The Road to Rainbow

rainbowcircle3I haven’t been to a National since my kids were born eleven years ago. My kids are city people with zero desire to go camping and they fear being trapped in the wilderness with thousands of peace fanatics like me. I never force ceremonies or dogmas on my kids. Someday, I hope they’ll break through their fear and seek communion with nature because that’s really the biggest part of Rainbow: feeling the energies of the earth and sky without all the synthetic vibrations clouding the telepathic airwaves. Camping in the wilderness is a wonderful way to wash cobwebs from your mind.

And then comes the communion with the peace tribe itself, those lifelong experts at pumping out positive energy. My first National turned my life around 180 degrees, and shifted my interests towards more spiritual endeavors. All you really need is a sleeping bag, cup and spoon. Arrive early, around June 15, and stay late, until July 12, if you can. The event is free and runs entirely on volunteers and donations. On July 4 you’ll experience a silent meditation followed by an epic OM with thousands of well-tuned hippie hearts cranked to full power. Why read about wonderful spiritual events of the past, when you can experience those same harmonies right now? It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or how cool or uncool you might think you are, the Rainbow Gathering welcomes all with open arms. You can’t possibly know how negative the vibrations around you are until you step into a universe with no negative energy. I’ve found this spirit always present at two places: The National Rainbow Family Gathering and Magic Meadow near Woodstock, NY.

There’s a new awareness about shamanism emerging. People used to think the answers could be found in studying native medicine men or Tibetan monks or some other exotic spirituality. Now people are starting to understand the dynamics of culture. Culture is not a fixed point, but an evolution in which we all participate. The shaman is the point person on a road of discovery. For me, a big part of enlightenment has been the study of deep politics. Much of the news presented by the major media is a hoodwink, a wag-the-dog worked out in advance to achieve specific agendas. Two sides will be in conflict, but if you look close, both sides will be controlled by the same secret societies. The elite who run the world feel they must advance their own dynamic movies on us or else we will surely advance our own movie on them, one not friendly to allowing them 99% of the resources. The super rich will always live in great fear of waking up one day and finding a mob outside their palace determined to kill all inhabitants. In fact, these fears and desires may be embedded in our DNA because that sort of event has happened a few times over the centuries.

imagesI just got a copy of Rob Brezeny’s book Pronoia, and I think Rob is a shaman working along very similar lines as myself. I should send Rob an MCC set and see what he thinks of my meditation device. In our lifetime, we’re going to see tremendous growth in ceremonial hybrid ritual. I got my big satori moment at the Rainbow Gathering, but Rob obviously got his at Burning Man, another epic spiritual event birthed in our lifetime. The sort of hybrid ceremonies that are emerging at these events is transforming, evolving and manifesting wonderful new concepts about spirituality, as well as inspiring people like Rob and me. I’d call us the Peace Magicians. Wavy Gravy was certainly ahead of his time and is one of the godfathers of the movement, along with the Merry Pranksters.

Yes, the world is a hoodwink and the elite are manufacturing paranoia to keep the sheeple in line, but shamans like Rob and me and the Temple Dragon Crew? We’re conspiring to create pronoia, the antidote for paranoia. And you will find a lot of that energy at the Rainbow Gathering.

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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