Is “9/11 Truth” an inside job?

adlOn one side are the regular folks, like me, struggling to survive during exploding costs of living combined with stagnant wages. Heaven forbid anyone gets a medical issue, lawsuit or divorce. It’s very hard to survive an economic set-back because everyone is living hand-to-mouth.

Then, on the other side, stands the immense military-industrial complex and its associations within the oligarchy that rules America. In case you didn’t notice, they have an agenda and that agenda involves permanent war for profit. So how hard do you think it is for this complex to penetrate social movements of any size with a wide variety of agents of chaos and self-destruction? These sorts of psychological operations were first unveiled when the FBI’s counterintelligence programs were investigated by Congress. In fact, every anti-war group at the time was heavily penetrated. Spooks were everywhere in the peace movement, and they were steering everyone towards violence.

The so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” emerged quickly and encompasses a lot of territory today, not all of which has been compromised, but I can assure you the fringe elements of the movement, as well as its probable name, were created by spooks from a pre-written script.

From the beginning, most attention has been directed at “the Jews” a meme active in right-wing extremism in America since the rise of the Robber Barons and one that was encouraged by the release of selective evidence in the national media. I speak, of course, of the Mossad spies encircling the operation. But then, Juval Aviv asserts many intelligence agencies knew about the operation in advance, not just the Mossad. Certainly Willie Brown was told not to fly that day. And there’s a much bigger trail of foreknowledge compiled from many sources, including a court case where Parke Godfrey, professor of computer science, said under oath that he’d been warned by Susan Lindauer of “a massive attack on Southern Manhattan that would involve planes.”

Recently, a “truther” requested a friendship and posted an obvious piece of anti-Jewish propaganda on my facebook page, so I responded and had this conversation, one that sheds light on the way fringe elements of 9/11 truth are compromised:

Try not to get too swept up into the managed dialectic. Blaming all ills on Jews is the oldest hoodwink in the book. Yes, the Neo Cons are Jewish, the group emerged from a Jewish think tank, duh. They also came out of the University of Chicago, a Rockefeller project. You could just as easily lay the blame on that institution. We are easily conquered because we are so easily divided against each other. 9/11 was a Pentagon operation first and foremost. Who do you think runs the Pentagon?

Yorick Hunt:  Just because you’re a kike you don’t have to defend your leadership. The jewish leadership was in charge of the hollowcost, they said, hey, we can sacrifice a million of our own to take over the word. Now is the time for jews of conscience (if there are any) to stand up against their evil vile leadership.

That’s the thing about spooks, no pretense at dialogue or discussion, just pure hate to fan the dialectical flames and keep the military-industrial complex profits flowing forever….

Look. the whole thing hangs on 911. Jews were responsible for that atrocity and the coverup that continues. You people are fucked and you know it. Rockefeller is just a front for Rothschild. You know that as well as me. I am told by scientists that Jews are not responsible for all evils, dyspepsia will still retain, though in a less virulent form.

Well, if you continue this line, I guess I’ll have to block you, but that’s probably the intention. No, I didn’t plan 9/11. No, I don’t believe the Rothschilds run the world, and even if they did, Lord Rothschild is a practicing Protestant who looks, talks and acts just like any other person in the house of Lords. The world is more complicated than the cartoon story being pushed by intel for the last 100 years, a meme that worked for centuries in Europe. Stop scapegoating entire cultures and millions of honest people for the crimes of a few and concentrate on the actual op and the real people involved, people with names like “Cheney.”

Goodbye and good riddance. You people are fucked. You stole ‘Israel’ on a ridiculous pretext, and we know you are congenital liars and deceivers. If you don’t stand for 911 truth, you are the enemy of mankind.

I feel the sudden urge to light my candles for world peace to clear this incredible blast of telepathic violence, hatred, lies and misdirection.

Sorry heeb. The ‘clash of civilizations’ propagated by you evil motherfudkers is really the clash between jew and Gentile. Just admit that Jesus is God and you’re not jewish anymore. Or maybe your childhood brainwashing prevents you from seeing that.

