The Rapture versus the Green Apocalypse

220px-Jim_Inhofe,_official_photo_portrait,_2007You may never have heard of Jim Inhofe, but he is one of the most powerful people in Congress, especially when it comes to environmental policy. He’s also a fundamentalist Christian and great friend to Israel, and undoubtedly looking forward to the Rapture, the subject of a hilarious just-released Seth Rogan-Evan Goldberg comedy called This is The End, named after an epic Jim Morrison song. Inhofe thinks the United States should never have separated church and state and would be far happier living in a theocracy like the one in Israel or even Saudi Arabia.

Inhofe is the chosen alternative to Al Gore, who came to warn of the Green Apocalypse, which is the Democratic Party’s version of the Rapture in reverse. Inhofe wrote a book last year titled The Greatest Hoax about how the scientific theories on impending environmental collapse emanated from an engineered conspiracy and by no means represent an actual consensus. Before I go further, realize this is a “hot button” issue that provokes knee-jerk reactions on all sides, so most people have a hard time actually listening to anything I am going to say from here on, but for years now I have been stating the environmental movement is penetrated by spooks who are playing a managed dialectic. And the purpose of this game is to manufacture vast profit streams out of thin air. Let me give you one example: carbon tax.

41JDX0OWNDLI fully support green energy and hate chemical pollution. Had this country just followed President Jimmy Carter’s lead on energy, we might have been half green by now and Germany has made tremendous strides in this area over the last 30 years. But Carter’s energy policy conflicted with the oil companies desires, which is likely why Carter was ushered out of power through the manipulation of the Iran hostage situation. Carter tried to send a rescue team, but the helicopters were tampered with as someone on the inside wanted to make sure those hostages did not escape too soon and create an October Surprise.

Climate change is undeniable. And so is species loss. However, I do not believe the sky is falling and the alarms are greatly exaggerated. Chemical pollution and loss of habitat explain the death of birds and bees and frogs. But here’s another big issue to be considered: the climate is always going to change and some species are going to become extinct, especially if the human population keeps exploding. The climate cannot stay the same, much as you might want it to. And while we can pretend to seek control over the global weather system, in fact, this is probably an illusion. I wrote a paper about paradigms and perceptions many years ago and posted it for free on my smashwords site. It’s worth checking out because it explains how science operates: The truth is never a fixed point, but what emerges after paradigm clashes rearrange it. Weather patterns are a chaos field and the earth is a self-regulating system that seeks its own balance. There are forces at work beyond our comprehension much less control. Of course, this is the basis of Inhofe’s book, only he ascribes these powers to God and not Mother Earth.

Not too long ago, some of the scientists involved in environmental research were discovered fudging their numbers, which is why “global warming” is now called “climate change.” Of course, that news was trumpeted by Inhofe and used to promote his book sales, which have been dismal because his book is a complete joke inside the scientific community, on the level of something produced by a flat earth society.

All these machinations remind me so much of Ralph Nader when he appeared on the scene in the early 1970s and started building a national organization similar to the one Saul Alinsky had created earlier. I worked briefly for one of Nader’s organizations and left quickly as it had a very strange vibe and I began feeling like a Moonie. Nader was presented in the media as a Knight in Shining Armor who took on some of the most powerful corporations in the world, the auto industry. And what happened? A whole lot of new rules, regulations and profit streams manufactured out of thin air very quickly. And a whole lot of new government jobs and agencies and salaries to pay. And that’s the way the entire environmental movement is going down. So please don’t fall for the fake shit and realize the extremes on both sides are being manufactured by spooks to better control the middle, where all sane people are expected to congregate. Meanwhile the right-wing Christians and radical environmentalists will continue to be employed as shock troops in a bitter confrontation. And how hard do you think it is to stage operations like that?

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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