A real map of the world

Earth-satellite-seasonsMany people have a distorted view of the world and relative sizes of the continents. Our American maps typically draw the United States as being around the same size as Africa, but as this satellite image shows, the entire USA fits neatly into one corner of that continent. In fact, it’s hard to understand why Africa is considered its own continent since it’s so firmly connected to Asia. Europe even more so. Europe is a fraction of the size it typically appears. India as well seems tiny in comparison to its relative size on most maps.

I’ve long believed the continents represent the crust of the original earth, a much smaller earth that began its life as a ball of hot plasma. As the planet cooled, she expanded and the crust broke open and the few inches of water that covered the entire planet rushed into the cracks. The size of the ocean shows how much larger the earth has grown since.

Of course, this is a renegade view not supported by universities, but it would explain why dinosaurs are found on all the continents. And if you believe the current paradigm, continents float around and crash into each other? Does that make as much sense as saying the earth is expanding, and as the various crusts cool over the eons, they create massive plates that interact with each other?


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

3 thoughts on “A real map of the world”

  1. Of course the Earth is growing. Even in these days, tons of meteoric dust rain down on the earth every day. Ships at sea regularly scrub this dust off into the ocean. Dylan “….admit that the waters around you have grown.”

  2. “it’s hard to understand why Africa is considered its own continent since it’s so firmly connected to Asia. Europe even more so.”
    never go full retard, they are different continents because they are on different continental plates. india is a sub-continent.

    1. The only thing retarded is this comment. When plates collide you typically have mountains. There are none between Africa and Asia and I submit these land masses are connected and always have been since the crust first cooled. And you have a nasty way of communicating.

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