Is Germany our enemy again?

132980_600The most amazing thing to come from Edward Snowden’s revelations is not what countries the NSA is spying on (Germany), but which ones they aren’t (England).

Let’s face it, the focus of most of this spying is tracking money. The NSA is watching the networks running guns and drugs. According to one of their own documents, the world’s intelligence agencies participate secretly in black market goods and use the liquid cash to prop up ailing banks with bonzo profits.

Snowden was initially assigned to work in Geneva, where he witnessed how bankers were turned into CIA informants. The NSA is not really very interested in the paupers of the world, even if they are spreading 9/11 conspiracy stories on the internet. So I wouldn’t worry about them taping your phone. They already have a vast disinfo system to disarm citizen researchers like me by out-blasting us with phony crackpot conspiracy stories. But if you are reaping vast profits through illegal activity, you might turn into a blip on their radar screen.

So it comes as no surprise the NSA has a particular fascination with Germany, the richest country in Europe. After all, Germany has spent a fortune on renewable energy and seems to be slipping out of the grasp of the oil companies that rule the rest of us, which may be a reason why the NSA has constructed a level of surveillance on Germany comparable with enemy states.

Paul SnowdenBut don’t you think the fact there’s zero surveillance on England, Cananda, Australia, New Zealand….means something?

Are we supposed to believe none of those countries are participating in the profits of illegal drugs and guns? Certainly British intelligence pioneered this trail when they first captured a monopoly on opium through that mega-corporation, the East India Company, who once ran the world’s largest private army.

So why isn’t the NSA watching the British bankers? Really, there can be only one explanation, and that is the NSA and British intelligence are working in tandem with coordinated activities or MI6 is secretly running NSA.

Did you know Snowden is an avid supporter of Ron Paul, spiritual godfather for the Tea Party? Paul is one of the few national politicians who speaks about CIA participation in illegal drugs. When you see a national figure reach the heights of Paul, you wonder if they might be a manufactured lightning rod with a hidden agenda. Paul also wants to go back on the gold standard. Considering the CIA stole trillions in gold after WWII, you’d think they’d willingly go along with his plan.

Meanwhile, Snowden lives in an airport terminal and has become a hot potato nobody wants to touch while rendition teams from a variety of agencies may be circling him as I type. Unless, of course, Snowden is a manufactured lightening rod with his own already preplanned script.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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