South America. Before getting this job, Angleton promised never to put Dulles or any of his cronies on Wall Street on a lie detector and ask questions about their relations with German corporations during the war.

Just to give you an idea of what was really going on, the Luftwaffe depended on Standard Oil for the war’s entire duration and could not have flown without it. Since Standard was owned by Dulles’ cousin by marriage, one can see how easily these two people could have conspired to manifest and conceal illegal profits by playing both sides against the middle, which is standard black ops for British intelligence.

Another revealing detail is the fact I.G. Farben was the dominant industrial, chemical and fuel corporation in the world, and held a virtual monopoly in Europe on all things petrochemical and yet its immense facilities were never touched during the war? Now also consider immediately after the war, the US Army Command moved into the executive offices of I.G. Farben. Hitler had tried to blow up German’s infrastruction in a fit of depression. But Hitler couldn’t blow up I.G. Farben. That was run by Old Money and some of IG’s biggest investors were back in New York City.

dulles2Maybe you haven’t figured this out, but WWII was largely a war against civilian populations. To give an idea 20 million Russians, 20 million Chinese, 9 million Germans, 6 million Jews, 3 million Japanese. American and British losses, meanwhile, were less than one million combined. So you can see which countries took the brunt impact of that manufactured event.

Later in life, Dulles would admit Japan tried to surrender before the A-bombs were dropped, a largely symbolic event that unfortunately added immensely to the suffering and loss of completely innocent civilians.

If they needed a show of force, why the hell couldn’t it have at least been a military target? Was it because shock and awe of such terrible human suffering was part of the strategy? I am reminded of a line in one of my favorite movies, The Man Who Would Be King, which tells the story of two Freemasons, veterans of the British Army, who find themselves stranded in India and after building a volunteer army they are marching into the first battle and Sean Connery says something like: “Make sure it is bloody. The bloodier the better.” Well, that’s the same attitude Old Money had regarding WWII, especially since most of that blood was spilled somewhere else.

Here’s another key: Spooks cannot be fired or retired. That’s because when they start operations, they might be employed by an agency or corporation or anything, but once they become successful, they’re running a secret network of operatives, all of whom carry out secret missions on a need-to-know basis. So as long as these agents get some operating costs and some mission bonuses, they’ll keep functioning forever, even if their spook handler changes sides, because it’s really all about the money and not the dogmas or even the patriotic causes.

And that’s what happened in Germany because as soon as Hitler fell, his biggest spook went to straight to Dulles and changed sides and that Nazi spy network fell under operational control of Dulles.

Now JFK fired Dulles from heading the CIA and really humiliated him in the process. And I am sure Dulles plotted revenge, and obviously, he got it. Keep in mind that fired or not, Dulles retained operational control of the Nazi spook system and he had access to endless resources. But Dulles could not have acted unless he put together a core group of conspirators to assist in this mission. This group likely would have been kept to an absolute minimum, but had to include certain key individuals or success would not be guaranteed.

The key people who had to be on board with the assassination were three:  J. Edgar Hoover, James Angleton, and at least one highly placed person at the Pentagon, because normal military support for protecting the president had to disappear, while the autopsy had to be performed at a military hospital to control the findings.

But I believe the conspiracy could have gone further, into Sullivan & Cromwell, the most powerful law firm on Wall Street, the company that built IG Farben, and perhaps into the board room of the Federal Reserve, and perhaps even across the pond, where those masters of the black arts reside, and the price of gold and diamonds are fixed every day.

A few years after the assassination, when Garrison’s investigation rattled the windows at Langley, some major disinfo ops were undertaken and these likely would have been Angleton projects. The film experts in LA had worked on the Zapruder film and come up with a bootleg where it looked like the driver turned around to look at Kennedy (in response to the throat shot), and then shot Kennedy himself before speeding off. Actually, the glare off an agent’s bald head was magnified to look like a revolver in the driver’s hand.

This rabbit hole is so Angleton to me because there already was tremendous confusion on whether the Secret Service was involved and whether the driver stopped in the kill zone to allow the three shooters to triangulate and fire together. The team was all on radio and the kill order may not have even gone down until Roselli and the other two shooters called in they had a bead. The most likely person giving the “go” would have been Ted Shackley, although Dealey Plaza was flooded with at least two dozen spooks that day, most of them from JM/Wave in Miami.

When Jackie Kennedy requested the driver also drive the hearse through the streets of Washington for the funeral, that led to speculation whether her mission was intended to remind one of the conspirators how beloved the man he’d just helped kill was. This suspicion may have been magnified after the driver became one of the few people allowed to attend the autopsy, the notes of which were immediately burned.

The Lincoln did slow almost to a stop, but that also happened just as Roselli’s opening salvo went through the windshield inches from the driver’s face, striking JFK in the throat. He turned around to look to see if the President was hit, while taking his foot off the gas, perhaps because he was reluctant to keep moving into incoming fire, or maybe he was told to stop when the shooting began. I’m sure we’ll never know. There were shots from the sniper’s nest, and maybe also from the Dal-Tex building. We know one shot missed completely and hit the curb. Two rounds from the rear hit Kennedy, one of which became the magic bullet when its trajectory was re-routed considerably to make its exit look like Roselli’s throat wound. Notice the doctor at Parkland pronounced the throat wound as an entrance wound, something that got reversed after the body was seized and taken to a military hospital, where the autopsy was overseen by unnamed Admirals and Generals.

The point of this is the man who introduced that doctored film was a former Naval intelligence officer who traveled around the country showing that fake Zapruder clip and he would later write the Bible for a new generation of disinfo artists, and that book would soon transform into the modern version of the Protocols and become the most read book in the American prison system. Like most disinfo, it was a confusing data dump jumble of documents and wild assertions, although Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper would bring back the Protocols to modern fame and mind ops, only this time, the world wide council was revealed not as council of high-ranking Jews, but one of 33rd Degree Freemasons.

Is it worth noting both J. Edgar Hoover and Chief Justice Earl Warren (who headed the official investigation) were both Freemasons of the 33rd Degree? And that incoming President Johnson was also a member of this brotherhood?

Now do you understand how complex these ops really are and how Dulles played such a scripted role? Yes, you can easily imagine this web extending straight to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, which is possible, even likely when it comes to the Rockefellers, but in reality, links across the pond have never been uncovered, leading to my suspicion the Rothschild meme may be a rabbit hole. Cooper and all the rest of the disinfo artists, including the John Birch Society, keep pushing this meme so my instincts are screaming: don’t look there for the head of the Octopus, because that’s obviously a mirror he is hiding behind, while he sips his cognac, puffs his cigar and pisses on all us slobs down here in the lower classes.

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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  1. Hi – read your essays on the Education Forum, and just visited your site. I am glad you are posting these, because they are as close to the truth as we are likely to get anywhere.

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