The Truth about Skull & Bones

gimageThe Ivy League has a pecking order, and Yale is on top, which is why so many of their seniors advance straight to Goldman Sachs, but there’s also a pecking order inside Yale, and Skull & Bones has been on top virtually since that secret society was founded. Just to keep things accurate, they simply refer to themselves as “the Order” but are known around the world as Bonesmen.

Today, everything most people know about this secret society has been gleaned from a series of multi-million dollar films, all of which were universally panned and produced little profit, yet have been in frequent rotation on pay TV. Since the tippy-top of our media is peppered with Bonesmen, one wonders what role, if any, they may have played in molding these films. If there was a hidden hand involved, they are embedded with propaganda and created to hide truths not reveal them, which means they make documents worthy of investigation.

One over-the-top sequence in the first film showed elder Bonesmen on a balcony overlooking a mud pit filled with naked initiates, with one of the cigar-smoking Patriarchs sipping cognac and peeing on those below while laughing. Disgusting and somehow I truly doubt it ever happened at the Tomb.

However, it has also been reported that a two-person coffin filled with mud may be part of the rituals. And the dual inhabitants are requested to reveal their sexual histories in chronological order while going through their personal sexual likes and dislikes and peak moments, etc. And when both are done, they cavort in the mud for a bit. I guess sometimes this is just a wrestling match, although it could turn into something a bit more pornographic in nature, something an older gay Bonesmen might enjoy watching. I guess you know rumor has it George W. Bush and John Kerry did that ritual together, and rumors of gay activities sometime swirl around them? Idle gossip, I assume, although there was that prostitute in Nevada who claimed she witnessed W give an expert blow job to Bonesmen Victor Ashe. But hell, she turned up dead very fast, so who’s going to believe that story?

Just as the Vatican has been run through a gay mafia, so too, some rituals at the Tomb seem to be specifically engineered from a homosexual point of view. And, of course, you must be aware that bastion of status known as Bohemian Grove seems to have some gay inspiration behind it as well.

skull-bones-top2Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gay bashing or blaming an entire culture, and do not seek to lose all my wonderful gay friends, but perhaps some of them are aware there’s a concentration of dangerous gays near some of the crucial nexus points of power? And when a powerful man is secretly gay, and leads a double life, it gives intel a very powerful lever on them. These people can be trusted with secrets because they have some.

I do applaud the Bonesmen of Yale’s class of 1991, who insisted on inducting six women, the first females of the Order, which prompted William Buckley to rush to the Tomb to padlock it until the entire membership (around 700 of the most powerful people in America) could vote. Buckley obviously didn’t want any dual coffin ceremonies happening until all the members had plenty of time to discuss the issue. About 100 showed up for the vote at the Tomb, the rest mailed in ballots. And when it was over, the six were admitted! I wonder if they do it as boy on boy or girl on girl or who gets to decide who gets in what coffin and when?

I am happy the Tomb has been opened to women as well as Asians, Hispanics and I think one black, which certainly has to have a profoundly spiritual effect on that profoundly spiritual society, one steeped in Masonic symbolism and ritual. But you know something else? I wonder if the Order hasn’t morphed its center of energy somewhere else now, because secret societies can re-nest any time and I am sure they do. The oldest members who hold the strings of power can party anywhere they want and if they decide to do it without inviting many others, that’s their privilege and no one would ever be the wiser.

Most of what we know about Skull & Bones was uncovered by Antony Sutton,  a world-class economist at Stanford ejected from the Hoover Institute for the crime of exposing the technological transfers from the West that built the Soviet war machine after WWII. But Sutton didn’t really penetrate the operation until he was mailed two leather-bound membership books for Skull & Bones, one for living members, the other for the deceased. It immediately became apparent that this secret fraternity at Yale had placed a startlingly high number of members into the highest levels of the establishment, many in positions of immense authority and control.

screen-shot-2016-09-04-at-3-04-10-pmIn my own research, I’ve discovered a number of crucial secret societies were set-up prior to the Civil War, a list that includes the founding of B’nai B’rith, the Knights of the Golden Circle, which devolved into the Klux Klan, and the Order of Skull & Bones. I suspect the Seven Society at the University of Virginia may be another chapter as well. Not a secret society, but another group that falls into this category are the Mormons. The element uniting these groups is their masonic heritage. Sutton tracked the founding of Yale’s order to Bavaria and the Jesuit university that created the Illuminati, and began comparing the rituals of both orders, noting the striking similarities.

A few years ago, I was doing a Heads versus Feds debate nearby and was staying a few blocks away so I visited the Tomb. I was taking video footage across the street when a long-haired dude popped out, dressed in black suede jacket, jeans and running shoes, and he seemed supremely hip, intelligent and confident. For a minute, I felt like stalking him to his destination as he was traveling on foot and seeing if I could manage an interview, but realized that was probably a stupid idea. Stanley Kubrick, a man who would know, had some strong recommendations when it came to closing in on power. “Stay away from it,” he said. “It’s dangerous.”


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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