Until your quest for real research exceeds your need to push obvious propaganda, you’ll appear exactly as you are: a hate monger, divider of people, scapegoater and tool of the sorcerers who manipulate religion to manifest war for profit. I, on the other hand, remain devoted to peace and non-violence, and will not stoop to hate speech because it can only lead to more violence. And just for the record, I was raised a devout Lutheran, and come from a long line of Germans, and I spoke perfect German with a Bavarian accent as a child. Yes, my mom was half Jewish, something I didn’t become aware of until later in life. But so what? I applaud all my genes and respect all my ancestors, as everyone should. I understand the intense jealousy around the Jews and how easily these feelings are manipulated, however. After all, the Jews gave their kids universal literacy for centuries while Christians remained in the dark. I don’t subscribe to any religion, but I don’t wage war against them either. I believe that by harmonizing and showing respect for all the great cultures, we can work toward world peace and breaking the stranglehold the military industrial complex holds over the nation and the globe.

Of course, Yorick had to have the last word, so he sent me this private message, which, of course was intended as a threat:

Do not think I bring peace, for I bring a sword. For it will be father against son, mother against daughter, and a man’s enemies will be found in his own house.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

9 thoughts on “Is “9/11 Truth” an inside job?”

  1. i agree that it’s not only anti-semitc to advance these ideas but also a red herring.the largest banks are owned mainly by episcopalians and presbyterians here, and in england by anglicans. not because these religions are plotting anything,but because these are the religions of the wealthy which kids are born into. i doubt many are devout.
    even alex jones says to reject calls to blame the jews or catholics for any monolithic conspiracy, though i think he over-emphasises rothchild influence.

    1. This meme has been pushed heavily by intel, starting with the John Birch Society in the 1960s and continuing with elements of the so-called “Truth movement” today. By leading people down this rabbit hole, it becomes easy to swipe them down with the charge of anti-semitism. That’s the nature of this op. To provide a protective level to the burn layer that shields the men behind the curtain. The Holocaust denial movement was created by intel for this purpose. It’s a propaganda counterintelligence op. WWII was catastrophic: 20 million Russians, 6 million Germans, 6 million Jews died. Meanwhile, dozens of books argue the deaths of the Jews were faked and didn’t happen? How people fall for this shit is beyond me.

  2. Hi Steven:
    Sorry to hear abt your run-in with the anti-Semite, whether of the “intelligence asset” or “nativist home-grown” variety. As I’ve said before, I’m not a researcher, but someone who likes to think he benefits from the researches of others like yourself. Hunt is not worth a comment, but permit me to take issue with what I understand to be your view that intel and the military-industrial complex are, if any agencies are, “behind” the 9/11 event. I don’t think we can easily isolate covert American operations from those of the rest of the world. I have come to the view, rightly or wrongly, that he who says, say, NSA must, say, Mossad, MI6, DGSE, SVR etc. Sure, there are rivalries, but there are common interests that, especially in the case of the U.S-NATO-Israeli axis, far outweigh the differences. It is also hard to ignore, on the overt political level, the extraordinary influence that Israel has upon American politics. As you know, Mearsheimer and Walt have not. Nor has Gilad Atzmon, author of the Wandering Who? Nor Hagel, nor, a generation before him, Fulbright and apparently, the Kennedys. Why else would they have moved to compel the American Zionist Committee, forerunner of AIPAC, to register as a Foreign Agent? This troubles me, as do the reports of dual American-Israeli citizenship retained by people in high places. Israel, not “the Jews”, seems to have an intense interest in the foreign policy of the United States, even as this preoccupation has failed to preclude covert attacks on Americans (i.e. the USS Liberty incident in ’67). So, why wouldn’t people wonder whether Israel had a hand in 9/11? Alan Sabrosky, a former director of the U.S. Army War College, is convinced that Israel had a role in 9/11. So does Lawrence Wilkerson, former aide to Secretary of State Colin Powell. (As you know, both state their views far more emphatically than I have done) There is no one exclusive agency to “blame”. Like you say, the world is way more complicated than that. It does border on propaganda and disinformation to focus on one faction. But it also borders on denial to exonerate one faction because it happens to to be repeatedly singled out.
    Les Jordan

