Did Tamerian Tsarnaev kill under hypnotic command?

733863_489770334410263_143592385_nMeet Erik Weissman, devoted stoner, glass fan and really nice guy.

He worked with Dougie Fresh at Boston’s biggest headshop, The Joint. One summer they went to the Gathering of the Vibes (a ceremony held in Connecticut every August) where they met a glassblower and the rest is history as they eventually created Hitman Glass and began moving into capturing the center of energy on high-end hitware for dabbing.

Erik always had the best bud, which is why Dougie loved him so. But one day Erik was at his weed dealer’s pad with another buddy (in fact, it was a special day, September 12, 2011), and all three got savagely murdered and marijuana was sprinkled over their bloody corpses. It was billed as a drug bust gone bad but $5,000 in cash was just left sitting on the table. So it was no drug bust gone bad, was it?

The links between this triple murder and the Boston Bombings have just been revealed. I guess you know some other strange facts have emerged: The FBI refuses to cooperate in any way with a preliminary Congressional investigation into the bombing and we already had one key witness to the case killed during an FBI interrogation. According to the FBI, the agent running this interrogation was attacked during the interrogation and forced to kill the key witness in self defense with six bullets? I suggest that is a wildly implausible story and much more likely, this person was killed because they had dangerous knowledge relating to national security concerns.

x5Many theories will be submitted over the next few days. Before long they will probably prove Tamerian Tsarnaev was the perpetrator of this triple homicide as he was close friends with one of the victims and did not attend his friend’s funeral nor show any remorse nor sadness after his death.

You might wonder how can this be? I immediately sensed this hit could have been the test run to see if the mind control was working. Right before the JFK hit went down, Oswald was likely put through a test run with a retired right-wing general, sending a bullet through his window that narrowly missed his skull. In the original film, The Manchurian Candidate, the robot assassin is given a test prior to the big show he’s being groomed for, and it’s a really good test because he has to murder his father-in-law, a man he loves.

Could Tamerian have been sent to kill his pot dealer buddy on the day after 9/11 to see if the control mechanisms were working? Maybe someday we will find out. Meanwhile, this case continues to stink to high heaven with every new discovery.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

2 thoughts on “Did Tamerian Tsarnaev kill under hypnotic command?”

  1. this is a disgusting story, please just delete it and let erik rest in peace… how sh*tty that you would stoop this low, these people had brothers, fathers, mothers, and you bring them back to life thru bullsh*t conspiracy theories that dont even make sense… how scummy can you be

    1. This story is all over the news. I am interested in the Boston Bombings and Erik’s and his friends deaths are now a part of that story. We are looking for a motive for why these people were killed. The police say it was a drug rip off, but money was left on the table, so their story makes no sense. The hypnosis theory in no way involves Erik or anyone except the Boston Bomber himself, and we have a very hard time understanding why he did some of these things. Manchurian Candidates are very real and hypnosis is used frequently in black ops and has been since the Nazi’s started perfecting these skills and were transported into the CIA. Why this offends you so, I have no idea, but I have a right to my theories. And all you have contributed to this conversation is hate speech directed at me. So strange.

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