How real is “cancer” gene technology?

220px-Angelina_Jolie_Cannes_2011Angelina Jolie is a major force in the United Nations and member of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations. She has stepped forward to show support for breast removal for women who test positive for a cancer gene that is patented and controlled by a major corporation. Cancer is big business. Only this company can legally test for this gene, by the way, and they typically charge over $4,000 per test, an enormous mark-up, and obviously a case of gouging. But since their patent runs out in two years, I guess they have to make hay while the sun shines.

In all the coverage coming out today, no one questions the science behind this cancer gene technology. I learned a long time ago science has a way of shifting ground. After all, isn’t “science” one of the major forces keeping marijuana, the most medicinal substance on earth, illegal? Science can easily be skewed.

I’m glad Angelina was able to keep her nipples and rebuild her original breasts with implants and only wish her the best. Many women taking this option probably won’t have her financial resources. I do wonder, however, whether she has discussed the anti-cancer effects of cannabis with her husband since Brad used to be a huge stoner, although that phase seems to have passed.

I sure wish some qualified medical clinic would launch a research project testing the use of cannabis extracts to treat breast cancer. Maybe that could be an alternative to surgery for some? If only someone of Angelina’s stature could step forward and start working on developing some effective, lower-cost alternatives to the current cancer monopolies.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

2 thoughts on “How real is “cancer” gene technology?”

  1. This should certainly be tried if there is even a chance that cannbis extracts
    could shrink tumors in the breasts. Cannabis extracts can help to shrink many
    types of cancer growths. You make a good point-how does it hurt to

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