How to Spot a Robot Mind Slave

x5Ever get the feeling black ops are crumbling all around and eventually the the dark sorcerers at the Pentagon manufacturing robot slaves for decades will finally be exposed and held accountable for their crimes against humanity?

The Boston Bombers. Right before he died, the older brother seemed to develop a split personality. He told his mother he thought there were two people inside him. Robots are typically chosen because they have no father sigil implanted in their minds, either because their father is dead or they have no contact with the father. The Programmer becomes the father for the altered personalities that are easily manufactured through torture, drugs, and other programming techniques. Many identities can be created, each for a specific purpose: sex, spying, assassination. Many robots enter programming willingly and are told it is being done to make them stronger, more effective, super spies, and they will be rewarded handsomely, if not now, in the after life. But they really have no idea they are actually giving up their souls.

After the programming is complete, a test is conducted to see if the program works. This would typically involve a sex act or act of great violence. Afterwards, the robot will have no memory of that event. Thus, no guilt. This is seen as the perfect way to conduct black ops.

See, when someone commits a horrific murder, they enter a world of immense dark energy, which invades their minds quickly, causing them to go blood simple. If you want to see what blood simple looks like watch Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Bogart goes blood simple, mostly from greed at first. People who are blood simple become so intensely paranoid they begin to unconsciously do things that will eventually cause them to get caught. Unless you are a psycho, you cannot murder someone without suffering intense feelings of regret and going blood simple, at least for a while until you can reintegrate your psyche through denial mechanisms. These vibrations are amplified considerably if you know the person you have murdered.

After this brutal triple murder, the older brother showed zero signs of sadness after the death of his close friend. At least, this is what is wife said yesterday. Had the police investigated this murder properly, the Boston Bombing never would have taken place. This should have been the red light that got this psycho identified. And it could have easily been done with a minimum of police work.

Both brothers actions after the murders and after the bombings, and the way both stayed so calm and cool and collected can only be explained through mind control. They were not acting normally, that’s for sure.

There was only one living witness to the brutal triple homicide. When the FBI finally got around to interviewing him, he supposedly confessed the crime, then attacks the interrogator and has to be shot six times before he could be subdued, at which time he is dead?

I do not believe this story. When a person confesses, they are giving up. You do not confess and then attack. You might confess after an attack fails and you become broken. It is far more likely this person was handed this confession to sign and a gun put to his head. “Sign or I’ll shoot and say you attacked me,” says the interrogator, in this imaginary scenario. From there, you would have multiple options. He refuses to sign, so gets shot and the signature is forged. Or he did sign and then they shot him anyway because he knew too much.

The first indicator of a robot is their peculiar post-event behavior. After going home to get his instructions via telephone, Lee Harvey Oswald wandered deeper into a residential area, away from any possible escape. A real assassin would have had a very complex escape scheme, just as complex as the hit plan. But a robot has zero post-event planning, as his job is done.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

6 thoughts on “How to Spot a Robot Mind Slave”

  1. firemen were told not to talk to the press. the family was surprised to find he was cremated since they wanted the body so evidence of wrongdoing would be kept.something is very fishy. his case reminds me of the reporter who was to come out with proof his articles in the san jose mercury were correct. both men said that the next week they would come out with big news about the cia. speakin-o-robots. tests at davis proved over a year ago that hacking into a car’s computers is possible remotely and can floor the gas while disabling or putting on the brakes.

  2. so, the brothers could have been controlled but i think in the hastings case, the control would have been over the car , not him. if he was controlled they could have given him a post-hypnotic suggestion to burn all his notes and stop the whole story.

    1. Yeah, but the car still has to be steered successfully, perhaps they can hack into that, or if Hasting was meeting someone he trusted, he could have been drugged and hypnotized, put into a paranoid state and led to believe his life was in danger unless he fled, pedal to the metal, as fast as possible. I know this is just speculation. I have no evidence. But I do think the robots are among us. This problem is more widespread than many realize. Thanks for your input, always appreciated. Hastings had a death warrant. This wasn’t about silencing him as much as getting revenge for what he’d already done (got a general fired).

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