Behind Disorder, A Secret Order?


Deep political research is a wilderness with few water holes, but many dry wells and tons of smoke and mirrors. There’s far more money going into producing propaganda than real research. Just turn on your TV and watch the parade of documentaries on aliens. Or if you don’t like aliens how about the secret history of Christianity (although, curiously, none mention the cannabis-Christian connection)? But just try to find something about Dimitre Dimitrov, (left, AKA General Donald Donaldson) an important whistleblower who disappeared while making overtures to President Carter to break open the JFK case, and you won’t find a wikipedia page.

A few years ago Hank Albarelli wrote a groundbreaking book on the death of Frank Olson, a chemist working on weaponizing LSD for the CIA. After spending years poking around Ft. Detrick where Olson worked, Hank turned up evidence Olson was murdered because he violated the CIA’s version of omerta by telling someone about a French town they’d poisoned, resulting in four unexpected deaths and tremendous traumas.

Hank’s research trailed into MKULTRA and the Kennedy assassinations. And now comes Hank’s just-published A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination (Trine Day).  This is the first installment and a second volume is expected soon. Unlike many researchers, Hank remains a detached observer of facts, and always keeps a keen eye for rabbit holes. The Kennedy case is filled with manufactured rabbit holes, which just shows how complex planning was in the operation.

Thanks to dozens of citizen researchers, however, the JFK case has largely unraveled in the last few years, and this book does an excellent job updating the reader on latest developments.

I particularly loved the chapter on Dimitre Dimitrov, an anti-communist leader in Bulgaria, who was imprisoned after the CIA caught him trying to sell secrets to France, a dangerous game often played by spooks looking to exploit multiple sides of the fence. I have a feeling Dimitre’s going to make an appearance in part two and I’m looking forward to it. Long before Guantanamo existed, Dimitre was renditioned to a torture center in Greece and worked over. He didn’t talk much about those years, but did reveal they put his finger in a vyse right away and kept squeezing until it turned into a bloody mess. Lots of drugs and electro shock, no doubt. When it was determined he hadn’t done anything serious enough to warrant execution, he was sent to a brainwashing center in Panama and held there for years while they massaged his mind. Then they made him a CIA-connected general with a name right out of a Nabokov novel. But at some point, I guess the brainwashing wore off, the years of torture got the best of Dimitre and he decided to spill the beans.

imagesThe great thing about Hank’s work is he never jumps to conclusions, just shows how activities at Langley, Ft. Detrick and other MKULTRA locations all point to a secret order in the seeming disorder.

Of particular interest today is a description from an hypnosis expert who claimed Oswald was under hypnosis. The evidence, according to this doctor, was in how Oswald had no escape plan after his crime, yet the crime itself required complex advance planning. Instead of getting away, Oswald went home to retrieve his revolver, walked deeper into a residential neighborhood, sneaked suspiciously into a theater, and, then, when the lights were turned on and he was surrounded by officers, he drew his revolver and fired. The gun did not go off, otherwise Oswald never would have lived to say the word “patsy.”

Now this doctor suspected the brainwashing had taken place in Russia, but today we know Oswald was likely worked on quite early in his life in New York, and later in New Orleans, Japan, and likely Mexico City right before the assassination. I find the similarities between Oswald’s post-event behavior and the situation with the Boston bombers chilling. The reality is that mind control is very real and the technologies have likely progressed beyond our comprehension. I wonder if the technology is so advanced at this point they can capture subjects just via the internet.

When I met Richard Belzer we immediately launched into a deep conversation about JFK. He was a huge buff on the subject, like me. At the time, I’d just developed a theory and I tested it out on him: “What if Angelton prepared a report stating JFK was the Russian mole he’d been looking for, and that report used to divert the “kill Castro squad?” Belzer’s eyes really got wide when I laid that scenario on him. And now, nearly 30 years later, I still haven’t seen anything that conflicts with that theory. We know many of the operational people: Harvey, Roselli (also spelled Rosselli), Morales. We know the Cubans and the Mob were involved. We know George Bush of the CIA was involved in monitoring the Cuban presence at the scene. But if you want to get a quick primer on the state of the JFK conspiracy nation, just pick up this highly entertaining book.

Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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