Why violence is going to get worse

wigoutFrom the moment I heard about the shooting at the Navy Yard, I predicted there was one shooter and the other two people currently being searched for by law enforcement were probably a result of confusion at the scene, something known in the business as the “fog” of war.  You can check my facebook page if you doubt me.

I’ve developed a sixth sense about these random acts of violence after studying them for decades. Of course, the disinfo crowd will jump on every act of violence like this and insist it’s all part of a master plan to mind control Americans and usher in the New World Order police state. Reality is we already live in that police state and it’s probably only a matter of a decade or two before we can expect military drones operating inside our own borders. And by that time, they’ll have iron-man robots attached to drones who will be able to fly into any situation, replacing most of the police force on the streets with terminators of death.

Of course, it is possible all these shooters are being programmed MKULTRA-style to commit acts of violence, and I am sure a few of them are manipulated by intel ops. Certainly the Boston Bombers suspiciously fall into that group. But keep in mind, a lot of the shooters come from the military, which is no surprise since boot camp provides such a wonderful introduction to the weapons of lethal force readily available at any gun show without troublesome background checks.

I always look before I leap, so I am not one of those to immediately cry out: “false flag!”, although I saw a lot of that going on yesterday based on zero evidence. I don’t believe Sandy Hook was anything but a bullied kid with psychological problems taking revenge, and so far I haven’t see anything in this case that screams “MKULTRA” either.

Apparently the shooter was a practicing Buddhist, which really makes zero sense. According to his father, he picked up a bad case of PTSD working on rescue missions at Ground Zero after 9/11. If that’s the case, he probably also picked up a prescription to an SSRI. Any vet who comes into a hospital or clinic complaining of PTSD is pretty much immediately put on Paxil, Zoloft, or Prozac. If you don’t believe me, just call up your local VA Hospital and ask what medications are used for PTSD, which, by the way, is currently an epidemic in our military, at least for the ones who have seen combat overseas.

Here’s what they don’t tell you: between 5 and 10% of the people put on SSRI’s experience some form of delusional breakdown. That statistic soars to nearly 100% if the person has bipolar disorder. It’s strange how SSRI’s were developed to treat bipolar disorder, but ended up being the chief diagnostic tool for determining if a person was depressed or had the more severe bipolar syndrome. Another thing they don’t tell you: the success of SSRI’s in treating depression is the same or worse than the success of using a sugar placebo pill. And that is based on short-term results. The long-term effects of putting millions of people on SSRI’s is the experiment now underway and the results will be available over time as the casualties continue to mount.

The sad reality is we have created thousands of ticking time bombs through the rampant over prescription of SSRI’s, especially to veterans, most of whom are already well armed.

But watch the tin foil conspiracy sites, especially David Icke and Alex Jones, and see if they don’t immediately jump on this tragedy as evidence of a satanic cult of Aleister Crowley worshipers manipulating global events. Icke blames it all on lizards from outer space, but also indicates the Jews are involved in the hoodwink, as well as Britain’s royal family. Although Jones doesn’t play the religion card, he promotes the kookiest stuff and seems much more interested in spreading paranoia than uncovering the truth.

Every detail will suddenly achieve enormous significance. For example, if the shooter had a dog named “Aquarius” that will be used to prove he’s actually a mind controlled robot and his dog has been seeded into the script for black magic purposes. This is what passes as “investigative journalism” on the enormous state-sponsored disinfo internet machine currently driving citizen researchers off a cliff to nowhere.

The thing you have to understand about religion: it’s always been part of the game of manufacturing war for profit, at least in our Western culture. But all the great religions began with a great prophet sowing seeds of spiritual truth, and when families get together and share love and empathy through rituals handed down for centuries, that is real true spirituality not in any way corrupted by the machinations going on by those sorcerers behind the curtains.

If we could just harmonize all the great spiritual traditions, we could break these cycles of violence and defuse those sorcerers who manipulate religion to make profits out of war.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

One thought on “Why violence is going to get worse”

  1. You’ve heard enough from me for awhile, but your final comments on the harmonization of spiritual traditions brought to mind the origin of the word “pagan”. According to Peter Moon, “paganus” was a term of derision reserved for tribes and ethnic groups not infused with the martial spirit of the Roman soldier. Because they tended to be peaceful, or not hyper-territorial, or infused with goddess worship, they could easily be rolled over. “Pagans” can be pretty fierce – vide the Iroquois. At the same time, the Iroquois Confederacy is widely acknowledged by historians to be a model studied closely by the Founding Fathers. The whole idea was peace among the five tribes. What is perhaps the most interesting thing abt their unwritten constitution was that it stipulated that counsel representatives, all men of course, were chosen by the women of the tribes. The orally transmitted constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy had been around for some 300 years when ours was written, so it must have had something going for it. With ours gone belly up after less than 200 years, what do you suppose that something was? And what do you suppose is missing from those western religions entangled in war for profit? Perhaps we need fewer prophets and more prophetesses.

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