The Grand Medicine Society

300px-OjibweherbalistmedicineSecret societies (like telepathic energies) come in all flavors, but one of the best of the best is probably the Grand Medicine Society, very little of which is known for sure, other than it’s main prophesy involves Seven Sacred Fires.

Of course, whenever I hear the words “seven sacred fires” I immediately flash on Moses making the first menorah with seven lights, representing the seven points of the cannabis leaf. But the Seven Sacred Fires of the Grand Medicine Society doesn’t have anything to do with Moses or cannabis. It’s one of the highest-regarded secret societies of the original First Nations, a society devoted to the study of medicinal plants. I imagine the elders must know something about cannabis and I’d sure like to connect with them someday to share some ceremonial concepts. I’d love to work some of their magic into my own and learn whatever I can.

shapeimage_3The “medicine arrow” or cowry shell (as we call it) is the main ceremonial tool of this society and the major focus of all group meditations and prayers. The word “porcelain” comes from the Italian word for cowry: porcellana, and at one time these shells were currency in many parts of the world among various tribes from Africa to North America. The Grand Medicine Society believes telepathic energy can be directed into these shells and projected elsewhere, often towards a person needing spiritual assistance in some form.

All members of the Grand Medicine Society carry a particular bag filled with medicinal herbs and decorated with medicine arrows. It requires many months of apprenticeship to become a full-fledged member and there are levels of initiation. “It is said students were taught to be moderate in speech, quiet in manner, courteous to elders, and not hasty in action,” writes Chris Hibbard in his entertaining blog “Migis Shells in Shamanistic Ritual.” The various types of medicine bags reflected the owner’s status and powers, similar to belt colors in martial arts. Only at the highest level of initiation were members allowed access to the darker sides of magic. Apparently, most potential inductees never make it past stage one, but even at that level are allowed to perform certain ceremonies, including funerals.

Here’s what wikipedia says about their Seven Sacred Fires prophesy:

“When the world has been befouled and the waters turned bitter by disrespect, human beings will have two options to choose from, materialism or spirituality. If they chose spirituality, they will survive, but if they chose materialism, it will be the end of it.”

That sounds suspiciously like something some white guy might have made up, so I await confirmation from another source as I watch my nation slide headlong into materialism, greed and celebrity worship, with millions of senseless deaths in my lifetime, a global fleet of precision-bombing drones ready to spring into action day or night, a prison camp where charges and evidence are immaterial, a rapidly disappearing middle class carrying a crushing debt load created by corruption….with no brakes in sight, I still hold hope our national course will change and someday, the great medicine plants (most of which are currently banned by law) will flourish from sea to shining sea as all spiritual cultures merge on a path towards peace.

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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