Rare Posters from the Hager Archives

GilbertI have way more art than I need and although I would never sell my paintings, I do have some posters that have been rolled up for years, so maybe I should bring them back into the light and take a look at them?

Gilbert Shelton is one of my favorite artists and I do have an original Freak Brothers drawing (not for sale). But I wonder if anyone would be interested in purchasing this extremely rare and signed Furry Freak Brothers poster? Gilbert even drew a Freak Brothers cartoon and signed it to me at the bottom, something he doesn’t do too often anymore, leaving the cartooning to others at this stage in his life.

I would take $1,000 for this as it would help me launch Abakus magazine.


And speaking of cartoonists, this is one of R. Crumb’s most famous images and has been reprinted many, many times, although this is one of the originals. It has a couple of slight tears. Most of the posters are mint, but a few have some damage. Obviously, these are sold in as-in condition, and I will gladly autograph any and all posters with any inscription you want. I’d let this one go for the bargain price of $50


Here’s one of my favorite all-time black light posters, and a very early one from Cypress Hill. You can have this rare masterpiece for $300.




As long as we are on black light posters, how about this one from Blues Traveler? This is also a rare item but I will let it go for $50.



I have a lot of posters from the Filmore and around the Bay area, many of which reference one of my favorite bands, the Chocolate Watchband. Some of these are slightly damaged. If you are interested in any of these I will let them go for $75 each. I take paypal if you want instant delivery, but prefer cash and will negotiate down the price if cash is being offered. So feel free to contact me via this blog, or on facebook or twitter if you see anything here that interests you.

AirplaneSeedsposterMindbenderposterAnd speaking of favorite posters. This Native America image (below) was so favored by me that I actually was able to engineer it on the cover of High Times and it sold very well. And then when Jeff Wood did his first poster for the Cannabis Cup, I brought back the Native theme and Jeff did an update on the beadwork design. Jeff’s image also made it to the cover. These two posters are very special to me, but I would part with them for $500 each. Both are in mint condition.










Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

10 thoughts on “Rare Posters from the Hager Archives”

  1. Steve,

    I’m seeking Avalon/Family Dog handbills, not postcards.

    Do you have any of these in your collection?


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