The Shaman Shop moving to Alma

2014-11-26 16.01.44You will soon be able to get all the Abakus gear, Magic Chakra Candles and my paperback books at the Shaman Shop in Alma, Colorado. The books were all recently released and include:

My late-Sixties, early Seventies work all packaged with introductions. This collection reminds me of Jean Shepard’s stories about growing up in the 1950’s in Gary, Indiana, only this is 1960’s in Champaign-Urbana, Il.

Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
The explosive truth emerges in time for the 150th anniversary: He was killed by his own party bosses. The rights to this material should be of interest to everyone from TMZ to 60 minutes.

Hip Hop: The Complete Archives
Includes my original Beat Street script and everything else I wrote on the subject, fully updated and annotated with new information and images.

Dirty Money, Secret Societies and Killing JFK
The JFK case cracked wide open, but only after 30 years of research and investigation do we discover the CIA did it with the same team hired to kill Castro.

Magic, Religion & Cannabis
The Hager guide to counterculture spirituality and its connection to the Burning Bush. This works really well with the 1969 book because it covers the same ground but that one is fiction and this  is not.

For me, an understanding of deep politics is part of the enlightenment process. But more important than investigating the dark side, is celebrating the light, and that’s what my ceremonial tools are intended to do. I sent a Rainbow Menorah to Wavy Gravy and he told me it “inspired him.” Maybe it will have the same effect on you. To navigate to the Shaman Shop, follow the link below:

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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