    1. I have no doubt the Mossad and CIA work together with MI6 and other agencies to protect the interest of the oligarchies that rule their respective countries and insure the status quo remains in power. But as I have stated already, the Neo Cons are a burn layer easily discarded and the meme that the Jews are in control of the world is something the John Birch society pushed heavily and has been used to inflame hate, not to bring enlightenment. Back then, the Jews were supposed to be secret Communists. In fact, the dynastic banking families operate in their own world and scapegoating millions of innocent people by attacking all Jews and their culture is just an op, albeit one that has been very, very successful over the centuries. Like I keep saying, investigate the op and the people involved. In the case of 9/11 you need to focus on the cover-up and the key people involved, most of whom you will find inside our Pentagon.

      1. So, what do I think I know abt the Pentagon’s role?

        1)Rumsfeld announces that $2.5 trillion in Defense money is unaccounted for the day before the 9/11. Records of this shortfall are apparently lost, compliments of the Pentagon attack.

        2)There were a suspiciously high number of air defense drills ongoing at the time of the attack.

        3)Aerial defense and patrols were scrambled pretty late in the game. Their response times should have gotten somebody fired.

        4)Cheney, according to Transportation Secretary Minetta, ordered fighter aircraft, once finally in the air, to shoot down non-responding commercial aircraft.

        5)According to Peter Dale Scott:

        6/01/01: NORAD scrambling orders changed. Change blurs distinction between emergency intercept and hijacking. They are “mysteriously” changed back on 12/1/01.

        Continuity of Government changes are made in early 1980’s. The Changes are drafted by Oliver North and provide for warrentless detention, surveillance, deportation, eradication of posse committatus and suspension of FISA authorizations, all of which are later incorporated into the Patriot Act that, Scott says, was “clearly written” before it was officially drafted by Congress.

        6)It looks as though Cheney and Rumsfeld were whelps of Watergate, in the aftermath of which attempts were made to constrain executive authority. It appears that Cheney’s life mission has been to turn the Presidency into a sovereign and unaccountable office.

        All of this paints a picture of a long planned fascist coup that is really an extension of the groundwork laid by the Kennedy assassination(s). What I can’t reconcile with this painfully obvious, multi-generational coporatocratic, largely successful effort to destroy constitutional government are such intangibles as “the dancing Israelis” on 9/11, who later admitted to being Mossad officers, who were eventually sprung from custody by the notorious Zionist Alan Derschowitz, Israeli spy ops on Americans, too legion to cover here, the suspicious fact that airport security at all the 9/11 airports was contracted to an Israeli security company – stuff like that. Stuff that sounds like an honest effort to argue from a base of facts and not Birchite anti-Semitic propaganda.

        1. I’m aware of the Mossad links to the operation, especially the unprecedented release of a top secret DEA file on the Israeli spies watching Atta in Venice on That certainly caught my attention. Consider the possibility that the “dancing Israelis” as well as the DEA “art students spies” were seeded, just as Angleton seeded a fallback trail to propagandist Howard Hunt to shield his real assassin William Harvey. The purpose of this post was to show how 9/11 Truth is being co-opted by an intel op that blames the tragedy on “the Jews.” If any other person with any other religious persuasion was proved to be involved, other than a Jew, would anyone also blame the entire religious culture the person belongs to? This “blame the Jews” is an obvious op. There’s a great recent book on the 19 suspects, many of whom are Neo Cons, some of whom are not, all of whom are likely to have been involved in this operation. Real researchers work on this sort of information, and do not practice the sort of hate speech found in Willis Carto operations.

  3. even alex jones has taken a lot of heat from some “truthers” because he refuses to blame a jewish or catholic cabal.that doesn’t mean the vatican bank isn’t crooked or that the vatican didn’t help lots of nazis go to south america after ww2. most lay people have no control over religious bigwigs who run things at the top. among jews, most are liberal and the minority that are orthodox have plenty of in-fighting among various sects. no possibility of a monolithic conspiracy there. most catholics pay little attention to obeying every command of the popes.

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