Rise of the Synth Nation

human_cloningI was a late arrival in social media, but trying to make up time. When I arrived at Facebook, I discovered someone had created a fan page about me and another person (based in Mexico) was using my name and birth date. So I created my own fan page and had that Mexican dude removed.

You may have noticed many prominent people in the marijuana movement are suddenly having fake Facebook pages spring up. Report these whenever you see them. The ease with which synthetic personalities are created is astonishing and Facebook in particular seems to be teeming with synthetic beings. Some run down medical marijuana as a hoax, others make fun of any serious discussion on 9/11. When I engage some of these creatures, I get the distinct feeling I’m dealing with a military propaganda exercise.

Why is the NSA (Pentagon) running such intense coverage on all internet and phone messages? Consider the probability the Pentagon has been orchestrating the national media for some time, running tests on how to better shape public opinion. Since many will believe what they first see or hear, it’s just a matter of getting the propaganda out quickly. But even more important is leading the most intelligent opposition on a rabbit hole to nowhere, while creating your own lightning rods through false whistle blowers. He who controls both sides always wins the war. This would seem to be the most logical course, so why is it no one ever talks about navigating this propaganda field as it appears?

When Chomsky says “manufacturing consent,” he’s talking about manipulation of news. Today, this is best done by manufacturing an army of synthetic personalities all spreading various forms of propaganda, who appear as needed based on various formulas. If a pocket of people begin to share information or anything explosive, they can be identified very quickly. Meanwhile, the rest of the population is led towards self-hypnosis and dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

The Pentagon has an amazing control system because if you’re a potential whistleblower involved in intelligence or international banking, you’re watched very closely and if you’re not careful, you might get into your car one day and drive 120 miles an hour into a tree.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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