My short-lived career as hemp clothing designer


For about two or three weeks, I was actually put in charge of developing a line of hemp products for High Times. Although my prize goal was to produce some hemp denim pants, I couldn’t locate a factory capable of producing hemp denim fast enough, so I started with a hemp hat, hemp jacket, hemp t-shirt, and hemp bag. These items were produced by Headcase.

Of course, I wanted a new logo, so I asked Jeff Wood to make a phoenix High Times logo that would rival the Harley Davidson logo. He didn’t disappoint. It’s a phoenix because the phoenix represents the rebirth of marijuana after centuries of oppression. I was pushing this sigil so hard some people around the office started calling me “phoenix.” I even changed my email address to phoenix420 for a while and still use the original Whee phoenix as my avatar on my facebook page, although later on, though, I realized it was too exalted a name to claim for oneself. If I was a phoenix, it was just a little baby phoenix in training. So I changed my email to templedragon, which is a title anyone can claim who manifests peace magic. Marijuana is the phoenix and I am just a humble shaman who practices soy wax alchemy on the side.

Unfortunately, my hemp line was dropped almost immediately and the logo as well. I probably have the only copies of these items in existence which makes them very, very valuable. I’ve got one Levis-style jacket, one hat, one bag, one XL t-shirt and 3 medium t-shirts. I’d sell the shirts for $100 each and sign them however you want. The bag for $500. The jacket for $2,000. The jacket is a size medium and cut a bit large.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

2 thoughts on “My short-lived career as hemp clothing designer”

  1. I have alway’s loved the concept of the Phoenix rising up from 80 years of a unfair war on us & our sacrament (Cannabis) How much is the HAT going for? Bryan Turnbull 4:20!!!

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