New Book Remembers Danny Casolaro


Who was that military man who arrived at Danny Casolaro’s funeral in 1991 and laid a medal on the casket as it was lowered into the ground? No one knew him. He disappeared as quickly as he came.

Danny was a journalist for the emerging computer industry when he stumbled into a lawsuit that changed his life forever. A legal battle going on inside the NSC over ownership of a software named PROMIS, which could merge government databases. Although designed to track case files for prosecutors, PROMIS had possible applications in banking and intelligence. Danny discovered the software had been fitted with a secret backdoor that reported everything the host computer was doing. This software was then secretly distributed to almost every USA-friendly intelligence agency in the world. This operation may have transferred immense power to the highest levels of the NSC.

Right before he died, Danny made some mindblowing discoveries, including the truth about the black gold stolen by the Nazis and Japanese, most of which was simply transferred to secret bank accounts controlled by CIA selected operatives. We’re talking trillions of dollars worth of gold and precious gems. This reservoir of black loot has been used to foment operations and stage dialectics ever since. WWII may have been staged to set-up the United States as a new empire to police the world while maintaining the dominant central bank’s monopolies.

une_dan_casolaro1I wrote a magazine article that referenced Danny, and included it in my book, Octopus Conspiracy. “Octopus” is the name Danny gave to the entity he was chasing because it seemed to touch everything.

Daniel Estulin has just written an entertaining novel involving Danny’s research called The Octopus Deception (Trine Day), and it sure is a lot closer to the truth about the world situation than anything written by Dan Brown, who I always suspected was a manufactured media creation designed to create smoke and mirrors to hide real secret societies, since his stories are so absurd. In Estulin’s view, a major center of Octopus energy is located inside the Rockefeller-controlled Citibank, which he refers to as Citybank to avoid a lawsuit.

Although Estulin lives in Spain, he’s Russian and the best parts of this book describe his homeland, like the cemetery in Moscow where Chekhov is buried, a wonderfully-written passage. I loved his previous book on CIA connections to Wikileaks, but have to admit, I would have enjoyed this book better had he just updated and investigated Danny’s story for real. He has connections into the KGB, and some of the info he presents may actually be real, but since it’s a novel, I have no way of telling fact from fiction.

I hope a competent film can be made on Danny someday. I know a play has already been written by a family member. Danny was on to something big, and someday the rest of the country is going to catch up.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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