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Secret Ceremonies of the Illuminati Elite

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alex-grey-baltimore_13049571087695.pngI love this Alex Grey representation of the telepathic energies at work (left). On the other hand, there’s a nasty piece of disinfo going around the internet right now about how Native American psychic warriors recruited for the Vietnam War lost their power after receiving military-style crewcuts. Naturally, this story has zero sources, so you know right away it’s total nonsense, but even so, many seem to have been hoodwinked by it.

Many cultures put magical emphasis on long hair and if you cut their hair, you actually do them great psychic damage. But that’s how all magic works: first, you must believe.

On the other hand, many warriors will cut all their hair going into battle because they believe it will make them stronger. That magic works just as well, provided the inner resolve is just as strong. So you see, this hair thing can go either way. I do not believe hair acts as a “vibrational antennae” because I believe that role is played mostly by the pineal gland.

So many people are obsessed with unveiling the secret ceremonies of the illuminati elite that control the central banks and manufacture war by manipulating religions. Most of these games involve painting this culture as some form of “satanism.” All magic runs on the same rules and no one has a monopoly. And it doesn’t matter what icons are on the altar when any culture gathers for a ceremony. And any attempts to demonize any spiritual culture will ultimately fail and only be used to persecute the innocent. Meanwhile, the mechanisms for all the mainstream spiritual cultures have been controlled for centuries, so there’s no need to embed a secret satanic cult inside these cultures. They work fine with the dogmas and magic they’ve already established for hundreds of years.

In a situation where true religious freedom exists, temples for all the great cultures should flourish side by side. In ancient Rome the temple of Isis became one of the most spiritually charged and magical places in the city. Isis was the Egyptian Goddess of Magic and I believe she had a strong association with cannabis, which may have been the primary ingredient in her favorite incense, as well as the main ingredient in the magic potion she conferred for prolonging life and bringing back the dead.

When the Roman Empire could not defeat Christianity, they penetrated and took over the religion from within. The Vatican was built on the Temple of Isis and many magic icons and sigils of Isis were not destroyed, but incorporated into this new temple with a new name.

At the same time, this new church removed the goddess from the godhead, relegating Mary to secondary status, while demonizing all women through the story of the snake. The snake is a phallic symbol, so (whether people realize it or not), the message created was that women are contaminated by sexual desires. That’s how you get spirituality out of balance and nothing more is needed to explain everything that followed. You don’t need to speculate about a cult of Egyptian or Jewish sorcerers secretly running the Vatican because I’m pretty sure those ghosts don’t exist. Everything can be explained by studying the history of the church: First, they murdered millions of midwives, then they sexually abused millions of children. Is that the legacy of an enlightened culture, or one with systemic issues of corruption?

Written by Steven Hager

July 20, 2013 at 12:44 pm

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  1. Thanks Steve for sharing your widsom with me. It has made me a better person. Bryan bb4:20.

    Bryan Turnbull

    July 21, 2013 at 12:16 pm

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