Secret Ceremonies of the Illuminati Elite

alex-grey-baltimore_13049571087695.pngI love this Alex Grey representation of the telepathic energies at work (left). Telepathy is something I believe in and our mental states can be shared like a contact high, especially the negative ones.

On the other hand, there’s a nasty piece of disinfo going around the internet about how Native American psychic warriors recruited for the Vietnam War lost their power after receiving military-style crew-cuts. Naturally, this story has zero sources, so you know it’s total nonsense, but even so, many are hoodwinked.

Many cultures put magical emphasis on long hair and if you cut their hair, you do them psychic harm. But that’s how all magic works: first, you must believe.

On the other hand, many warriors will cut all their hair going into battle because they believe it will make them stronger, or just makes it harder for their enemies to grab them. That magic works just as well, provided the inner resolve is just as strong. So you see, this hair thing can go either way. I do not believe hair acts as a “vibration antennae” because I believe that role may be mostly played by the pineal gland.

So many people are obsessed with unveiling the secret ceremonies of the Illuminati that control the central banks while manufacture war by manipulating religions. Most of these games involve painting the Illuminati as a form of satanism. Or by painting Freemasonry and the Order of Skull & Bones as a form of satanism. All magic runs on the same rules and no one has a monopoly. And it doesn’t matter what icons are on the altar when a culture gathers for a ceremony. One’s Pan is another’s Satan, and any attempts to demonize spiritual cultures will only be deployed to persecute the innocent. Any time someone tries to scare you with magic or religion, it’s always a hoodwink. Meanwhile, the mechanisms for mainstream spiritual cultures have been controlled for millennium, so there’s no need to embed secret satanic cults inside them. The current paradigms work fine for manipulating wars.

In fact, temples for all cultures should be allowed to flourish everywhere. In ancient Rome the temple of Isis became the most spiritually-charged spot in the city. Isis was the Egyptian goddess of magic and I believe had a strong association with cannabis, which may have been the primary ingredient in her favorite incense, as well as the main ingredient in the magic potion she conferred for prolonging life and bringing back the dead. Another inspirational figure during the time was Mani, and he was the first famous disciple of Jesus Christ, and was also considered a living Buddha and grew up in Persia where he amazed the Zoroastrian priests. Mani was spreading peace culture and using Jesus as his avatar, although he prayed to the light of the moon as Jesus and to the light of the sun as Jehovah. Mani believed light and spirituality were the same.

Mani was crucified, which only served to make him a global messiah. And when the Roman legions began joining his faith in massive numbers, Constantine invented a different form of Christianity that jumped into the past before Mani was alive, thus leapfrogging his existence, which was soon wiped off the face of the earth, even though he was widely considered the greatest painter, poet, and magician of his time. But they also built the Vatican on top of the Temple of Isis, and many magic icons of Isis were not destroyed, but incorporated into their new temple with a new name. And isn’t it weird that Isis is now its the name of a terrorist group created out of the munitions left behind in Iraq?

Constantine’s form of Christianity removed the goddess from the godhead, relegating Mary to secondary status, while demonizing women through the story of the snake, a phallic symbol, so (whether people realize it or not), the message created was women are contaminated. It was a psy-op. That’s how cultures get spirituality out-of-balance and not much more is needed to explain everything that followed. You don’t need to speculate about a cult of Egyptian or Jewish sorcerers secretly running the Vatican because I’m pretty sure those ghosts don’t exist and if they did it wouldn’t really matter because the crime is not in culture but in the evil deeds. Everything can be explained by studying the history of the Catholic church: First, they murdered millions of midwives, then they sexually abused millions of children. The legacy of an enlightened culture, or one with systemic issues of corruption?


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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