Is the Stock Market Bubble Almost Over?


Ever get the feeling something is going on behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz land? Might be a good time to sell stock, if you have any.

According to gold analyst JS Kim, gold vaults at major banks in Europe and the United States are rapidly being emptied as the old money takes gold home. I guess you realize gold is a scam and they don’t even have enough to cover the paper gold receipts (unless they dip into the secret black funds, which ain’t gonna happen), so if everybody ever does want their gold at the same time, someone’s likely going to be left holding an empty bag.

Meanwhile, billionaires are dumping stock like crazy. Even the banking stocks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are getting dumped by people like Warren Buffet. Also drug company stocks. This stuff was untouchable for decades, but I guess stormy seas lay ahead? I imagine a lot of money is being poured into tech companies.

I don’t fall for apocalyptic thinking, mostly because the obvious disinfo sites are always trying to make people paranoid enough to believe a complete break-down in society is about to happen any day. To my mind, war is the real complete break-down of society and it’s almost always orchestrated long in advance for the purpose of generating profits. And when there aren’t any major wars being planned, the economy can fall into a tail-spin.

I would not be surprised if the stock market didn’t get some sort of correction soon, after which Warren Buffet and his cronies will come back in and buy it up stock for pennies on the dollar with all those gold bars. So plan accordingly.

Pump and dump. They should put those words on the doors over Wall Street because it’s their real mantra.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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