Jesse Friedman Finally Vindicated?

images-1In the 1980s, after a corrupt credit union with ties to the CIA went bankrupt, a scandal threatened to engulf the highest levels of the Republican Party. Kids from the most famous Catholic orphanage in America, Boys Town, had been brought to Washington DC to sexually entrap powerful people in compromising videos. Some of them told a social worker they’d been subjected to ritual brainwashing prior to being taken to Washington, igniting the scandal.

Ted Gunderson, former FBI honcho from Los Angeles, was immediately brought in as the Shining Knight to assist with this investigation. Predictably, Gunderson did not go after the bigwigs running the CIA. Instead, he blamed a vast Satanic underground? Very quickly, evidence of this underground began emerging in the media. And three high-profile cases would soon dominate the national headlines regarding ritual child abuse: The Friedmans in Long Island, McMartin Preschool in California, and the Memphis 3 in Tennessee. All three cases would be tried in the media long before they reached the courtroom. Meanwhile, the real conspiracy involving Boys Town quietly went away, never achieving anything remotely close to the attention given to the Satanic Panic. If you go to Omaha today and ask about that scandal, few residents have any clue what you’re talking about.

Because Jesse Friedman’s father ordered a child pornography magazine from the Netherlands, he was investigated and after authorities learned he also ran a computer school in his home, they began building a case against him and his son. All children who’d attended these classes were subjected to badgering interrogations. When one broke down and “confessed,” his story was used to pressure more confessions from a few others, although the vast majority of students always denied any abuse. One teenager who had no memories of abuse was hypnotized and during and after that session, he recalled vivid memories of bizarre group sex rites that made the national news and sold a lot of publications for weeks.

Here’s the rub: the abused kids from Boys Town had also been subjected to hypnosis, the art of which is the very foundation of mind control. Some therapists in Omaha wanted to re-hypnotize these children in order to break through that programming and elicit more information about their abusers. So what happened next? An hypnosis expert takes a kid on the other side of the country who wasn’t abused, hypnotizes him, and plants wild abuse stories in him so he believes he was ritually abused? If this was an organized operation, it certainly was well designed, for it created an attention-getting rabbit hole, while also laying a foundation for disproving anything those Boys Town kids might reveal under hypnosis.

If you haven’t seen the award winning documentary Capturing the Friedmans, now would be a good time to check it out as Jesse is about to be finally vindicated after serving 13 years in prison and rebuilding his life. The documentary does not mention Boys Town or the Satanic Panic and the filmmaker seemed unsure who to believe throughout, but I never had any doubts Jesse and his dad were patsies, a rabbit hole manufactured to divert attention away from a much bigger child abuse case in Nebraska.

And that’s the reason I disbelieve nearly everything that appears on the Alex Jones or David Icke websites. The citizen researchers will always be constantly outflanked by a well-organized, well-funded disinfo machine of which those two charlatans are the kings. The CIA secretly sponsors hundreds of books and films every year and probably just as many websites. Most of the so-called “conspiracy” sites are actually CIA fronts, including much of the so-called “truth” movement.

Just as the media descended on the Friedmans, Jones and Icke will descend on any tragic event, claiming evidence of a master plot. No detail is too small or too insignificant not to be dragged into this web of conspiracy. If a Batman movie mentioned the words “sandy hook” that will immediately be used to “prove” Sandy Hook was a manufactured incident. Somehow, we’re supposed to believe they plant evidence of future plans into Hollywood films and TV shows? This notion is absurd. I never believed Sandy Hook was anything but a disturbed kid who’d been severely bullied getting access to guns and seeking revenge. But the amount of attention given to Sandy Hook in the conspiracy community because of a Batman movie reference was staggering. Mostly thanks to Alex Jones and David Icke.

So there is a new version of the Satanic Panic being constructed, and in this version, the Illuminati is arranging ritual events based on Aleister Crowley’s theories about magic (Gunderson’s old rabbit hole with a new face) and you can track their plans through secret messages in Madonna videos and such.

But you cannot attack any group based solely on their concept of spirituality, no matter how depraved. Just as the Satanic Panic dragged every black-shirted heavy metal fan into the grand conspiracy, the current scenario being spun will eventually be used against goths or anyone practicing any form of paganism. All spirituality, religion and magic runs on the same basic laws, and it doesn’t matter what icon people put on their altars, as long as they harm no one, they should be left alone. In a world with freedom of religion, all gods and goddesses are permitted. And if you peer deep enough, you’ll find Crowley was an elite insider and working asset for British Intelligence for much of his life, but when he died, Crowley was a powerless joke inside MI5. He died penniless and certainly not as the grand poobah of the Illuminati.

So next time some random tragic event happens, please don’t follow Icke and Jones down the rabbit hole. That way, when a real manufactured event (like Boston) happens, you’ll be better able to focus your full attention on a meaningful investigation of something real instead of another Ted Gunderson Satanic Panic rabbit hole to nowhere.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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