Beware the Knights in Shining Armor

what-do-you-think-of-national-security-leaker-edward-snowden-pollIsn’t it interesting Seymour Hersh is just concluding a year-long murder investigation by announcing zero facts of the Osama bin Laden Seal Team assassination can be verified, opening the possibility Osama may have been dead for years when that raid occurred? If anyone was actually killed that night, it may have been an innocent patsy. That was my conclusion immediately after that weirdly incompetent fiasco supposedly killed the most important witness in the crime of the century.

But just as Hersh was releasing this info to the press in England, The Washington Post was posting a huge data dump from fugitive Edward Snowden alleging a DNA test was performed on bin Laden’s corpse before the body was dumped? Nice timing, eh?

When Wikileaks first appeared I assumed something fishy was going on. Many years before Wikileaks appeared, an architect named John Young had created an anonymous forum for whistle-blowers to dump incriminating data. Young’s site got zero publicity and he was never painted as one of those Knights in Shining Armor. Then, when Young’s site started taking off anyway, guess what happened? An almost identical operation is begun, only this time around, it gets tons of publicity, including the cover of Time magazine. The founder, Julian Assange, is suddenly a new media darling and the latest in a long line of manufactured Knights in Shining Armor.

A similar tale exists with Snowden, who instantly captured the center of energy on whistle-blowers, which is why he must be considered a possible intelligence dangle, just as Oswald was when he entered Russia 53 years earlier. If this is true, Snowden’s role would include releasing data crafted to support propaganda ops. He also acts as lightning rod attracting other potential whistle-blowers, so they can be more effectively neutralized. Snowden is in a strong position to conduct valuable ops against any real whistle-blowers by discrediting their information, just as he is doing now with Hersh.

After the bin Laden raid, countless Freedom of Information Act requests sought evidence bin Laden had been identified through DNA—or whether any DNA had been kept for the future. But according to the Pentagon, no such test took place and no DNA was ever taken, an issue they were really adamant about at the time. Now, when the heat is suddenly back on this absurd raid fairy tale, suddenly evidence of a DNA test is produced by Snowden and published instantly on the Washington Post website? If you believe this is anything but an intel op in progress, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

The truly weird thing is that Hersh actually supports Snowden, leading back to the possibility of that old dynamic, the managed dialectic. One thing I certainly agree with Hersh about, however, the US media has been eviscerated in my lifetime and it no longer serves any useful function in curbing government abuse and corruption.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

One thought on “Beware the Knights in Shining Armor”

  1. Excellent article! The timing of Snowden’s coming out was far too convenient and rather seemed to serve the authorities than putting them under pressure, as was supposedly intended. I had suspicions from the outset regarding Snowden. As you say he now is in a superior position to inform upon genuine whistle-blowers.

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