Brief History of the Muslim Brotherhood

220px-Hassan_al-Banna Argo started out with so much promise, revealing quickly how MI6 and and the CIA conspired to overthrow a fledgling democracy in Iran and replace it with a military dictatorship. The primary reason behind this coup was to return Iranian oil fields to British control. And that’s the real legacy of our CIA: dismantling third world democracies to make life more profitable for Wall Street.

Savak, the ruthless Iranian secret police, were trained by the CIA to keep the Persian people under control and that system worked for 25 bloody years. But eventually, the people tired of the CIA-MI6 controlled Shah, and a fundamentalist revolution took command of the country, catching the CIA completely off-guard.

Unfortunately, Argo strays too far from the facts to be a great movie. The Canadian ambassador should have been the real hero of the film and the final airport scenes are absurd, especially considering those six diplomats arrived at 5 am and waltzed through security untouched. But the worst crime of the film is the cartoon depiction of all Iranian people.

Here’s a little known story about the jihad movement: The Muslim Brotherhood was created by Hassan al-Banna (above) in 1928 in Egypt. Over the next few years, al-Banna became a great admirer of Adolf Hitler, who was just seizing power in Germany following a worldwide depression. Hitler declared war on the British-Jewish banking alliance and hired al-Banna to set-up a spy network inside the Arab world to work against those interests.

After WWII, Nazi spy networks were co-opted into the newly minted CIA. Much has been written about the Eastern European and Russian networks, under the command of General Reinhard Gehlen. His network was so important that Gehlen would be sanitized of his Nazi past and eventually put in charge of the German secret police during the Cold War. Little is known, however, about the Nazi Middle Eastern spy network. MI6 agent Kim Philby was probably been put in charge of maintaining this group intact after the war. Philby’s father was a convert to Islam and adviser to the King of Saudi Arabia. Much later, Philby would be revealed to be a Communist spy himself and he was relocated to Moscow, although I’ve come to view Marxist-Leninism as just another manufactured dogmatic paradigm, one that replaced a fledgling democracy in Russia with a savage dictatorship, much like what happened in Iran when they tried to democratize.

Gamal Nasser expelled the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt after he took power. He’d grown tired of the political intrigue and treachery that seemed to follow the Brotherhood around. So the Brotherhood moved its operations to Saudi Arabia, where it joined forces with a virulent form of Islam known as Wahhabism. They did manage to assassinate Nasser in revenge and reinstate their presence in Egypt with Saudi assistance.

In fact, the Saudis have spent over $87 billion propagating jihad. Over the decades they have been the primary financial supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, a once-Nazi-connected spy network that now seems to be secretly working for British interests?

That’s just par for the course in the wilderness of mirrors in the Middle East. Argo is a tremendously successful melodrama designed to inflame American fears of Muslim fanatics. But the real story of Muslim terror is a lot more complex, and the real heart of darkness runs through Saudi Arabia, not Iran.

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

2 thoughts on “Brief History of the Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. i could dig up a link to a book which shows that the brotherhood was created in 1926-28 for the express purpose of dividing and conquering egypt and other countries. just as they were beginning to become a liberal enlightened state, mi5-6 created the brotherhood to push the state back into medieval religious fundamentalism.students were told their liberal professors were demonic because this thought overthrows muslim fundamentalism.liberals and conservatives were pitted against each other just as both were about to throw off british rule. the plan worked for decades. another right-left paradigm to keep people fighting each other instead of fascist states.

    1. However, during WWII, the Brotherhood and the Nazi’s went arm in arm in the fight against the British. My info on the connections comes from John Loftus, who got access to the files while stationed in Europe after the war.

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