The Truth About Barbara Bush & Aleister Crowley

abushCrowleyAnger is the most reverberating emotion expressed on social networks and spreads farther and faster than compassion, love or empathy, according to a new study that included diagrams and charts to prove this claim. But I have to wonder how much of this is the result of the Internet disinfo machine? When it comes to deep political research, there’s an enormous amount of noise, much of which is created to sheep-dip serious political researchers as wild-eyed tin-foil-hatters if they divert off the approved path of inquiry. There’s an effective blacklist in the media and any reporter who thinks 9/11 needs a new investigation is not going to get published, no matter what topic they might otherwise pursue. Once you cross the magic line and start spouting “conspiracy theory,” you won’t be very employable or even welcome to visit the news room.

Personally, I think what spreads fastest and holds longest are hoaxes. Yesterday the post about the pet Great White Shark in Australia was going around again, as well as “Snowden confirms chemtrails,” both obvious hoaxes that refuse to die because they reverberate so intensely across the disinfo boards.

One of the more believable hoaxes was created as an April Fool’s joke by Cannonfire and asserted Barbara Bush is the love child of Aleister Crowley and Pauline Pierce. Of course, this story played right into a major counterintelligence meme: that the world is run by a cabal practicing Crowley’s concepts of ceremonial magic. You have to wonder what motivation inspired Cannonfire to create this? I guess the point is that the Tin Foil Hat community is easily led off a cliff, but does that justify becoming a pied piper leading the parade?

Cannonfire has a lot of super complex articles on 9/11, the type that require a PhD in physics to decipher. I never get involved in details like that, especially the scientific ones because statistics are so easily manipulated and skewed. For me, the existence of the disinfo system and our new American blacklist on investigative journalism is evidence enough of foul play. Intel will always be three steps ahead of us when it comes to controlling details on a major conspiracy.

When Mark Lane appeared as a Knight in Shining Armor to represent Oswald’s wife pro bono and immediately announced the CIA was involved in killing JFK, no one thought to consider Lane’s history in military intelligence as a sign of possible ulterior motives. When his book came out, however, it was a confusing mess that never revealed the existence of an executive action team at the CIA’s JM/Wave station, a murder squad under the direction of Ted Shackley, David Morales and Bill Harvey.

Very soon Lane associated himself with the founder of the Holocaust Denial movement, another counterintelligence operation designed to inflame racist attitudes. Attempts to delve into the pecking order of the international banking cartel are often dismissed with “the Rothschilds own everything.” Since I’ve seen this meme played over and over by obvious counterintelligence operatives, I’ve come to believe it’s a rabbit hole.

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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